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  1. Marleau's actual cap hit next year is 4.25million, Bonus of 3mill. Any team picking him up is on the hook for 1.25mill. If they can convince him to leave.
  2. I'd rather be an oilers fan at this point
  3. Not impressed at all, this Core Cleary doesn't get it, Coaching staff needs to be questioned. Get the microscope out changes need to be made.
  4. Make something of it why make the playoffs.
  5. We have good depth it just has not been good enough.
  6. Get to 2nd round now never know what's going to happen.
  7. It's problematic when the kind of hitting we saw has been called automatically all season. And it's not just toronto Boston.
  8. How is the hit to the head of Muzzin in first period not looked at by player safety? It got a penalty but still. Or the elbow to Dermott in the head? The nhl doesn't know its own rules, same with the refs.
  9. How does babcock not get the team prepared for this, or do our players just not get it.
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