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  1. Cool hopefully we can help him, Ennis is a similar size.
  2. he'll be 34 by the end, surprised they couldn't get him for 6yrs.
  3. Stone extension 9.5 mill for 8yrs per Bob. at least they didn't give up a first, not sure why they signed him for that long.
  4. As we all figured Duchene going to be traded if they can pull it off. If the Avs play it right 2 top 10 picks could turn there franchise around. Dam.
  5. I feel for anyone getting traded into that organization. Stolarz could play out of his mind(like Talbot did last year), just a goalie grave yard. I can see Talbot having success outside Edmonton.
  6. Pretty sure there trying to get Marleau's way of life nutrition, dedication to the game to rub off on to Mathews. Marleau may not be perfect but he can still move, and he can still read plays a lot better then most of our forwards, watch him away from the puck.
  7. It really is an eye opener when we have stars that Continue to have poor performances I wouldnt be comfortable paying for what were getting at this point.
  8. On a positive note we do have dermott. He reminds me alot of Reilly when he first broke into the nhl you don't notice him to much.
  9. Can't wait for our 3rd line to start going(seem to be coming around) we could just kill teams.
  10. At this point I would rather see Zaitsev on the 3rd pair, probably screw up dermott though. If there trying to make him look good for value he's not helping.
  11. Mathews should be feeling pretty good with his nice new contract, maybe we see some magic tonight.
  12. Even their coach of what 2 months has had enough, Rishaug reported on Twitter today Hitch didn't even bother to run practice assistants did.
  13. I bet McDavid wishes he had signed a 5 year deal.
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