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  1. This would be the pain, Babcock mentioned when hired. Look at our roster alot of our players are still new to the NHL, plus they just don't know how to play yet. Patients were good just not that good. Loses like these will hopefully teach them a lesson.
  2. ryan1983

    Anaheim Ducks Thread

    I just can't get over how little of a clue Carlyle seems to have behind a bench, and yet he still has a job.
  3. ryan1983

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Bungie cord Nylander in net with his pile of money problem solved.
  4. ryan1983

    Edmonton Oilers Thread

    Another example of the oilers not being patient, they seriously can't develop players. At least Puljujarvi hasn't been there long. Another team can help him more.
  5. ryan1983

    Edmonton Oilers Thread

    It really is sad, they were in the same spot we were with the McDavid/Marner draft all they had to do was stay patient, they didn't. They have another chance to stay patient seems like they can't. As an organization they cannot draft nor can they develop players.
  6. Same old komorov, never stops workin. Yeah time for sparks to settle in and roll.
  7. ryan1983

    GDT: Leafs at Panthers

    Refs are still clueless
  8. ryan1983

    GDT: Leafs at Panthers

    The ref that's 4 feet away from that kappy hit is a coward for not calling that. Protect players my @ss
  9. Dubas can arrange bonuses on mathews and marner. Wait for marleau to be off the books. Years 2_3 maybe further bigger signing bonuses. Not so much of a problem then.
  10. Lol, onside or offside, goalie interference or not, Puck over the line review, Now this. It really is getting sad.
  11. Kadri's due, steady Freddie is fresh and ready.
  12. ryan1983

    GDT LEAFS versus Sabres dec/4/18

    Unreal game, mathews is rediculous
  13. Las Vegas really bumped it. Bettman needs to keep the cap rolling like this to, many good teams having to shed good players.