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  1. Letting in 6 goals every night it sure looks like a video game to me, mann
  2. 13 pts in 20 games = 70 pts. pace?? Did they change how many games are in a regular season or something... You can manipulate your stats all you want but don't lie, c'monn now
  3. Very glad we stayed away from him. A 4th and a 7th?? That could have totally derailed our rebuild. And Holl hit a post tonight anyways..
  4. Time will tell... a handful of games wasn't enough to judge him in a Penguins jersey, right? It was enough to judge McQuaid, but I digress. Let's revisit this when he gets bought out and is playing in the AHL?
  5. Like I said Gudbranson could and probably will get flipped, quite easily. He's nowhere near the worst, that's your opinion. This is why Jim Rutherford is a successful GM and you are you.. looking up useless stats all day and telling ppl to piss off. Muzzin was a good pickup, but isn't that kinda irrelevant? Kyle still had major needs, a ton of cap space, and a ton of tradeable assets @trade deadline and did nothing. He missed a huge opportunity and it's not really up for debate. Now Mathews and Marner will be making serious bank next year and we won't have that luxury anymore.
  6. Well since his change of scenery he's been playing over 20 minutes a game, is +5 and racking up lot's of hits and blocks. Sounds like someone the Leafs could have picked up.. for example. The guys 27 not 37, we could have used him as a depth player and flipped him in the summer if we really wanted to.
  7. His plus/minus wasn't good?? But he played on the Vancouver Canucks and everything.... Rutherford must be an idiot then😆
  8. Yup, even with Gardiner and Dermott it was pretty evident we weren't going to be going very far into the playoffs unless we did something, here's to another painful series vs. the B's...😢
  9. McQuaid, Gudbranson, Lovejoy, etc. those guys were too much? And are worthless??... Maybe you should be the one pissing off, bragging about beating the Oilers and the Sabres a couple times☺️ that's cute
  10. How'd they do last night against the Canucks again?? What a game🙄
  11. @Morrison7 not bad for a guy that nobody who matters gives a shot about.. am I right?? https://www.tsn.ca/knights-hunter-to-helm-canada-for-wjc-1.1269588?fbclid=IwAR1hgF3wIEdgAPMqb-4y-SDceJco3Zfk2rVrWzHrgp-Gp79z-X_n5tY7K8w
  12. Jesus is right... We aren't a rebuilding team anymore. And I'm pretty sure that's not how the John Tavares pitch went at all last summer...
  13. Oh I don't know... a RHD to play with Rielly?? I know that hasn't ever been discussed before, but just spitballing ideas here. A guy who can stick up for another guy once in awhile would be nice too. Oh, and don't get me started on Sparks. Hey I'm with you. Kekalainen has more balls than brains. My point, teams with a less did a lot more. We still had a ton of cap space and assets... and very glaring needs, and KD missed out on a HUGE opportunity.
  14. They basically did let Hunter go. They are only 7 points ahead of Montreal for the last spot... and I bitched bc he missed an opportunity to make this team better, a lot better...which is his fucking job! Tavares and Muzzin were great adds, but that doesn't mean we couldn't have used more. Look @the Jets, Bluejackets, etc. Aren't you the one who called Pesce, Ferland and ridding us of Zaitsev '3 declining assets'?? Ya, you're a moron... you really shouldn't be calling anybody anything
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