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  1. nodoubtabouter

    Leafsconnected 2017 - 2018 FREE Fantasy League

    I need a few ppl for my ESPN league... 12 teams, snake draft @Sunday Sept. 30 9:30 pm, Rotisserie scoring, $50 buy in, winner gets $500, runner up $100, top 3 also get some bad ass DISTRICT 5 tees. If interested lemme know, thnx!
  2. I'm an idiot for thinking we can upgrade on a Dman and nab Simmonds for a year?? He doesn't even make 4M...­čść sure, whatever you say genius
  3. Another year of 'going with what we have'?? No thanks... make the big splash! What if they make it really close to the cup, and then lose?? Could end up feeling pretty silly if we didn't go all in this year. I'd almost guarantee you that there will be some kind of 'blockbuster-ish' trade though by the deadline. Hopefully sooner... one to fix our D and maybe one to add some grit... Wayne Simmonds would be a very ideal rental player.­čśÄ
  4. nodoubtabouter

    Predict the Leafs FA signings

    No the entire game isn't played on special teams, but we leaned far too heavily on Hainsey (37) and Zaitsev last year for PK'ing. I'm just saying it would be nicer to have a guy that can do both. You have your opinion and I have mine, you could have just said that though without the grasping at straws.
  5. nodoubtabouter

    Predict the Leafs FA signings

    I know you guys hate advanced stats.. but Parayko only had 43 giveaways vs Gardiner's 105 (game 7 giveaways not included)
  6. nodoubtabouter

    Predict the Leafs FA signings

    Well he even had one point less than Myers.. so I'm guessing Gardiner would be way too much for him­čść maybe Carrick + a pick?
  7. nodoubtabouter

    Predict the Leafs FA signings

    And just a quick FYI: powerplays= easier competition, penalty kills= tougher competition
  8. nodoubtabouter

    Predict the Leafs FA signings

    You said that Myers gets more offensive zone starts than Gardiner, and faces easier competition... I was just pointing out that I looked it up and you were wrong. Sorrrrry
  9. nodoubtabouter

    Predict the Leafs FA signings

    Gardiner: oZS% 54 dZS% 46 Myers: oZS% 49 dZS% 51 Not that those numbers arent close enough, but that's wrong anyways. Especially when you figure Myers kills penalties and Gardiner only does powerplays... oh yes, how favourable ­čÖä
  10. nodoubtabouter

    Predict the Leafs FA signings

    Did you really just try to use sheltered minutes as an argument in Gardiner's defense??­čść They pretty much averaged the same ice time, the only difference was Myers was competing vs big Buff and Trouba > Zaitsev and Polak. I'm not saying Gardiner isn't valuable, I'm just saying what should be more valuable to this team. 16 more pts. from our backend or a guy who didnt have over 100 giveaways and isn't shy with tying up a man or taking a hit to make a play. If we didn't have such an offensively explosive team already right now it might be different...
  11. nodoubtabouter

    Predict the Leafs FA signings

    Myers for Gardiner isn't really selling him short, its just not exploiting the fact that he just got 52 points on a really good team. He doesn't get physical, he doesn't block shots, he doesn't kill penalties, and he doesn't always look where he's passing the puck. Myers is kinda bad for that last one too sometimes, but overall a lot more reliable.
  12. nodoubtabouter

    Predict the Leafs FA signings

    If we're getting anybody from Vancouver it's gonna be Tanev­čśë
  13. nodoubtabouter

    Predict the Leafs FA signings

    He's not as flashy but he skates fine, handles the puck fine, has a nice wrister and can atleast throw a check once in awhile and kill a penalty. No, he's not a top pair guy, but then again neither is Gardiner. I wouldn't exactly call it a win, but he's a better defensive dman and that's the point. Obviously packaging Gards with picks/prospects for a bonafide guy is more ideal though
  14. nodoubtabouter

    Predict the Leafs FA signings

    Not my first, second or third choice, but Myers for Gardiner straight up makes a lot of sense. Brown @2M is such a steal... not that he's untouchable, but he's a workhorse on a great contract I don't think he's going anywhere.
  15. nodoubtabouter

    Predict the Leafs FA signings

    I'm hoping Ozhiganov will be on that bottom pairing