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  1. Also, my optimistic (and unrealistic) predictions for tomorrow: Barrie to Vegas for their 2020 first Kapanen for Larsson Kerfoot for Colin Miller Vegas 1st and Bracco for Saad with retention
  2. With Green going to Edmonton, they now have a shitload of defensemen. I wonder if Larsson could be had for a forward like Kapanen or Kerfoot.
  3. Hey I've suggested it in another thread (maybe even this one, idk anymore). Trade for Jones or Doughty, or sign Pietrangelo. But Toews helps solve this teams problems way before keeping Marner does
  4. Toews is at almost a PPG after a horrible start to the year, I'd trade Marner for him in an instant.
  5. Byfuglien hasn't trained since like... last April. Stay far the fuck away from that.
  6. Right now I'm praying Pietrangelo hits free agency and for some strange reason decides he wants to sign with this sad sack team. Trade Marner for nothing but futures and cap space to make it happen, and then overpay in a trade to get the most defensively responsible 3C in existence. I don't care if the player puts up 10 points all year, just shut down the opposing team's top guys. Now assuming Pietrangelo is impossible (lets be honest, he ain't leaving St. Louis and if he does he'd have better options than Toronto), you've gotta figure out which forward to trade. Tavares is what he is, and has been his whole career. A good 1C, he's not a defensive liability, and he actually wants to be here. He can stay. Nylander, as much as I hate how fucking soft he is, is actually on a good contract if he's going to be a 70 point player.. at least he's not being paid to be a PPG beast like others on this team. So reluctantly, I must say he can stay. Matthews is a tricky one. I firmly believe he's on his way outta town back to Phoenix/Vegas/Dallas/California the second his contract expires, but you just don't trade 22 year old (soon to be) 50 goal scorer. He can stay, for now. Re-evaluate near the end of his contract. That leaves Marner. He can be a great player... sometimes... when he wants to be. He's the softest of the bunch besides Nylander, and can we honestly say he's $5m better than Willy? Fuck no. #PackYourShit Mitch. Now what to get for him? I'm hitting up Columbus to get Jones and LA for Doughty. Failing that I wonder if Anaheim would go for Manson and Rakell for Marner. With the exception of Doughty all those trades open up some cap space, and already make the team much more competitive.
  7. This team just paid a bunch of teenagers big money when they haven't earned jack shit, well this is what happens. Crosby, Malkin, Ovi, Kopitar, Doughty, Toews, Kane, Getzlaf... all those guys earned their big money contracts. Now our guys won't give a shit until the next time they need to cash in, and some team will fall for it again.
  8. Its just gunna be more of the same shit as long as Dubas is spending $40m on these 10-ply forwards. If he can't ship em out then show him the door too. Go scorched earth now while everyone has value, not 5 years from now when Marner and Matthews are 5 mins from free agency and this team still hasn't done jack shit
  9. This kind of effort wouldn't happen from a Mark Hunter team. And as much as I hate the senile old fuck (and trust me I really do) could you imagine if this happened to Lou's team? There would be bodies floating in lake ontario. This game happened because there is 0 leadership from Dubas on down
  10. Now thats outta my system, props to Ayers. Dudes living the dream right now. And as much as I hate that stupid team Carolina did a helluva job shutting down our group of children
  11. Fire Dubas to the fucking moon. I've never seen a team play with less fucking heart. The choke against Boston 8 years ago was less embarrassing. Tampa getting swept by Columbus was less embarrassing. The fucking Sharts blowing a 3-0 series lead was less fucking embarrassing than this garbage. Seriously I knew this team was soft, but this is some next level shit. What a group of fucking losers. Theres a reason the bottom 6 was double shifted. I haven't seen a group of higher paid fucking pussies play a sport since whenever the last time I watched the NBA was. Absolute garbage effort
  12. Ohh right. Thats cause he said soup is his favorite food or something like that right? Yea Campbell is soupy
  13. What a great dude. Always smiling and super positive. And thats one thing Campbell never had in LA, high end skill players. The closest thing to a skill guy he had was the corpse of Marian Gaborik. He's going to get a few assists catching opponents on a change and dishing it up to these forwards. Thats another thing, this team clearly isn't used to having a good puck mover back there. There was a few miscommunications tonight but that'll get ironed out once they build that trust with each other. Hell he might even get an empty net goal, its not like teams were ever in a position to pull the goalie during his time on the Kings.
  14. and fucking eh, nice to see a good game for a goalie in the blue and white not named Andersen. The SV% wasn't great, but fuck he came up big when needed and didn't allow any bad ones. Thats more than you can ask from a guy making league minimum. I'm sure he'll be back in net tonight. The one thing he needs to work on, and this'll come after a few practices on the team, is the rebound control. LA plays defence much tighter to the goalie and they make it their mission to clear out rebounds. They've played that way for as long as I can remember and it really fits Quick's style. Tonight you could tell Campbell's instincts were to place it somewhere the defence could get it, and he was even a tad slow covering pucks. He's gotta work on either absorbing the puck or kicking the rebound further out so they're not sitting right there in the slot. Thats what happened on I believe Anaheim's 3rd goal when they batted the rebound in, that puck should've been directed to the corner.
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