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  1. This. The AP dream went away when the lottery balls dropped out of the leafs favor.
  2. If Anaheim offered Manson and Rakell for Marner would ya'll do it? That's one I've thought about for a while
  3. Nice to see more people finally on board with firing Dubas cause this team is too fucking soft, I've been saying that for a while now.
  4. Win the lottery tomorrow, draft Laf, trade Marner for picks/prospects, sign Pietrangelo. Maybe try to squeeze in a grittier 3C yet too
  5. He's a soyboy, so his word means dick all
  6. Dubas biggest mistake was taking a 10ply soft core, and doing fuck all to turn them into a playoff team. Hell they've regressed to the point of not even making it.
  7. Canes have improved to the tune of one win, Bruins in 5.
  8. Hawks have that playoff swagger again, but the Knights are too good, especially if Pacioretty is back. Knights in 6, but I wouldn't be surprised if this goes the distance
  9. Dallas hasn't looked great, but Calgary is a bunch of bitches and had the cupcake play-in matchup. Stars in 6 or less
  10. This is gunna be a close one, I was really hoping for St Louis vs Calgary, cause the Blues would destroy them. But the way the Canucks have been playing lately I'm not so sure. I'm not super confident, but I don't like betting against the defending champs. Blues in 7.
  11. Hey I did them every year for who knows how long Much love 😘
  12. Thats my thinking too. JT stays, Rielly stays, Freddy isn't the problem. Nylander isn't an overpaid buffoon. Marner is the obvious out. Lets pray this team wins the lottery tomorrow, trades Marner for the highest pick possible, and uses the cap on a d-man.
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