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  1. Sounds like if a team in the top 24 wins a top 3 pick they're going to re-do the lottery lmao. Sounds so bush league but like I get it, a play-in team shouldn't really have a chance at 1st overall.
  2. Not the same thing. They went right from regular season to playoffs. And those teams were believable champions as they had won/went on to win multiple cups, which I already addressed.
  3. Toronto would be trying out the herd immunity thing real fucking quick lol
  4. Don't get me wrong I want hockey back, and I'd love to see the Leafs win the cup by any means necessary. But calling a cup win legitimate in a 24 team playoff after a few months off is a stretch at best.
  5. Except for the part where they've essentially had an off-season's worth of time off, without training or games to get into mid-season form. But yea, nearly an 82 game season, just like normal!!
  6. Nobody cares because those teams were more "legitimate." Look at the 2013 final 4, we really lucked out that it was the 4 most recent champions (Pittsburgh, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles). Chicago followed up that cup with a trip to the WCF the following year, and then a 3rd cup after that. Nobody is questioning that win because they had been there before and went there again after. We're both too young to remember the Devils winning that lockout year, but obviously things worked out ok there too with New Jersey being so dominant for the rest of the 90s/early 2000s. The equivalent to that this year would be St. Louis, Washington or Pittsburgh winning. Could probably add in Boston and Vegas as they've been so close in that timeframe as well, and are still good teams. Those teams are all at the very least recent finalists and still successful today. A handful of teams like Toronto, Dallas, Tampa, or Philadelphia could probably get away with this being an outlier year just based on their roster quality and star power on paper. But Edmonton (0 depth/goaltending), Carolina (No real superstars), and anyone else after Toronto in the standings? They'll get a giant metaphorical asterisk beside their name and rightfully so. That asterisk would likely get retroactively removed if said team follows up a 2020 cup win with at minimum another trip to the conference finals, but barring that a "new" winner would definitely be remembered as questionable.
  7. It doesn't matter what I think of Leipsic's comments/character. The point is 1: the invasion of privacy, and 2: words are not worth this amount of backlash, especially when compared to the shit NFL and NBA players are pulling.
  8. NHL player: says mean words in a private chat Everyone: wahhhh we need to fix hockey culture NFL and NBA players: involved in gun violence and gang shit *crickets* Yes, "hockey culture" is definitely the problem
  9. I feel like theres a bit of a difference between a corporation hiding something potentially harmful to humanity vs an individual (or in this case a group of individuals) saying mean words. On that same line of thinking, someone's nudes get "hacked"/sent to the wrong person. Might as well spread those around because fuck it they're already out right? If we must deal in black or white, I'd go with everything meant to be private should stay that way. But in reality the smart thing is if the leaked info causes physical harm, act on it. But when its nothing more than words, then yea it should be swept under the rug.
  10. Pathetic. This absolutely disgusted me. Your life shouldn't be ruined because of a fucking private conversation. Yea they should've been smarter than to do it over instagram, but still. It's a shame easily offended people who will likely amount to nothing in life have so much power these days. I know half the guys in that group chat, they're not bad dudes. The only piece of shit is the one who leaked it, and they know who it is. Ya'll won't wanna hear this, but if having group chats that consisted of "offensive" shit was grounds for getting kicked off teams, over half the NHLPA would be in trouble (yes, that very likely includes your favorite player), the CHL would be shut right down, and the NCAA would remove most athletic teams. Hell most of the general population would be in trouble, but nobody wants to admit that.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if he came back in a year or so for a team out of the spotlight like Florida. Idk what kind of relationship he had with the Hawks, but he was a big (lol) part of their cup win in 2010, could see him re-uniting with Talon and Q. But if he is done, you gotta respect walking away from $14m and not trying to milk every last dollar out of that contract
  12. Well it certainly ain't them
  13. lmao. Jets fans both irl and on HF were so adamant he had trade value. Guess again you dumb motherfuckers. I got moderated on HF this morning for calling out those idiots, after they shit all over me 2 months ago for saying he had no trade value. Don't ya just love censorship
  14. St. Louis has been signing some guys and now have like $3m left with an unsigned Pietrangelo (and Dunn). Trade Marner, give Pietrangelo $9m or whatever it takes.
  15. On the bright side, fuck I'm so happy to see the love Campbell's been getting (and deservedly so) here. To see how far he's come, after how badly he fell off after the draft. Even better now that its happening in the center of the universe as opposed to on a crappy west coast team. Hopefully he can parlay this stint on the Leafs into a starting gig somewhere for the back 9 of his career, once this next contract is up. Fucking great goalie and even better guy
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