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  1. lol shit I def thought you had at least a couple on me. Normal 20-some lifestyle? Damn that's fucking shitty. And yea I don't see the doc much but do the yearly checkups at least.
  2. Shit I won't pry but at least you're good now. You're not that much older than me, no?
  3. I was totally expecting this to be in response to the rampant name changing going on around here lately
  4. Damn bro, I'm sorry to hear that. You're doing ok now?
  5. Oh also Vesa Toskala, or at least that twat who sucked him off on the old, old boards. I guess I didn't have as much of a problem with Toskala the guy, no idea about him personally. He was a shit goaltender obviously, but the Leafs had plenty of those in my lifetime. What I didn't like was half this fanbase thinking he was an upgrade on Raycroft, when even that wasn't the case.
  6. Are you Raiden or is this another one of ya'lls jokes If the former is correct, dude you had a heart attack?
  7. Wait... if you're still Sandman, then who the fuck is Dog Taker?
  8. I mean yea, fuck Dubas. This team he's built has 0 cap space, 0 toughness and 0 backup goaltending. And I don't see any of that changing soon. While I would like to see what this roster can do with a new coach, unless Dubas has a massive philosophical change I highly doubt he'll ever construct a cup winning team.
  9. I'm not defending Babs at all, but the back to back thing is more on Dubas than anyone. Sparks wasn't an NHL goalie. Hutch isn't an NHL goalie (ideally he's a #3, as he was in Florida and the end of his time in Winnipeg), and while Kasksuo has potential he's not an NHLer yet either. Thats on Dubas
  10. Yea I'm really considering making the upgrade
  11. I don't have that much experience with it, but like you write on the screen when its off and it'll save it and convert it to text? Yea that sounds lit. The Note 7 was the explodey one right?
  12. Good to know. After fucking around with my mom's Note10 I've realized that pen is cool af. Wasn't sure how truly practical it'd be tho. A Note9 for $800 or whatever they're charging is super tempting, especially cause I could probably get $400-500 for the S9 on kijiji. Ah that makes sense. I certainly wasn't complaining lol.
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