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  1. I'm glad someone else sees it too
  2. So he was nine, that absolves him of any guilt? Tie said it well, yea he had shit parents but a lot of other criminals do too. I give up. 90% of this news/battleground section is a giant liberal circle jerk over how much undeserved sympathy can be handed out. TI once you have your narrative you stick with it. You should get a job at CNN. And id rather the government burn $10m over giving it to a terrorist like him, so obviously I'd rather they spend money fighting it
  3. Where am I giving white people the benefit of the doubt? You're the one bringing up race. Or are you disagreeing that these terrorists do come from the middle east? I'm not saying all brown people are terrorists. Just that happens to be where most of them come from, and thats not an opinion. What should America do, just let them cause havoc? My opinions won't change. You guys need to stop with this holier than thou attitude of 'oh he's just young and dumb he'll gain the right attitude as he matures.' Whats concerning is how little you and so many other care for your own country. Someone who at the very least was a part of a terrorist group and at worst killed an american soldier gets rightfully thrown in gitmo. Whats Canada's reaction? Oh shit we better apologize and give him a huge payout, the canadian way and all, just because he happened to be born in Canada to terrorist parents. And you people support that? The amount of mental gymnastics that must be needed arrive at that point is incredible. I get that $10m isn't a huge amount of money for a country the size of Canada, its just that if the money means so little to everyone I'd gladly take the payout. But let me guess, thats reserved for terrorists only. He shouldn't have the rights of a canadian. He fucked off to go be a terrorist. Its not like he was kidnapped, it was his parents. So in that case good bye and good riddance. We shouldn't be responsible for the spawn of terrorists. Its not like the US threw some random Canadian in gitmo who was born to Canadian parents and lived their whole life here.
  4. Where am I saying anything about brown people? I've said nothing and you guys keep pushing the narrative. Unless you think me saying terrorists come from the Middle East is racist, then I guess facts are racist too. And so just because his parents told him to be a terrorist that makes it ok? We should just forgive him of his sins and welcome him back "home" with a fat cheque? Fuck that
  5. I'll take it one step further and pull a Ryan Reaves here, America overpaid for me big time. lol thank you. Thats the nicest thing anyone's said to me in any of these political threads.
  6. So you're just going to ignore the part where he was indeed working for terrorists then? And why are you sympathizing with them? America wouldn't have to keep bombing them if they weren't, you know, terrorists.
  7. Even if we're buying the whole he didn't actually toss the grenade theory (I'm not, but I'll pretend for the sake of this)... His parents are associated with terrorists, he was a child soldier for terrorists, and he was making shit for terrorists. How the hell is that "not a terrorist by any definition of the word."? If a white american fucked off to a middle east shithole and started working for terrorists he should get sent straight to gitmo too. But sure keep whining about the race card
  8. Thats a trade everyone should like. And getting traded for Matthews? fuck yea I'll take it
  9. Its Canada, lead by Trudeau. What do you expect? Obviously we're going to roll over apologizing and sucking up for something we shouldn't have to.
  10. Trust me, finding a good way to do so is on my to-do list. I don't want to get into this either, its pointless for both sides. Just thought I'd interrupt the circle jerk for a few minutes. How about this to solve the problem for the future: We don't let fucking terrorists into our country, have their kids here and call them canadian, and then watch the family turn around and fuck off back to the shithole they came from.
  11. We're paying a god damn terrorist millions of dollars, and of course you guys are ok with it. What a fucking joke. I've never been more embarrassed to be canadian I hope that soldier's widow gets every last penny of it
  12. JKG33

    2017 Free Agency

    I'm happy I stumbled into this thread
  13. JKG33

    2017 Free Agency

    They're so terrible that even a good bottom 6 C like Kruger won't help them much at all.
  14. JKG33

    2017 Free Agency

    The Hanzal contract isn't bad, Spezza expires the same year Seguin needs a new deal and Lehtonen is up after this year. Considering the road they were headed down with Hemsky and the $10m Sieves they're actually in pretty good shape now. Benn and Klingberg are locked down and while I'm not a Bishop fan they do finally have a competent goalie.
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