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  1. If Mitch can't get his daddy issues under control just move him. We don't need this to turn into some clown show like that jackass family in the NBA
  2. Look at what Barrie did playing behind the Avs top line last year, he's gunna be a beast passing it up to the Leafs forwards. I'm interested to see what the PP lines look like. Load up one line (Tavares-Matthews-Marner-Rielly-Barrie) or split up the big guns through 2 units.
  3. If its true that Marner declined 8x11 he can fuck right off. I didn't like not giving Matthews an 8 year deal, and Marner is no Matthews. Take the deal and all the endorsements and be happy ffs. I'm still hoping senile Lou sends an offer sheet in the 4x 1sts range. Let Marner go play for that sorry ass franchise if he wants to be a douche. Take all that draft capital and cap space, fix up the depth and go win a cup without the kid.
  4. I don't love the idea of Matthews as captain especially after he didn't take an 8 year deal. Personally I'd go with Tavares. Older, been a captain before.
  5. Looking at some of these buyouts and dead cap space for 20/21, teams are really banking on a lockout
  6. After the Clarkson trade, anyone else think Marner and the Leafs have a handshake agreement to sign right when LTIR goes in affect? Throw Clarkson and Horton on LTIR, designate Marner as the replacement and sign him to whatever their combined cap hit is.
  7. Oh I'm sure Barrie's eyes lit up when he found out he was going to head into free agency after a year of playing with one of the best forward groups in the league. If he wants to stay I'm all for it. But he's going to put up hella points and he's going to get paid next summer. I'm just not sure the Leafs will be able to do it, even if Muzzin leaves.
  8. Since I came back and Kadri is gone, can you leave with him?
  9. Thats my thinking too. Everyone said last year was the time to go all in with Matthews and Marner on ELCs. But there was just too much dead weight and uncertainty about raises to do anything. The time is now. Yea the big 3 forwards will be expensive, but if Nylander can pick it up and play like he did in the loser tournament he goes a long way as that 4th forward and his contract at $6.9m becomes a steal. The top 4 D coming in at around $12m (Rielly/Barrie/Muzzin/Dermott) is the big factor. Teams don't get that solid of a group for that cheap. You've gotta go for it with the rentals now. Get Koivu as a shutdown 3C. Bring in a RD like Tanev to slide Dermott down the lineup, and then a good vet bottom 6 forward like Trevor Lewis to round out the group. Hyman-Tavares-Marner, AJ-Matthews-Nylander, Kerfoot-Koivu-Kapanen, Gauthier-Spezza-Lewis. Rielly-Tanev, Muzzin-Barrie, Dermott-Ceci. With a healthy Freddy thats a fucking team right there. Hell I'm just excited to see this team even before deadline additions. This'll be the best blue line we've seen since the Kaberle-McCabe days.
  10. @Armster @brocto Agreed this is an underpayment. On the bright side this should help negotiations with Marner as he's not $3m or even $2m better than Aho.
  11. They did go to the borderline 1st/2nd/3rd, $10.4m would've been the max for 2x1st/2nd/3rd which Aho is easily worth. Carolina still likely matches at that AAV but at least then Montreal makes a legit attempt to get him. Missed you too babe
  12. I love Kerfoot, but I don't think he's the answer at 3C. Too soft. What this team needs is a shutdown guy. If Minnesota is out of it at the deadline (which they should be), the Leafs need to be all over Koivu if he wants to go for a cup run. Having Tavares-Matthews-Koivu-Spezza down the middle is legit, with Nylander and Kerfoot able to slide in at C in case of injuries.
  13. Thanks man! There was a shortlist of things that'd make me come back here and a Kadri trade was definitely one of them. And wow I appreciate that. Thats not the reputation I thought I had here lol
  14. What exactly was Montreal hoping to accomplish there? All they did was help another team sign their star player to a slightly below market value contract and piss the team off in the process with the term and signing bonuses. At the very least they should've offered $10.4 to try and screw with the Canes cap a little bit.
  15. Also I take back every bad thing I said about Dubas. The guy undid all of Senile Lou's shitty moves in a little over 1 week. Praise to our saviour Kyle Dubas
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