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  1. Sandin is going to be a special player. Dare I say Lidstrom light.
  2. Pittsburg has Kessel on the Block......Uteck, Boston, Toronto and now Pittsburg......you mooks just like Phat guys
  3. Well....ummm no. The Leafs would be a much stronger team trading him for a defenceman and using the cap savings to sign Marner, Kapanen and Johnsson
  4. That blindside hit on Kariya was far worse IMO than McSorley's hit on Brashear and Bertuzzi's hit on Moore.
  5. Excellent point.....Why the hell can't Patrick Kane pile up points against Great Britain....it's because William Nylander completely outclasses him.....and don't even get me started on France. But If willy can pile up 5 points a game against Norway....he could easily do it against the Bruins Oh, I completely forget about how physical the IIHF championships are. Death on Ice should be the name of that game.
  6. amazing what playing against AHL level and lower competition can do for ones game
  7. Not sure I understand this line of reasoning.....Nylander is great and he just needs to play with a great player to be productive
  8. Pretty sure Shanahan knew about Hyman's knee long before the game started. Pretty sure Dubas knew as well. Pretty sure everyone in the upper management of the Leafs knew about the knee. If Shanahan as President can't impact team decisions he shouldn't have been extended. Pretty sure every single one agreed that playing Hyman on the PK was the lesser of the evils at the time. Sure....... in hindsight everybody is now an expert
  9. Have you ever won an argument. Just asking for a FRIEND
  10. Dude there is zero excuse for weak. None. Coffee is for benchers
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