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  1. All the other fuckeats pray at the altar of King Fuckeat “Hold Out Bitch Nylander”
  2. Big opportunity for Morrie. With him being the only person stupid enough to buy a Nylander jersey, he could probably get his refund in person. Hope he wears depends for the meeting
  3. Great point. I never thought of that. But I do wonder how many players who get new contracts have lower expectations than the contracts’ worth. Probably 50%
  4. Yes the balls now in Matthews court and he has to live up to that contract and be a top ten goal scorer and points getter the next 5 years.
  5. uteck

    GM Meetings

    My email to the nhl insists that the league add a 3rd and 4th assist on every goal. This will drive salaries right through the cap ceiling. Fucking genius stuff right there folks.
  6. uteck

    GM Meetings

    remove goals to bring the cost of contracts down.......and add more goons....lots of goons ( 5 per team)......and use a sponge rubber puck in the second period....and have Broc be the Coach of the Habs against the Leafs
  7. uteck

    Kessel traded to Arizona

    That’s hot dog sales you moron.
  8. Shut up. I’m right you’re wrong. Deal with it. Well actually, what you said a few posts back sums it up for me. I can absolutely see the argument for Matthews, but disagree with it.
  9. Isn't it ironic that the Leaf wingers are largely carrying the play through the Neutral zone....
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