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  1. Dude I understand you are embarrassed. You went hook line and sinker on all the Internet click bait. On now your scrambling to try and verify the bullshit. Let it go. Grow up. You will feel better.
  2. Well you read it hear first folks. Dermott and Hyman according to Morrie are going to be huge disappointments. Rocket Science has spoken
  3. I like Babcock’s quote that it must be great to show up to camp at the appropriate weight
  4. Every knew that Nylander had to play catch-up all year. So what you are saying is, when Hyman and Dermott come back they are going to be absolutely terrible, because unlike Nylander they can’t even train properly
  5. He said he wasn’t attending training camp without a contract. Which is the same as saying water is wet.
  6. Marner himself? Citation needed that he said he was considering Switzerland
  7. Puq the lions weren’t leverage. Dubas would have to be stone cold retarded to believe that was a viable option for Marner.
  8. of course those are his words. He wasn't going to camp without a contract. No front line player goes to camp without a contract, ever. But I said, HE WAS GOING TO SIGN A CONTRACT....NOT GO TO CAMP WITHOUT A CONTRACT...FOR FUCK FUCK FUCK SAKE. But I did say he was never going to Europe. And called bullshit when it was reported.
  9. Holy fucking fuck. Marner was never not going to sign with the leafs. He wasn't going to miss train camp. He was never going to Europe. I simply refuse to believe you are this fucking gullible. The fucking tweet you posted refers to a "European agent" contacting the club. How the fuck does this even make sense to you? Marner actually never said anything all summer that deviated that he really wanted to get going in the fall with the leafs. He was super positive all summer. All the Bullshit you and Morrison are spouting is just random internet speculation. And you fuckers are taking it as gospel. You all wrote that Marner was a greedy as fuck for turning down $11 million 798544857894798580433 times....but which one of you fuckers "WALKED BACKED" that he signed for less than $11 million
  10. no your name is jodi, I assume the rest applies
  11. Yes, rumours and clickbait. read the fucking tweet. Who's the European agent?? Just run of the mill internet bullshit, that you fall for like a big mouth bass chasing a red wiggler
  12. you have to stop posting rumours about Marner's negotiations as facts. Marner was never going anywhere, and the reports that he was were just clickbait. Same as Marner turns down 7 times $11 mm. Waiting until the last minute to sign to see which way the wind is blowing creates a vacuum which apparently cyber bullshit must fill. And in Marner's case, because he is in Toronto, he was completely dumped on with bullshit
  13. I thought Armster was referring to Nordic
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