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  1. This series will rest on the shoulders of one Frederick Anderson
  2. Honestly folks. Can you really articulate a reason why running the playoffs without fans in the stands is a bad thing. Other than just because?
  3. My two cents. Give the players swords and spears. Gladiator II. Viewership will be off the charts. Hockey will overtake soccer as the global sport. Remember boys and girls. THIS IS SPARTA.....I mean Winnipeg.....samsies
  4. It’s Winnipeg. The players will use any excuse not to go to Winnipeg
  5. Easier said than done, I am talking about the part of getting you off the pig first.
  6. That's why we would need to kidnap him, brainwash him and have him renounce his US citizenship and then apply on human rights grounds to have Phil able to play for Canada as a political refugee. As you can see this is very important to me and thus I have given it a lot of thought
  7. It would involve a kidnapping but you have to go with PHIL KESSEL
  8. Sense of humour and Jodi are two ships that have passed in the night.
  9. You do realize he is still a leaf. Well partially a leaf. Check Capfriendly for confirmation.
  10. Hey it actually helps when you comment in the hockey threads if you knew the basics about the game. Just saying.
  11. Wut? Try extrapolating using zero labour costs for the players and inflated ticket prices for the seats and completely filled arena’s.
  12. This post......Comedy at its finest.....innit.
  13. I can produce 5000 posts of you as a misanthropist. Will that work for you.
  14. Leipsic didn’t do anything that every poster on here has done innumerable times. He didn’t do what every single human being on the planet over the age of 12 has done.
  15. Well if this post does prove my point, nothing will.
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