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  1. Who’s naive enough to believe that sex is free
  2. And despite all of Nylander offensive wizardry (analytics of course) he finishes the game -2. Morrie please don’t break your keyboard pounding out +/- is the most useless stat in hockey, unlike clean zone exits which are everything
  3. He held out for $7 million and is on pace for 8 goals. Dude, get a tiny bit of perspective, just a tiny bit.
  4. Nice assist by Nylander on that 6th goal. Two assists tonight
  5. Need to remove Holl and Oz from that list. Also Muzz ain’t a RHD and Zaitsev needs to be traded, or rather his contract needs to be traded.
  6. Wrong Morrie....Tampa Bay has steals, the leafs have Fair market plus deals for all except Rielly
  7. uteck

    MLB Thread

    Haven't read how it will account for injuries
  8. Big exception was the Leafs blew up their cap situation before they won anything. Tavares $11. Matthews $11.5 Marner $fuckinghugenumber Nylander $7million Freddy $5million Rielly $5 million Kadri $4.5 million Zaitsev $4.5 million and they have to re-sign Johnsson and Kapanen. That is tall order for any GM to get out from underneath
  9. True, but when Tim Thomas was Freddie's age, he was an AHL goalie....so things CAN change....obviously not to be counted on, nor expected....but possible. My suggestion would be to significantly shore up the defence.
  10. As the roster is currently set up, this team isn't yet built for a long playoff run. Their defence is too inconsistent. They only thing that could overcome inconsistent defence is out of this world goaltending for the entire playoffs....like Tim Thomas and Jonathan Quick
  11. Yes. The leafs fell right off the cliff after trading Phattie just like you said. I said trading/getting rid of Phattie would be the the only way the leafs would get better. I am maintaining the leafs would be better served trading Willy for a defenceman
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