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  1. Holymakinaw

    Trade Gardiner? Or keep him for playoffs?

    Oh, I know. Just mentioning it, because you said "if it comes true".
  2. Holymakinaw

    Trade Gardiner? Or keep him for playoffs?

    I think this is a well thought out and fair answer, so I'll answer respectfully. I agree with you that Gardiner could be good for us in a smaller role, and that it would be GREAT to bring in a serious defender who can skate with & play with Rielly, instead of Hainsey. But I don't see Zaitsev being part of any Pietrangelo deal. When Kypreos said that, I almost spit my Zima out all over my Gimp. What would we have to add to Zaitsev, to get a Superstar like Pietrangelo? A hundred 1st round picks? Zaitsev has negative value and we'd have to add a SHIT-TON to get someone like Piet. Don't see that one happening.
  3. Uh......Before this game and last......he hasn't played an NHL game since last season. Give him more than 10 seconds to get up to speed, would ya?
  4. Holymakinaw

    Leafs and Sabres are both stacked

    Barffalo has two frauds for Goalies, and no depth. They definitely have some good young players coming up.......but WE are stacked. Them, not so much.
  5. Holymakinaw

    Sparks appreciation thread.

    LOL. Yeah, he fucking sucked tonight. Too funny. Oh well. Trying to be positive.
  6. Holymakinaw

    Nylander Signs for 6yrs/6.9M AAV(Where was Nylander?)

    Well, Marleau has that NMC so I doubt he's going anywhere. But Kadri might. Brown might.
  7. Holymakinaw

    Nylander Signs for 6yrs/6.9M AAV(Where was Nylander?)

    So now that Nylander is back, we look great & all that. But Gardiner & Hainsey are for sure walking away next summer, as we cannot afford them. Even with both of them leaving, we will need to move another 3 million in salary, to give all our RFA's raises and make everyone fit. So who else goes? Marleau(6.25) – Matthews(12) – Nylander(7) Hyman(2.25) – Tavares(11) – Marner(9.5) Johnsson(2) – Kadri(4.5) – Kapanen(3.5) Ennis(700K) – Lindholm(1) – Brown(2.1) Gauthier(700K) Rielly(5) – Zaitsev(4.5) Dermott(1) – Ozighanov(2) Borgman(1) – UFA(1.5) Rosen(1) Andersen(5) Sparks(1) Horton(5.3) Kessel(1.2) This comes to 91 million. With Horton’s LTIR, we are allowed to go as high as 88.3 million next year. We're 3 million too high. Realistically, what do we do?
  8. Holymakinaw


    Not exactly gospel, no. But he knows more than you and me!
  9. Holymakinaw


    Meh. You're likely comparing the 32 year old Gilmour that we all remember to our 21 year old Marner. Give Marner time to fill out and get stronger and you might see a lot more of the same stuff. Gilmour was a kid once too, and it took him years to settle into what he was known for. But the will to compete is similar, the raw skill is similar, the shiftiness is similar, the "assist machine" thing is similar. It doesn't matter, really. The Savard comparison is great too. But for some to arrogantly act like they know better than the head of central scouting is laughable. Sundin was a big, strong guy that oozed talent and had an arsenal of weapons for scoring a ton of goals. He'd almost carry defencemen toward the net on his back. You obviously don't agree but I see that in Matthews too. Again, he's still a kid. But once he fills out and adds 20lbs of muscle, we'll really see it, IMO. Opposing teams can't stop his insanely good shot right now, but they can stop him by hitting him hard. Soon they won;'t even be able to do that. Matthews is a better goal scorer than Sundin was, but Sundin was pretty damn good there also.
  10. Holymakinaw


    Yeah, okay, whatever.
  11. Holymakinaw


    Well when we're fighting over which former Superstar NHLer our kid seems like...........things are good in Leaf-Land.
  12. Holymakinaw


    LMAO. That, and my eyeballs.