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  1. Morgan Rielly is looking like an All-Star......

    Wha??? Young D pairings have some troubles in their own end at times, and make some mistakes when playing against the league's best? NO!! Still though..........Rielly is playing well right now.
  2. Morgan Rielly is looking like an All-Star......

    Well, he had a good run there for awhile. Back to the shit-heap.
  3. 1/4 of the way through the season, and Rielly has 3 goals and 16 points in 19 games..........the guy is quietly putting together a fantastic season. He's on pace for 12 goals and 64 points this year. We always go on & on about our "big three" coming up. We should be talking about our "big 4". Morgan Rielly is going to win a Norris one day. Enjoy!
  4. Marner has been fantastic lately. And that game winner was all because of him. Okay.......Marleau had a little something to do with it too.
  5. Matthews injury

    He's got a sore back and they're going to give him a little rest for it so it doesn't get worse. It's not a big deal.
  6. Leafs Prospects Thread

    * well
  7. I flew down to see an old friend, and we went to both the Anaheim & LA games. Lots of fun. I'm still down here.
  8. I know. He provides good offence, but I hate his "game". Personally I'd love to trade his ass out of here. We should wait until he goes on a big points streak and then pull the trigger. In the meantime, we should at least move Zaitsev down to the bottom pairing so we can get SOME kind of defensive player up playing with Gardiner.....I think that's where Zaitsev was last night. Polak should not be playing any more, IMO. He can't keep up.
  9. I was at last night's game. The 1st half was obviously terrible. But after that, we took it to them, the rest of the way. Gardiner was the worst player on the ice. Mistake after mistake.....falling down.....giving the puck away.....bad passes........UGH. Borgman and Ploak were not very good either. Matthews was amazing. But Marner was easily the most electrifying player out there for us. The ebb & flow of play changed instantly when he started to work. He's maybe not quite there yet, but he's getting super close. He'll be unstoppable when he arrives. All & all.......an exciting game. LA deserved the win.
  10. I agree. He's not the worst out there, but he's far from great defensively. We could use an upgrade on him in that regard.
  11. Yeah it was weird, though. I'm in LA right now and was at the game in Anaheim last night and all night long, it was wingers taking faceoffs, and bizarre line combos. But hell, it worked. We took it to them in the 1st period, then got BADLY outplayed in the 2nd, and recovered nicely in the 3rd. And we got VERY lucky with a few pucks off posts. 2 points. I'll take it. And if Babcock wants to get weird with the lines again, so be it.
  12. Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    No smilie face, but I was being sarcastic.
  13. Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    As a Leaf fan, I feel that this is the moment when I should suggest we trade him for a top prospect and a 1st round pick.
  14. Leafs now favourite to win the Cup....

    Leafs now NOT favoured to win the Cup.
  15. Rumour Leafs interested in Tanev

    Meh. I don't think Gardiner is that amazing, is all. He's good offensively but makes a ton of mistakes. And I don't think Tanev is the be-all, end-all either......he's simply a good defensive D-man who won't contribute much offence. Both are one-dimensional and I think the trade value is pretty close. You don't agree? Who cares? You sure like to try to belittle people though, and to put words into their mouths, calling people "flimsy" and then stating they're just being emotional. LOL. Weird, for an "admin" type on a little hockey forum. I guess that's what you need though, so.....whatever. Go Leafs!