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  1. Holymakinaw

    John Tavares

    Normally, over the recent years, I've scoffed at suggestions of "star players" maybe deciding to come to Toronto. It just never happens. But this time it's different. Tavares may actually be very interested in coming here and playing a vital role and winning a Cup. We are serious contenders already. If we add someone of his stature, we'd DEF. have the best forward group in the NHL and be a powerhouse for years to come. Could it be true for once? A star UFA targeting Toronto? Damn, I hope so.
  2. Holymakinaw

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    So............the future looks bright, then? Well THAT'S good.
  3. Holymakinaw

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Are you serious? John Tavares will get 10-11 million a year, on a very long deal from anyone in the league.
  4. Holymakinaw

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    No idea what will happen, but I'd love to see the Leafs pick up Carlson(I know we'd have to overpay a lot to get him, but we can afford it) and then trade Gardiner for a seriously good shut-down D-Man. Adding a top-pairing PP Quarterback and a shutdown guy, and removing Gardiner, should improve us a lot.
  5. Holymakinaw

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Do they need "quite a few"......really? I wouldn't say so. We need to upgrade the D, for sure. A right=handed top 4 guy would do that. And we probably need a 3rd line C to replace Bozak. But the combo or Johnson and Kapanen should replace JVR's output, or at least get within 100 miles of it. We don't need to go out and get another 30 goal winger t replace him, that's for sure. So what else? Doesn't seem like that many are needed to me. Even if all we got was one or two good D-Men, and I'd be happy with that. The rest can come from within.
  6. Holymakinaw

    Noah Hanifin

    I never said he'd have to play the same style as Kadri does, to be successful. But Nylander is a super talented, strong, offensive playmaker, and would make a great 2nd line Centre on any team....including ours. He doesn't have to have "grit" or be a pest like Kadri. He just has to be himself.
  7. Holymakinaw

    Noah Hanifin

    Or we can draft one, and wait the 3-5 years.
  8. Holymakinaw

    Noah Hanifin

    Nylander can replace Kadri, easily. And you HAVE to overpay to get a D-Man with top-pairing potential. Hanifin DEFINITELY has top-pairing potential. And he's only 20. He's a budding stud of a defenceman. But you obviously disagree. C'est la vie.
  9. Holymakinaw

    Noah Hanifin

    Koho is confused by my post. Kadri and the 25th overall for Noah Hanifin. Carolina gets a good Centre and a 1st, and we get what should be a top-pairing D-man. Is that not a good deal for both teams? I think it is.
  10. Holymakinaw

    Noah Hanifin

    What about trading Kadri and the pick? Kadri is a damn good 2nd line C with a good contract, and the 1st adds good value to that. Keep Nyander and move down to that 2nd line C spot. Carolina gets a REALLY good scoring Centre, a 1st and we get a potential stud D-Man. BAM.
  11. Holymakinaw

    Noah Hanifin

    No way. I think we'd be nuts to move any of our "big three" right now.
  12. Holymakinaw

    Noah Hanifin

    I'd rather keep Nylander, and go after some other D-man.........hopefully one that only costs money.
  13. Holymakinaw

    Off-season Plan

    What what it's worth, Dermott think Liljegren is almost ready. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/maple-leafs-dermott-says-wont-long-liljegren-nhl/
  14. Holymakinaw

    Matthews vs. Marner

    Meh. You say I'm projecting on Marner.......I think many of y'all are making Matthews out to be more than he really is, is all. And there were MANY nights I saw Marner do stuff like this. He's better defensively than you suggest.
  15. Holymakinaw

    Matthews vs. Marner

    I don't think Matthews is "generational" at all. Gretzky was generational. And Lemieux and Crosby and McDavid. Matthews isn't in THAT tier of player. And I'd also argue that Marner is just as complete and Matthews is. Matthews scores like crazy, and Marner sets them up like crazy. Matthews plays a decent defensive game, and Marner steals a lot of pucks and makes a lot of good defensive plays too. They're just different in style, is all. But both are neck & neck as far as talent goes, and either one could emerge as our best player in the years to come. Marner DESTROYED the league for more than half of last season and was our best player in the post season. If he can do that for a full year, he'll definitely be in the conversation for "Leaf's best player".