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  1. Holymakinaw

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Just friggin' SIGN A DEAL already, Nylander. Let's get on with the season.
  2. Holymakinaw

    John Tavares Is A Leaf

    Just stating facts, isn't he?
  3. Holymakinaw

    Karlsson to San Jose.

    LMAO. A late 1st, 2nd and some AHLers for Erik karlsson. Ottawa is so pathetic. Love it.
  4. As much as I loved the Gilmour/Clark era in Leaf history.........this team is just SOOOOO much more talented. The Leafs have never had this much talent assembled on one team. Ever.
  5. For sure. We were one of the better teams in the NHL last season and we just added a MAJOR asset in Tavares. Of course we're contenders. Whether or not we can do it remains to be seen. But Vegas has us ranked #1 to contend for the cup for a reason.
  6. Sure. But it's not that close to the talent level we have now.
  7. Uh, yeah. We've NEVER had this much talent on our team over the last 50 years. Not even close. We'd be crazy to waste our chance with these players. And we're offence heavy and defence LIGHT. Making a move to shore up the D is not a "lateral move" at all. It's a smart move. And it'll happen.
  8. I agree with this. We've made a HUGE splash in adding Tavares, and we're getting pretty close to a Cup. So why wait for all the D-Men we have coming up to develop? We're loaded up front, so at least by this year's deadline, I'd like to see a big trade for a quality D-Man to help push us over the top.
  9. Holymakinaw

    Seth Jones

    It would probably take Mitch Marner.
  10. Holymakinaw

    What if we're NOT the "super team" we think we are?

    Once again. Wouldn't he HAVE to be very special, to land us a Seth Jones? What? It's totally ludicrous? That's my point, Guy.
  11. Holymakinaw

    What if we're NOT the "super team" we think we are?

    I have watched him play. He ain't that special.
  12. Holymakinaw

    What if we're NOT the "super team" we think we are?

    Someone DID call him special. They suggested him in a trade with a 29th overall draft choice, and another late 1st, for SETH JONES.
  13. Holymakinaw

    What if we're NOT the "super team" we think we are?

    In 55 NHL games, Kapanen has 8 goals and 10 points. He's not that special. Every team out there has someone of his calibre in their system. Matthew and Marner were special prospects.......Kapanen is mediocre. It would take a LOT more than two mediocre kids and a so-so pick to get one of the best young defencemen in the game, in a trade.
  14. Holymakinaw

    What if we're NOT the "super team" we think we are?

    All due respect man........would you trade Seth Jones for two mediocre prospects and very late 1st? I would not. Nor would they.
  15. Holymakinaw

    How we got here

    I think it's sweet that he shared his feelings with everyone. If more men could learn to do this..........SQUIRREL!!