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  1. Franchise Records

    Cracking 45 wins and 103 points would be huge for us. We've been mired in mediocrity for so long, we've never known that!! And having three young studs all top 60 points in their first two years in the league would be pretty amazing too. I bet we've never had that before, either. Here's hoping.......
  2. Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Some months ago, I wanted to move JVR or Bozak too. But it's not going to happen now, so we should just accept it. The team wants the kids to learn how to survive in the playoffs. So they're not trading away vets, as that would kill us instantly come playoff time and set our young, talented trio back a lot. Expect a very small deal or two.....nothing more.
  3. GDT: Leafs vs Tampon Bay

    Freidman is saying that Nashville is "all in on Nash".
  4. GDT: Leafs vs Tampon Bay

    That ain't gonna happen. They will want a LOT for him. It's not worth it for us.
  5. Playoffs (and predictions/projections)

    Sure, but go back further. Boston is 24-8 since Dec. 1st. They've been on fire.
  6. Playoffs (and predictions/projections)

    Ugh. I don't want Tampa or Boston. They're both so damn good. Boston's the hottest team in the league right now, no?
  7. Dmen Targets? And Johnny T?

    Why would New Jersey......a team heading into the playoffs.......trade away a great young player in Severson, Boyle and a 2nd, for a guy whose going to be a free agent in 25 games and some junk? New Jersey might trade picks for JVR, but not a 23 year old D-man. Why would Pittsburgh trade away a 1st for another guy who will be a MEH free agent in 25 games, and an AHL journeyman? They could do better for that. The Arizona one starts out good with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd and Liljegren. But then you add negative value and we'd never get those picks to begin with from the previous teams. At least that one has SOME good pieces going to the opposing team. But why does Arizona need picks right now?
  8. If you had said "see you next FAIL" it would have been perfect.
  9. Dmen Targets? And Johnny T?

    Well.......going back the last few posts...........New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Arizona and New York would all say "Thanks, but NO thanks".
  10. Dmen Targets? And Johnny T?

    What I heard was that we probably won't be doing much of anything.......maybe a 4th line C.
  11. Dmen Targets? And Johnny T?

    McKenzie talked for 2 hours about trade deadline stuff. It's a good listen, if y'all are interested. Skip to somewhere around the 1:35 mark to hear his thoughts on the Leafs. https://www.tsn.ca/radio/toronto-1050/the-tsn-hockey-bobcast-season-2-episode-11-1.993856 The recap is....... Talks of Shaanaplan..... Curious if TO does anything major... If a deal makes sense, they do it... Leafs don't feel they are 1 piece away... Don't think they want to weaken themselves... Calls asking about Leo.... Bobby Mac would be surprised if they move anyone of the UFAs Believes they'd like to offload a contract or 2...even in a soft deal Not looking to make any big moves on D, Shanaplan calls for defense by committee, no stud #1 Emergence of Dermott has taken away need to make a move.... Doesn't see the Leafs making any deals for D...thinks they will hang tough....don't want to move youth Thinks they will make a Boyle type 4C move at the right price
  12. Dmen Targets? And Johnny T?

    Yup. All that could happen. But now we're weaker, as we don't have JVR, Bozak, Gardiner or Komarov, and half the team are million dollar "cheaps". He's a good player, but we don't need Tavares as an 11 million dollar 2nd line Centre. Put Nylander there instead and spend our money on D and a winger of JVR's quality.
  13. Martin & Soshnikov being Shopped

  14. Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Um, okay. I think there are much funnier jokes out there, but whatever tickles yer funnybone, Guy. Glad I could help you giggle today.