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  1. LOL. Some of you guys are out to lunch. Listen to ya, all mad at the coach for two 100+ point seasons in a row. You sure do act very entitled. Why should YOU have to wait for Matthews, Marner and Nylander to all turn 22, eh? We should have won by now!!!! Ridiculous, as always.
  2. Well, our team mostly full of kids, who finished dead last in the league three years ago, lost in 7 games for the second year in a row. Many Leaf fans are butt-hurt, but we're getting there. There's more work to do & some dead wood has to be cut, but we're another year older and have more experience. We'll be winning soon enough. Now step away from the computers. Go do some gardening. Travel this summer. And stop being Dummies.
  3. Yes. - Babcock should be fired, along with the other coaches - Matthews is invisible - Boston in 4 - We struggled down the stretch therefore we can't be a good team anymore - Nylander is a softie who only cares about money and has given up on "trying" at the age of 22 - We won't be able to figure out our salary cap and we're just fucked. ... There sure are a lot of Dummies in here.
  4. "Willie's too soft.........Kadri's too wild........Bruins in 5..........Aw, we're fucked..........." Dummies.
  5. Kadri has been suspended for the rest of the 1st round.
  6. Ah, Have all the Dummies have gone offline? Hopefully.
  7. Hmmm.........maybe we're NOT so fucked, eh? Dummies.
  8. LOL @ all the Dummies in here, crying & moaning about how we're "Gonna get killed in 4 or 5 games", and about how we need to "Fire the coach/coaches", and how "Nylander is a floater" and about how "We're fucked". It's nice to see a good win like this, isn't it? Hope you enjoyed it. Welcome back. Don't hurt yourself, jumping back on this rickety old wagon here.....
  9. At the end of the regular season, they were 46-28-8. Hey that's 100 points. Fire the coaches.
  10. LOL. Meh. Okay. So they went 19-16-6 in the last 41 games, right? But 7 of those losses and 3 OT losses were in the last 14 games. So they were 15-9-3 in the 27 games before that. And in the FIRST 41 games of the season, they were 27-12-2. What a crisis this all is!!
  11. ;; Also......the last 14 games of the season, we sucked, and we lost 10 games. No argument from me there. That's fact. But BEFORE that stretch, from January 1st to March 9th, we went 17-9-3. That's hardy "garbage, the whole 2nd half of the season". We were only "garbage" for that last 14 game stretch, Man. Not really sugar-coating.........stating facts? I think you're one of the good posters on this site. But you're a tad off on this one.
  12. LOL. I don't think it's all "fine" but it's not as bad as some of y'all make it out to be, either. It's somewhere in the middle. I don't expect us to win any cups this year. We MIGHT get past Boston, but then we'll likely go down. So what? As I said......we were last in the NHL just three years ago. I think we're getting better & better, despite one bad 14 game stretch.
  13. There will be improvement. Maybe not this year but we can't go firing the coach every three years, can we? We need to give all these 21-22 year olds some time to grow and learn. Our PP might not be the best right now, but seriously.......are you worried about it? Don't you think it'll be killer within a year or so? And yeah, we're weak at RHD. How is that the coach's fault? We have some good ones coming up to go in there. Just need to wait a tick for them.
  14. Jesus fucking Christ. We finished DEAD LAST in the league just three years ago. They will be good but it takes some time. What is it with some of you, and your silly, unrealistic expectations around here??? Give it just a FEW minutes, Dear.
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