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  1. Started at 5pm locally. Nevermind.......I just noticed others already pointed that out.
  2. Was at the game tonight. BAH. What a load of shit they were. The 4th line was alright......Ennis played great..........but the rest of the team stunk to high heaven. A nice forgettable game. Next.
  3. Yes, but during the 2nd intermission, as they're walking back down the tunnel towards the ice..
  4. Holymakinaw

    GDT Leafs Vrs Knights

    I was at the game last night. We looked pretty sloppy at times, but our skill just overpowered them eventually. That giveaway by Andersen was BRUTAL. But.......who cares? We won again. The crowds in Vegas are loud and excitable. Lots of Cirque Du Soleil & Cheerleader gimmicky performance stuff to get all the crowd folk going. But they really seem to love the team and the sport so it was a good time. There were THOUSANDS of Leaf fans at the game last night. Easily 1/3 of the crowd were in Leaf jerseys. Loads of fun. Now I'm off to Glendale for tomorrow's game. Should be interesting.
  5. Nice win. I'll be at both the Vegas and Arizona games. Drinking coffee then heading to the airport this morning. I predict two solid games coming up, with tons of Leaf fans everywhere. WOOT.
  6. Holymakinaw

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Another win. What a complete bum Mike Babcock is.
  7. Holymakinaw

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Pffft. Sure he is. He's WAY better than a whole bunch of guys we had here before him. Don't look know, but we're a good team now. Magic!
  8. So anyway, to close this silly thread down with a bit of a "final word" on the whole Captaincy matter............the best time to name one is in the offseason, just before training, or maybe during training camp. That way, they get a whole season........regular and post........to do their Captain thing, and there is no distraction, heading into the playoffs. And the best choices are Rielly or Tavares at this time. Okay? Are we done?
  9. Morgan Rielly should be the next Captain of this team.
  10. Holymakinaw

    2018-19 Trade Thread

    Haha............Well, we're not.
  11. Holymakinaw


  12. Holymakinaw

    Leafs and Sabres are both stacked

    Fuck the Sabres. Right in the heart.
  13. Holymakinaw


    We won't be trading Marleau. NMC.......blah, blah, blah.......
  14. Oh boy....the Leafs just have too many Superstars on the team now. What an incredible problem for us!!