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  1. Mike Fisher makes it official

    Impressive career and a tremendous asset to the Predators last season - too bad he couldn't hoist a Cup, which they deserved over them damn Penguins.
  2. Last TV Show

    Ozarks - A Netflix Original Series
  3. Hyman Re-signed

    Good deal, now we just need to sign Brown - which should be easy to complete.
  4. Leafs sign Marleau

    There's talk of bringing back Polak on a short-term deal again.
  5. Leafs sign Marleau

    I doubt it - I think they'll continue with no captain until Matthews is ready.
  6. Leafs sign Marleau

    The contract structure is making this a bit better...
  7. Leafs sign Marleau

    I wonder what convinced Marleau to join the Leafs besides Matthews and Marner.
  8. Leafs sign Marleau

    A trade is definitely in the works, which is unfortunate.
  9. Leafs sign Marleau

    What a terrible contract at first sight...
  10. What a series this has been. The Predators have been unbelievable this entire playoff run.
  11. Dallas hires Hitchcock

    Glad to see him land somewhere else for another challenge.
  12. 2017 Mock Draft/Team Builder Sign Up Thread

    What do you want?
  13. 2017 Mock Draft/Team Builder Sign Up Thread

    @TuckerIntensity You are clearly stalking me with the constant tagging.
  14. 2017 Mock Draft/Team Builder Sign Up Thread

    I'll be making trades, just not going to sell for scraps. I'll take a team for now in order to fill a slot as a GM on my own, thanks.