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  1. Mike Fisher makes it official

    Impressive career and a tremendous asset to the Predators last season - too bad he couldn't hoist a Cup, which they deserved over them damn Penguins.
  2. Last TV Show

    Ozarks - A Netflix Original Series
  3. Hyman Re-signed

    Good deal, now we just need to sign Brown - which should be easy to complete.
  4. Leafs sign Marleau

    There's talk of bringing back Polak on a short-term deal again.
  5. Leafs sign Marleau

    I doubt it - I think they'll continue with no captain until Matthews is ready.
  6. Leafs sign Marleau

    The contract structure is making this a bit better...
  7. Leafs sign Marleau

    I wonder what convinced Marleau to join the Leafs besides Matthews and Marner.
  8. Leafs sign Marleau

    A trade is definitely in the works, which is unfortunate.
  9. Leafs sign Marleau

    What a terrible contract at first sight...
  10. Dallas hires Hitchcock

    Glad to see him land somewhere else for another challenge.
  11. 2017 Mock Draft/Team Builder Sign Up Thread

    What do you want?
  12. 2017 Mock Draft/Team Builder Sign Up Thread

    @TuckerIntensity You are clearly stalking me with the constant tagging.
  13. 2017 Mock Draft/Team Builder Sign Up Thread

    I'll be making trades, just not going to sell for scraps. I'll take a team for now in order to fill a slot as a GM on my own, thanks.