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  1. Wow. What a wild game. Fuck the Bruins. Absolutely HUGE W for the blue and white. Will Nye was special. Matthews got more apples than Eve herself. Mitch be buzzin'. JVR quietly solid. Naz gonna Naz. Rielly, stay healthy you fuck! FUCK THE BRUINS!!!!
  2. The stuff that ends up in the jug? It ends up being waste.. but you can see from this picture taken immediately after I brewed the beer that the jug started off with a pretty decent level of sanitized water: So in reality, I'm not actually losing much of anything. The blowoff tube is meant to allow the excess CO2 (which is created during the fermentation process) to escape the carboy so that it doesn't explode. Inevitably, some of the krausen will escape along with the CO2 and that's why you're seeing the water in the jug starting to darken. Krausen is a thick foam created when brewing which consists of spent yeast and proteins created during the fermentation process.
  3. Welp, good thing I installed the blowoff tube.. this this is an absolute monster!!!
  4. This thing is going off like crazy. Less than 18 hours into the fermentation and there's already a thick krausen formed at the top of the carboy. I'm also going to have to switch my blowoff tube container for something bigger because it's bubbling about 3x a second and the bubbles are coming right out the top!!! By far the hardest/fastest fermentation I've had yet.
  5. Brew day! Ingredients - ultimately decided to brew the kit 'as is'. I'll use this as my baseline and play with adding coffee/chocolate/molasses in future batches. The one 'upgrade' I did do was the upgraded yeast. This is a different strain than I've tried on my previous brews, but one that seems to be recommended for a stout: I've shown the process pics for some of my other brews, so I didn't take any as I was working through the process this time, but here's the finished product in my carboy: With the dark and medium spraymalt plus the dark brown sugar, this one turned out black as night.. just as intended: In my experience it's taken 18-24 hours before signs of 'activity' have started, but I'm already seeing signs through the blowoff tube with this batch. I'm going to attribute that to this new faster working yeast strain PLUS the extra fermentables. This is scheduled to be my highest ABV beer yet at 5.4%
  6. Picked up a Coopers Irish Stout kit last night. I'm excited to brew my first stout this weekend! I can't decide if I want to brew this kit 'plain' (since it's my first time trying it) or go straight to adding some coffee and chocolate to the kit to kick it up a bit. Hrmm..
  7. Shamelessly stolen from reddit: Goalies swapped between TOR and ANA since 2009: Justin Pogge JS Giguere Vesa Toskala Joey MacDonald Frederik Andersen Jonathan Bernier Jhonas Enroth
  8. A head-scratcher insomuch as 'shit, my head is itchy.. oh, and I don't really give a fuck who our backup is'... I agree.
  9. Not quite - April 2014, November 2015, July(?) 2017
  10. haha we pretty much go at it every other day, even with two young kids and even through pregnancies . Nothing's really stopped it, My sex life today is identical to the way it was the day before we got married. Now.. that's not to say that the third trimester doesn't bring a whole other level because it does lol I agree with the first one though - I was pretty hesitant, early on (because I didn't want to 'shuffle things around too much' lmfao) and later on (for the reasons you mentioned), but last time and this time around it's like any other day for us. That's why I always just smile and nod and play dumb when I hear the classic dude that's part of an unhealthy marriage talking about "BOY, YOU BETTER ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS BECAUSE WHEN 1) YOU GET MARRIED 2) SHE GETS PREGNANT 3) YOU HAVE KIDS IT'S ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL GOING TO END". So @Unsung Hero, if you've got a healthy sex life then don't listen to all those unhappy pricks who try to tell you otherwise. If it's important for you, you find time/ways to make it happen.
  11. Roy quit, but that doesn't make Colorado any less of a tire-fire.. in fact, it almost adds more fuel to the flames.
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