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  1. Victorqvist

    MLB Thread

    I was at that game too, front row 3rd baseline. Mark Teahan and I can't remember the other. I was also at a game against the Angels where the game was less than 2 hours. Good times. I think all the games I went to in the mid-late 2000s were all Doc starts.
  2. It had me laughing the whole time. It wasn't too cheezy either. Quality writing. I also thought they did a good job with Hulk. He's been my least favourite character until now, and I really liked that they gave him some personality. They also went in a direction with the storyline that was way more interesting than the first two movies. Pretty much fired them into the sun.
  3. I had just got home from watching Thor: Ragnarok to watch the OT and it didn't disappoint. Glad the good guys got the extra point, much needed.
  4. Can't complain. Got married last month and hockey season is back in full swing. Figured I'd test the waters and see how y'all are doing. Might stick around a bit too now that 100% of my time isn't consumed by work and wedding planning lol. How have you been?
  5. Even worse when Boston is about to clinch the division.
  6. Joe Carter was terrible at everything except making the final play of the WS
  7. I get that LF are a dime a dozen, but christ lol
  8. Some of you may have seen this already...but....I'm getting married! PS: I miss you all...kind of..
  9. This is the Stroman we need consistently.
  10. Hodgson announced his resignation
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