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  1. That's the basis of this thread, a Facebook comment chain? I thought the years of Eklund and Simmons posts were bad.
  2. I resent this. I agree with you, but I resent it.
  3. What's his deal now? I know next to nothing besides a quick google.
  4. I think it was something like this, and then we all kept switching his tag or whatever to say he like fucking dogs in different languages. From there, the rest was history.
  5. It makes me so happy that this joke still happens all of the time lol
  6. Saying Chiefs is not like saying Generals for the most part. In almost every single circumstance, it is cultural appropriation. Point blank. Kansas City Chiefs- logo shaped like an arrowhead = cultural appropriation Cleveland Indians (say no more... however) their mascot is named Cheif Wahoo = cultural appropriation Chilliwack Chiefs- Logo, and former mascot Chief Wannawin = cultural appropriation The Whitley Warriors, seemingly harmless name right? Warriors could be used in all kinds of different contexts... until your logo looks like this: https://goo.gl/images/Dgqy6V Another side of the coin: Oshawa Generals - Mascot - looks like a bear, logo NOT RACIST/ZERO cultural appropriation See the point? It's the name and what follows after that. It's the context, Chiefs, Braves, and Seminoles may not be considered derogatory UNTIL a bunch of white people improperly use an entire culture that isn't theirs to use and exploit it for millions of dollars along with not understanding WHY IT'S FUCKING WRONG. Remember last time a flock of white people took what wasn't theirs from indigenous people...?
  7. That's legitimately the problem... the names. You don't have those logos if you're not named the Blackhawks etc.
  8. If professional sports teams and leagues aren't willing to change the names or policies surrounding franchises with direct racial implications then this is... a bit of a fucking stretch.
  9. Not really no, out of all the assets with any real deadline value it's kinda the one that hurts the least to give away or at least be part of a package to improve at the back.
  10. I don't hate it, there's literally zero risk at league minimum. Hopefully he pans out or like Lox said, forces someone to work harder to earn it.
  11. I feel like the bigger news here is a return of cheddar bob
  12. Hummels having a day that'll hurt for awhile
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