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  1. Jhator

    St. Louis Blues Thread

    I’m not sure if the clip I saw showed the whole thing, where did you see it?
  2. Jhator

    St. Louis Blues Thread

    Don’t know how to link because I saw it on Instagram, but there was a brief fight at the Blues practice. Nothing major, but a few shots thrown back and forth.
  3. Jhator

    Vancouver Canucks

    I understand that, but there are 1,001 things that can happen between now and 2040 when he will be retirement age. Bure, Lindros, Neely, Bossy, Orr, Lafontaine.. superstars can get hit with career ending injuries.
  4. Jhator

    Vancouver Canucks

    25 games into his career and there are already people in the media talking about if Pettersson is going to be the best Canuck ever.
  5. Jhator

    Hyman given 2 games

    Am I the only one that thinks this is absurd? Have I got my leafs goggles on? I don’t see this as anything close to what guys like Marchand/Wilson do on a routine basis...
  6. Zaitsev is the most questionable contract on the team right now, I’d trade him before Marleau. If we dump both then our capis fine, but it would suck for Marleau... I guess we have to get him his cup this year.. We also don’t know what our performance bonus penalties are going to look like for next year.
  7. Jhator


    Lindros? Not old enough to remember Eric’s release though. AM can always get a shot off, his release is so quick and form is so fluid that you just can’t contain it.
  8. Jhator


    Only thing is they were both small and had to find ways to be productive without being able to rely on brute strength
  9. Jhator


    90+ assists in a season has been reached 30 times. 13 of those belong to Gretz 5 to Mario 2 each for Thornton, Orr, Oates 1 each for Coffey, Yzerman, Francis, Stastny, Gilmour (leafs record 95 in 92-93), Lafontaine. Marner currently on pace for 97, which would be good for a tie at 15th place, but would be tied for second most ever by guys not named Lemieux or Gretzky. He needs 83 to tie for 49th with 4 or 5 other guys. Marner is rounding first on a historic season. If he gets to 41 games with 48+ assists then we can start getting really excited.
  10. Jhator

    Wilson Suspended 20 Games

    Looks like shoulder on shoulder contact, wilson’s helmet comes off and he hits his forehead on ice. League needs to regulate chinstrap for helmet, it’s not doing you any good when it pops off like that...
  11. 3.5 increase should cover most of Marner/Matthews bonuses.
  12. Jhator

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    What about Marleau/Hyman - Kadri - Kapanen Hyman/Marleau - Gardiner for pp2 ?
  13. If he’s back on the 11th he’s going to play 53 games. His averages suggest 39 point finish. 45-48 points would be great progress.
  14. Jhator

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    We could move him pretty easily if we wanted. Majority of his cap hit is a signing bonus, so any team trading for him after its paid would get a 6.25 cap hit and only 1 or 2 mill in salary (don’t remember exactly what the bonus is). Dream contract for cap floor teams. Trading him should be last case scenario though, his play this year suggests he can justify a spot next year. Might be a situation where we see what he’s got left in the tank during training camp.
  15. Lol, we are getting close at our end, but probably another year before it’s on shelves