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  1. I’m not putting a Marner or a Nylander on a plane unless a player like Ekblad, Hanifin, or Werenski is coming our way.
  2. TSN’s article about Nylander for OEL idea is starting to make its rounds on Facebook now. Ugh.
  3. After seeing what Duchene got, the price on OEL probably starts at a pair of first round picks just to keep Chayka from hanging up. Chayka would almost certainly expect Nylander or Marner to be in the package. Best case scenario would be convincing Chayka to take JVR in the package as another asset to flip.
  4. He traded Subban for fucking Weber. #neverforget I can’t wait to see how bad he gets hosed for Pacioretty.
  5. http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/20/us/charles-manson-dead/index.html 2017 trying to turn the year around it seems.
  6. http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/17/world/nation-brand-ranking-trnd/index.html lulz
  7. Who is getting fired first, Bergevin or Julien?
  8. Blocking Shots and the PK

    I don’t think t needed cleaning up. I think he’s trying to communicate that even his own thoughts confuse him.
  9. It would be pretty embarrassing to lose to the Habs after the Coyotes beat them. Let’s get it done boys!
  10. Blocking Shots and the PK

    What exactly is hobarth looking for here? More shot blocking? He just fucking rambles.
  11. Blocking Shots and the PK

    Probably working on his game by playing as himself in chel.
  12. Blocking Shots and the PK

    The fuck are ya on about?
  13. Bruh best player tonight bruh by far the best player on the ice bruhhhh fuckk. It was like Healey with Subban.
  14. What a game. Freddy with the 42 save goose egg. Willie with the clutch finish in OT. That sloppy nonsense with the line changes in OT has to fuck itself though. Brown had a monster effort to get that one breakaway chance as well, love that kid’s intensity.