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  1. You can get STDs from oral, and I am willing to bet that jodi hasn't used a condom since he got his first pube
  2. 4 sex workers and jodi in a room. Which one's genitalia are the most putrid petri dish, i wonder.
  3. I am glad i am not the only one having a panic attack about harpur. Its like kostka all over again.
  4. Where the fuck did this harpur guy come from and is there still time to send him back to wherever the fuck that was?
  5. Byfuglien, already on leave of absence from the Jets, is apparently considering retiring.
  6. When comparing our potential with the hawks and their regression it is important to remember part of their stumble was directly due to mismanagement. They missed QO deadlines one summer and it fucked their cap horribly that year and forced a couple trades.
  7. 😆 loll Also @Mitchy Marner is going to have to play like a man possessed for the next 6 years to justify the contract. He is definitely talented enough to do it, but it would be ridiculous to say it is anything other than a massive gamble at this point.
  8. Of course it does, because it requires each division to be won before the conference finals. Thus it disregards regular season standings in favour of the teams' physical location.
  9. It ensures that top teams must meet before round 3. Last year some of the best hockey in the playoffs was in the first round. 100% garbage. Anyone that likes it is wrong (and stupid).
  10. If we get 12 goals from our fourth line centre i am over the moon.
  11. Does that include penalties for LTIR use though?
  12. So... colorado shouldn't pay MR in case NM gets upset? The only person NM should be pissed at is his agent... lol
  13. MacKinnon* is signed for another 4 years at (arguably) the best value salary in the league.
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