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  1. Luke Glendening

    Glendening an upgrade over Moore? Sure. Is he a big enough upgrade that’s he worth giving up assets and cap space to get him? No. 4th line C isn’t going to break us. We need a RHD, after we sort that out then idc what happens with Moore/Glendening.
  2. Chicago Blackhawks Thread

    http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/trotz-speaks-fans-racially-charged-taunting-smith-pelly/ Four fans were booted from the Hawks/Caps game tonight for making racist comments to Devante Smith-Pelly while he was serving a penalty
  3. Yet another school shooting.

    Went into Occam’s shaving kit and pulled out his razor
  4. Yet another school shooting.

    GOP receives funding from: - gun lobby - healthcare lobby - prison lobby - anti-abortion lobby Unwanted births create poorly raised children. Poorly raised children lead to higher crime rates. Higher crime rates means more gun sales. Higher crime rates and gun sales mean more shootings. More shootings create more people needing medical treatment and more people in prison. Each hand washes another.
  5. Yet another school shooting.

    If it bleeds it leads. Violence excites us. Humans suck.
  6. Yet another school shooting.

    I know, some of those events are overlapping, and sometimes they used bombs AND guns. (and sometimes rope, fire, pitchforks, knives, chains, broken bottles, their bare hands, etc. But the common theme has always been kill or be killed)
  7. Yet another school shooting.

    Yessir. There are definitely a few things that got us where we are, though the availability of guns is easily the biggest factor. Ah... what a nice country.. wait... brown people? Quick! Shoot them! ——- Such hard work, this cotton picking. Hmm.. I got an idea... quick! Grab your gun, we’re going to Africa! ——— Theres an awful lot of these black people running around lately (since we started buying them like cattle, keeping them here against their will, and allowing them to breed unfettered to increase our workforce and slave trade profits), quick! Grab your gun. Shit... just one shot? But so many black people (Samuel Colt): ... I have an idea... ————- Those mexicans look the same kind of brown as the Indians we slaughtered, and Texas and California are such enviable pieces of land.. ————— These black people want equal rights? We stopped the whole ‘slavery thing’ like.. 80 years ago.? ——- Hey! You Vietcong over there... settle down! We don’t take kindly to non-white people doing things we don’t like.. ————- Daddy.. how are we running out of oil if there is so much of it in Iraq? ... well, W, that’s because it’s in Iraq and not America... —————- 400 years of white people solving every single issue with guns then pretending guns have nothing to do with people settling their issues with mass shootings.
  8. Yet another school shooting.

    Why do Roy Rogers and the Duke get a pass?
  9. Yet another school shooting.

    It must be the movies that are distinctly less violent than the foreign films they are based on.
  10. Gretzky Highlights

    So his half-clapper pump fake and his little shoulder juke/stutter step seem like they were responsible for about 30% of the scoring in the 80s. Jesus.
  11. Yet another school shooting.

    Marco Rubio has priced his conscience at 3.3million USD. As of the time of the Vegas shooting, that’s how much money the NRA had given Rubio. Today Rubio said that gun laws would not have stopped the Parkdale shooting, or any others. https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/15/politics/marco-rubio-senate-floor-florida-shooting/index.html
  12. Jim Benning Extended

    I’d ask if he has mind control powers, but that just begs the question of why he wouldn’t use them when making trades and shit?
  13. Brexit

    Have the UK negotiating team/government/brexit supporters realized how bad they fucked up yet? Have they started talking about staying? I have seen mentions of a second referendum, but how real are those talks at this point? Just wishful thinking?
  14. GDT: Leafs Vs Blueball Jackoffs

    Well.. Gardiner got hurt and Polak is Polak. ————— We now have 3 guys with 20+ goals. Marleau is sitting at 19. Marner has 8 goals in last 12 games, if he stays hot he can get to 20. Nylander has a shot, but he needs to pick up the pace a little.