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  1. The goat blower got bought out
  2. Since when? I'll google in the meantime, but wtf did i miss?
  3. Just the temporary name, really. If it gets licensed by a nike or under armour type company they will undoubtedly want to rebrand it to fit their image.
  4. My marijuana stocks are not how i plan to get rich, i only have 10k shares. I plan to get rich from owning the controlling share of BrainBag. Then i plan to do a lot of good stuff for the world...
  5. Its going to be at least 10 years before anyone in the nhl wears a brainbag. Best case scenario is grandfathering in like helmets and visors.
  6. In Sudbury there's a problem with people dumping unqanted dogs near the reserves... so the natives cull the dogs every spring/every other spring because they get overrun otherwise. Lot's of dogs in my area that are just left to roam as well, really pisses me off.
  7. Oof yeah that was right near the peak, i think the highest it has gone is like $6.10, but i'd have to check. Canada still has prohibition on edibles, CBD water, and disposable vapes until september or october, but when those are legal then sales should boom.
  8. Lol, just let it ride. They keep opening more locations and the sales are good. Problem is Farm Act changed CBD classification so a lot of the products got delayed. Just balms and topicals being sold now, the THC powders and stuff aren't on shelves yet.
  9. This happened https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/concussions-claimed-his-friends-life-now-he-fights-to-save-others-with-a-new-invention
  10. You don't need to be a conspiracy theorist to know that Meier made a hand pass to set up the goal.
  11. 2019 Stanley Cup Champion* San Jose Sharks** *Disclaimer, we acknowledge the winning team had tremendous, and repeated, help from the referees. We also acknowledge this problem was not isolated to this team **Disclaimer, San Jose was not supposed to move out of the first round, so the entire Western Conference was skewed from the semi-finals onward. How much room is there on the cup...?
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