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  1. Jhator

    Texas School Shooting

    But there was an armed guard at the school...
  2. Qatari investor has confirmed being at 2016 Trump tower meeting.. also not previously disclosed by Donny or his people. just another innocent slip of the mind, I’m sure.
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/08/politics/robert-mueller-russian-oligarch-payments-michael-cohen/index.html Turns out Cohen is the money link between Russia and Donald.. I was sure that Donny wasn’t getting money himself, but I’m happy I’m wrong here.
  4. He’s just trying to improve himself. That’s the fastest he’s ever flipped on an issue, I think.
  5. Jhator

    Round Two: Boston vs. Tampa

    Pathetic. I hope Marchand breaks his fucking ankle getting off the plane to Tampa.
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/01/politics/harold-bornstein-trump-letter/index.html lol
  7. “Nice guy”? Sorry, I’m just tired of being told I’m being dramatic when all of my predictions come true. Remember: I was calling the orange man a Nazi long before Charlottesville happened, I called cooling tensions in Korea months ago, and I’ve been right about most other things I’ve ventured a guess on with respect to Donny. If Mueller doesn’t get him before November, then it will be a blue wave taking both houses and then impeachment. The real clusterfuck is what happens with his Supreme Court appointment. Do we really just leave NG in there knowing he is Putin’s top choice for the job?
  8. Threatens nuclear war, wins Nobel. i hope it happens, because fuck humans.
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/30/politics/karen-pence-doctor-privacy-ronny-jackson/index.html The dirt that Donny had on Jackson, leading to that hilarious medical report, has been revealed. Mr Jackson likes to get drunk, harass women, and has an issue with confidentiality.
  10. So.. what everyone has been saying all along..
  11. Jhator

    Burke Steps Down

    I wonder what team he will ruin next
  12. Jhator

    Voynov returning?

    Fuck Voynov. Call the Kings. Offer them Johnsson, 2018 1st, 2018 2nd, 2019 2nd. See if they don’t hang up if we ask for Doughty in return. Go from there. Probaly not far off getting it done, considering the talk that started once Vegas completed the sweep.
  13. The developments of the day: Ronny Jackson likes to get drunk and harass female subordinates; one incident involved the secret service stepping in to prevent him from disturbing the president (Obama) —— Federal judge ruled that DACA must re-open https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/24/politics/daca-ruling-new-applications/index.html
  14. We will be. If USA isn’t in climate accord then the USA won’t be producing items we want/that meet federal standards, and they won’t have a market for things we produce. Current shit, sure. Future tech is going elsewhere.