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  1. 2017/2018 Out of Town GDT

    what world is this when the Flyers make a sensible trade for a decent goalie?
  2. Leafs don't misstwicedyk And Slick Mitchy
  3. The Olympics, C'Mon

    The medal wasn't surprising...ABM was killing it all competition
  4. The Olympics, C'Mon

    It had to happen sooner or later
  5. The Olympics, C'Mon

    I said blank...I mean for the scenes where they're supposed to have someone frowning....
  6. That's the worst,...always avoiding responsibility...
  7. The Olympics, C'Mon

    Koe reminds me of the blank form of a Wallace and gromit puppet
  8. Curling

    The gals took the US behind the wood shed and had their way with them... Eerily similar to the new erotic fan fiction I was working on titled "A High Guard" .
  9. The Olympics, C'Mon

    It was a little brutal. Robinson got sent on a breakaway then deked himself into taking out the goalie....side note, remember when you could breath by the goalie without being called for interference? Lapierre was our first shooter in the shootout, fuckin' 'ell History tells us Scrivens probably has an angry twitter rant in his future judging by how he was playing last night. I've half a mind to say fuck it and start cheering for a Slovenia miracle run.
  10. The Olympics, C'Mon

    Holy damn...when you Remember Team Canada has guys like Lapierre and Linden Vey on it...
  11. Dmen Targets? And Johnny T?

    We just traded a forward becuase we barely have enough spots to play all our young talent now.... But we want to get one more guy now?
  12. Curling

    Homan has been off to a shit start. Get it girl.
  13. Martin & Soshnikov being Shopped

    Other teams would rather have Soshnikov too. That's why he got traded and we still have Martin. He's also still not as good as Leivo or a few other options we have. It just ain't that big a thing.
  14. Soshnikov Traded

    They got him for nothing and turned it into a 4th. It's a free pick
  15. The Olympics, C'Mon

    Koe is lucky Norway has no clutch