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  1. Also how big of a bitch is Budenholzer?
  2. Kawhi doesn't care about your feelings
  3. I mean, looks like your boys just won their championship anyway...
  4. Have they tried making a GD shot yet?
  5. Drake wore 6ers shorts to curse them. This is all out war.
  6. Tavares was in it... but then he got hurt. That's about as far as we got
  7. Babcock isn't fired because: Dubas gets him as a scape goat if things go cock up still and it's a little questionable to at not least give him a chance with a better d core. Babs better unleash the top 2 lines when it matters next year though.
  8. Ha. A whole lot of yikes going on in here. Both guys are fairly equally up for grabs in the sense you don't really want to lose either one... but it depends on what the team we're trading with values more. I would say Kadri is the easier one to deal. The contract is easier to move. He's older. For as quiet as his season was relatively speaking he was still productive. They have a little less pressure to really hit a home run in the trade because we pretty much know his peak. He can play 3rd and maybe be a 2nd line centre if you can find a way to motivate him. But if they get that fairly young RHD legit top pairing guy for Nylander you do that and try to forget we had to keep Marleau instead because we haven't seen his full clip with this group.
  9. He's still a dick-shitting fuckeat, but that's not a suspension.
  10. Dafuq was Lowry doing trying to nut meg a dude there?
  11. Yes. If we have one problem, it's Nedimeyer.
  12. They could really use a game breaker to push them over the edge
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