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  1. They just signed Woll. I know it's a biit of a long shot bbut wouldn't it be great to have goaltending on the Marlies?
  2. Or the offers weren't there. Not that they're rushing to move him anyway as we all know. But even if you think he's not an essential player... you don't sell him at lowest value. That's just dumb.
  3. Fucker... this is what I'm talking about....
  4. With our luck, Shattenkirk is actually going to show up tonight.
  5. HBCYG


    Also the world is getting better, but geez are we bombing internationally lately
  6. He's a prime candidate to be traded for a d man.Mostly
  7. Ya. Chara is good dude. He's going to Chelios hard and just fall off the map production wise one of these days (if not already) but he's also 10 ft tall so he just needs to stand in his own and and poke check anyone in reach.
  8. Anyway, all our assets that mean anything are still under team control and can be moved for value...but ya, the rebuild is screwed up...remember when you moved Hoffman for nothing at all because you didn't want him in the East....Dickhead.
  9. Melnyk may just actuallly have a magic mirror.
  10. Next up on the old bollocks rehash, we should definitely have considered taking Laine.
  11. Boro just wanted to talk hockey. no biggie
  12. or having him dress like an intergalactic southern dandy
  13. That has to be first time I've seen Bobby Ryan come close to doing anything for the sens against us in 3 years what is even happening?
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