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  1. But melnyk doesn't get nice things. So I can't wait to see how this goes off thr rails
  2. Totally, he's going rival Bobby Ryan for 40 total points on the sens top line this year.
  3. Buddy isn't even trying yet, and he's lighting them up.
  4. True story. Our former players can score on us as many times as they want in the pre-season and it doesn't hurt my feelings at all.
  5. It's pretty clean cut by now.
  6. 34 is the choice though. He's been labelled the golden boy since before we've picked him.
  7. Yay and nay. If you're getting cut this early, you weren't making the team. And no one of any impact is at risk. But sure, I guess if you're worried about the future of the Growlers, which is still the name of hairy genitalia, then it probably matters.
  8. This game literally doesn't matter. But it's nice that games are actually around the corner
  9. It's good in a way. We can find out if we need to move cap any better.
  10. I'd call it more a media thing, personally. They've also got the 1-2 draft thing going on. Or guys who were picked relatively around the same time. I.E. Eichel But agents use that too.
  11. Cool beans. But that's what is happening. He thinks he's a better player than he probably is. Winger vs. centre is irrelevant to what I'm saying...as I've said. I know it's probably sucky they're starting the season without 2x top 6 players at this point (so far at least) , but Laine has to eat some humble pie he's not ready to.
  12. They weren't. They offered him 11 mil in June. Apparently. Laine was supposed to be a cornerstone dude on level with Matthews. Remember the chatter? Again, just an easy comparison to the echelon, buddy thinks himself to be. I literally don't have a dog in the fight. If I'm the Jets, I feel Conner just gives me more options if I were to lose him first. It's at least debatable.
  13. No you're right, there's no friction going in between both camps on this issue, literally right now...
  14. I mean... that's a pretty high priced ass....
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