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  1. Halep crushing Serena was better for that matter
  2. Even if he didn't he plays one of the more perfect two way centre games in the league and still scores like 40 goals a year. It's a good feeling
  3. It'll be a good competitor for them. No JDM off trail cred though. That's gold in BC
  4. Delica's are the white dude dreadlocks of the automotive world. Transit vans are what you want for a stealth camper.
  5. A lot is known about Kerfoot. He's a reasonably responsible two-way, mostly pass first player who is going to be a 3rd liner for us at an even more convincing cap number. He was one of the Avs super utility players who played up in their line-up even at points. And even it it's a year of Barrie, it's a year of a top 4 RHD d-man ( I've heard we needed one badly) at under 3 mil. If you asked people for a potential return for Kadri before this few would have been that generous.
  6. Imagine being happy with filling a team need we've had for darn near ever from a position of strength.
  7. They could also just not have a full press box too and sit someone else.
  8. He could just as easily be an emergency top 6 winger is is what he could be. Dude versatile af.
  9. No lie, I'm weirdly more excited about having Kerfoot at a decent amount. Dude could easily turn into more
  10. That Anders Lee contract though. What happened, Lou?
  11. FUCK YA. He's kinda the new Gardiner... but kerfoot is a great future.
  12. He does get paid upfront and faster free agency which I think was more the issue originally.
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