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  1. Definitely not a ground breaking discovery. But Good to know it's being looked at somewhere.
  2. With respect to Hyman... the fuck is he doing on the ice with a min left? Domi is an ugly son of a bitch.
  3. Les Habitants, the Habs Thread.

    Only Mugabe is maybe having a worse week.
  4. Nights like these are the only time it is acceptable to browse an HF boards discussion for the the A1 prime meat levels of butt hurt.
  5. Now let's rip their band uniforms so they'll have to pay for them!
  6. As it turns out the line doesn't really need Hyman THAT badly...
  7. The Matthews/Brown brofest is a cherry on top of this big old slice of ass-kicking pie.
  8. Imagine being in a worse goaltending situation than Vegas ...
  9. He would too, he's not far behind Laine for dick sucking.