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  1. They did great. Save for a couple of funny defensive moments and Freddie being his typically early season ok self.
  2. No. If he doesn't report he's off their books now. They even made a statement it some where how everyone involved knew about this already.
  3. That was procedural. Now they get cap if Buf decides he's not into it anymore.
  4. What are the odds he got bad advice from his agent/lawyer on the situation too? Obviously he should have included the team on this, but pretty sure he wouldn't do this without telling his inner circle team.
  5. Matthews is still the clear cut front runner. Every statement from the team says it was silly, but they haven't changed their mind on who Matthews is. But even then, if it's not Matthews, it's Tavares. Sorry, Paul
  6. They can afford 2 jerseys for a photo shoot involving auston matthews. They wouldn't add and remove a C on it.
  7. Better then drouin. Confirmed
  8. HBCYG

    Vegans Are Snowflakes

    Reminds me of an old girlfriend...
  9. The Oilers win percentage on top picks is really rough outside of McDavid so far
  10. I'm just saying. Yesterday was a pretty full buffalo squad against a pretty marlies heavy squad for us. It's more a placement round for us right now to see who they want to be our first call ups.
  11. Come back and complain when it's late october and we're still shit. This is the 4th pre-season game and you can barely call these teams a split squad. This happens every year
  12. The full lineup hasn't even played a game yet. We don't even have to really worry until later in October
  13. HBCYG

    Vegans Are Snowflakes

    They are basically just next level veggie burgers. As a viscious meat eater, I probably wouldn't know the difference if you served me one vs the real thing cheap grocery store version. But vegans and people with dietary restrictions get cravings for greasy processed crap like the rest of us, so more power to the Beyond meat burger people. The Ranchers are being a bunch of cry babies.
  14. Kerfoot isnt supposed to "replace" Kadri. By which I mean the trade was more to get Barrie. Kerfoot will, however be fine, if you've seen any of him in the last 2 years with the Avs. He's going to be playing all over the line up at points, probbably. But ya, the 2 lines are going to be expeceted to have their roles increased now. But that also should have been the case a year ago....
  15. Even when Marincin makes a decent play it looks awkward.
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