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  1. It's not about hitting, but just using your body to get the puck and protect the puck, which they weren't doing. Relying on the stick to got the puck worked, barely, against a bad team, but it won't work against Boston or Washington.
  2. McE only gave up one es goal, and was picked as the third star - probably a mercy killing, but he was easily the best leaf.
  3. There's someone on the hfboards who's been carrying on for about 20 pages about how Wickenheiser isn't qualified. Funny and pathetic at the same time.
  4. Considering that they haven't played yet, we have no idea how the current team will do. How about the team where one of the top defensemen in the league, with four Cups to his credit, couldn't crack the D, and was moved to forward, where he won four more Cups? A team that had ten Hall of Famers.
  5. So which is line 1 and which is line 2? What a problem to have!
  6. I realized that before I submitted my response, and tried not to, but it seems it went through anyway.
  7. Does that include the 2012-13 playoffs, where he got zero points in a four game sweep by Boston?
  8. First time Crisby played Boston in the playoffs (2012-13), he had 0 points.
  9. Wilma was the one who specifically asked about 'repeat offender', and that was what I was addressing. How important is a four inch difference in height, if you try to hit a man in the shoulder, and miss by an inch? If his shoulder is four inches higher than yours or not, if you aim for the shoulder and miss high, you hit his head. If it happens once, you can get away with 'oops, I missed'. The third or fourth time you do it, the excuse doesn't carry much weight. I wasn't suggesting that a penalty and suspension aren't warranted. But the third, or fourth time you hit the head, whether you please accident or not, the suspensions should go way up. As far as I'm concerned, a fourth or fifth suspension should be forty games.
  10. Kind of beside the point. The discussion was about ' repeat' vs 'first time'
  11. Considering the weather recently, maybe we should be happy. You know what they say: "it isn't spring until the leafs are out".😕
  12. I think a lot of it is that if you have never done it before, they'll give you the benefit of the doubt. It looked as though Morrissey had intended to hit him on the shoulder, and just missed, so, since it's his first offence, one game. For someone who's done it three of four times, whither you consider it deliberate or just careless, you have to be strict.
  13. Probably not, because Rielly two-handed him back. Not saying it's right, but I suspect that will be the logic.
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