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  1. Barrie seems like he might be as good at d as Gardiner. Doesn't seem like a brilliant move. Some fans seem ecstatic to put him on the same pairing as Rielly. We still have a hole at 2nd d. Gardiner was overused by Babs now we have the same d-man with a different name, maybe worse.
  2. I think TO should trade Marner. He's making very pointed statements. With the rep of his agent, his dad, it's probably a better long term solution for TO. Babs won't like it much because he said Marner is going to be in TO for life but Babs has some loose screws. It's funny/interesting how all these barely legal players are holding Dubas and TO over a barrel. Personal feelings aside, about this situation, the return TO could get for Marner could win them some playoff rounds at least, even with screws loose Babs coaching. D like Karlsson are in short supply so TO should start there.
  3. This is very pointedly about the Leafs since my comparisons are TO centric. Because it says Golden Knights doesn't mean it's about them except as a comparison to the Leafs.
  4. An expansion team?, 4th place in the entire NHL. GF higher than TO's in less games, GA same as TO's but they've been playing with their 4th stringer, a junior on occasion. After 30+ games I don't think we're talking too small sample size so what's up? A FLC nope, a #1, #2 or #3 d-man don't think so. Stars, in the casinos sure but not on their roster well except for Fleury who has only played 6 games. Leipsic is 23 gp, 0g, 10 a. There's 27 NHL that should be hanging their heads in shame, one in particular I can think of.
  5. I think it's odd that a player can go from being a bench warmer, the 7th d-man, to in the top 4 because of a single injury?
  6. Maybe TO should keep him, then. I would almost liken Hymen to Bozak, in that Bozak was TO's FLC for years and Hymen is on TO's 1st line. Then I remember that Bozak was TO's FLC because of lack of options, not true with Hymen. I think Hymen could be an awesome 3rd liner, in all ways.
  7. What are people expecting from Gardiner, he's been here forever and Babs gives him the 2nd most icetime on the Leafs, just behind Zaitsev. Is Babs missing how great a year Rielly is having? If Babs is that dum maybe it's time for him to be benched so he can also appreciate how much better Rielly, TO's best d-man so sayeth many forum fans, this year and give him more icetime. The other side of this is maybe Babs still doesn't think Rielly is as good as Gardiner, Hainsey or Zaitsev? Bozak is not having a great offensive year so far this year but he has always been prone to streaks and with 14 points in 33 games he can reach his normal production, around 45 points. I wasn't expecting him to match or improve on his career year stats of last year but it would've been nice. Outside of Bozak's slightly better than 50% face off success I don't see much different so I'm waiting for his hot streak. I see that the Marlies have the best GAA record in the AHL and are the best team there with an .8 winning percentage but none of the players are having an outstanding offensive season. Ben Smith, how I miss him, is the top Marlie scorer 27 gp-22 points and I wouldn't be surprised if that's what the Leafs want from this roster. Many have thought that Babs coached teams were all about team so players like Datsyuk never had the stats that a player of his caliber should have been capable of.
  8. Babs obviously has a screw loose, playing Polak?? Gardiner and Zaitsev get the most ATOI? Polak has 12 PIM in 15 games so 6 penalties or less than 1 minute per game and since the referees are colluding, against TO, Polak took 2 penalties in one game or maybe it was because of his speed. Travis Dermott in 24 AHL games has 34 PIMs, now I haven't seen any Marlie games this year so maybe the lions share of his PIMs might be because of truculence but that would be a huge departure from his game I observed last year. Maybe there's another conspiracy? I've been impressed with Moore all year, he doesn't seem much different that he was in his 1st Leaf tour of duty, visually anyways. For me he's making losing Boyle palatable. I think Martin is better this year, a good 4th liner which I didn't feel last year. Really like Borgman, sensibly physical, good skater, decent puck mover so probably like what we want from Dermott.
  9. I'd love it if Dermott was in any way qualified to play in the NHL, it would be validation of many Leaf fans who totally believe in Hunter. However: This article covers other prospects as well, Bracco and Liljergren looking good, Johnsson and Timashov still maybes, Aaltonen 4th line maybe probably better than the Goat and Brooks who's speed and size looks insurmountable.
  10. Ya, Babs thought TO played a mostly sound road game. I thought it was interesting/funny that TO finally generated some offensive zone time at the beginning of the 3rd and when Minny finally got TO out of their zone they went into TO's zone and had their best sustained pressure.
  11. I love watching Nylander, I hope he finishes his career as a Leaf but I think there's a lot of Kessel in him. Is Babs going to be able to utilize Nylander, now it appears he's more content to bury him. I'm too lazy to go back in history but I think Yzerman played for Detroit during Babs coaching days there and he changed Yzerman from a primadonna offensive only player into more of a 200 footer. It was things like that that's made Babs into a legend and supposedly worth what he's paid now. His ability to get all kinds of players to buy into a team concept is what seemed to set him apart. At that same time Detroit was an absolute powerhouse, 6 shoe ins for the HHOF and and others nearly as worthy. I think one of the possible problems with legends is they've won and they attribute their winning to themselves so they get stuck into the prison of their own boxes. One would have thought that Babs leaving Detroit would have upset Wings fans far more than it did but in reality many were relieved. Detroit was in decline and Babs continued to make Babsian decisions like Abdelkeder being used as Hymen is being used in TO. He made many questionable coaching decisions but he always believed in himself, seemed to believe more in the process than the results. The Polak usage is classic Babs, you can probably live with a Polak if you have 5 other strong d men or have a Hyman type on the 1st line if you have 1 or 2 strong/productive lines backing it up. l love Polak, he gives what he's got. At the end of Babs' Detroit time he wouldn't unite Zetterberg and Datsyuk on one line no matter the circumstances, he dug his heels in and there was no room for any other way of playing. Maybe Babs is right and Gretzky is wrong, teams have to be bastions of defensive responsibility in order to be winners. It is possible to be entertaining and defensively responsible but it is also very possible for defense 1st teams to be mind numbingly boring, that's what I'm seeing from TO so far.
  12. Babs drives me crazy but I think he's stressing d over offense at this time, hoping that the team can learn to defend properly and learn how to transition from a defensive posture to a possession game. Since TO is young and prone to many low percentage plays to facilitate offense he's now asking them to dump the puck into the opposition's zone or try stretch passes as part of his concept of a north/south safe game. He's willing to have the team look bad as part of a greater plan and is so far successful. He's stressing responsibility and even tho we and he can see the change is difficult, it looks like he's prepared to stay the course because outside of the eye/stats test TO has continued to win. What I liked about Babs' coached teams was the hound after a bone style, those teams smothered the opposition and I figured that's the type of team I'd like to see in TO. This just in, Army didn't like something about Gardiner, wonders never cease, eh.
  13. Personal feelings aside, if possible, about Karlsson, let's just say TO did trade for him costing a similar bounty to what I suggested and TO did win the Cup. Would it be worth it even tho TO couldn't afford to resign him.
  14. We've heard that Karlsson might be available and we know that if Ottawa moves him they are rebuilding so they'll want a quality, young, cheap return. What might that cost TO, Marner, Liljegrin, a 1st and maybe Leo as a salary dump. Karlsson is only signed for the rest of this year and next so after Matthews and Nylander get their new deals Karlsson might just be too expensive. I think with him TO becomes an even greater Cup contender. Is this a realistic deal, something TO would seriously consider, I think so, after all he's only 27 and TO already has Marleau who I think was signed so TO could go for it all, now.
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