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  1. I felt that if TO traded Barrie and only got draft choice(s) then Dubie would be saying I've given up on the team which naturally means the players could also give up. We shouldn't expect Dubie to fix TO on TDL day but we should expect Dubie to gain insight from the regular season and be prepared to do what can be done to improve TO for next year.I agree TO's d needs tweaking and I wouldn't be disappointed to see everyone except for Muzzin, Sandin and Liljegrin moved this summer.TO's 3rd and 4th lines need massive change, the only valuable players there are Engvall and Spezza. Players that need to go for me:Rielly-too soft, poor defensive gameBarrie- see RiellyKappy- lots of speed, few toolsKerfoot- not contributing offensively or defensivelyJohnsson- a streak scorer only valuable when onClifford- typical goon, little talent, penalty taking machineHoll- soft amoungst too much softnessGoat- not NHL qualityDermott- too inconsistentCeci- too expensive for a 5/6 d-manMarincin- softerIt wouldn't hurt my feelings to see all of these players moved this summer.
  2. I didn't say we don't need Rielly, he's better than Holl, Dermott and Marincin but that really isn't saying much. So long as Rielly is TO's top d-man, which is debatable Muzz is probably better, TO's d will be in poor shape.
  3. I've never understood the blind Rielly love? It looks to me that more and more Matthews is TO's best player and not just as a goal scorer.
  4. I thought Keefe dropped the ball last night, Carolina was on their game and TO didn't have enough to reply but essentially Keefe couldn't find a way to help them reply, didn't seriously appear to be trying. TO lost to Buffalo last Sunday and I noticed the Eichel line had considerable icetime against TO's 4th line, I don't know why or how that was possible but that kind of innovation is something TO could've used last night. TO's PKing is questionable most nights and a lot of that has to do with goaltending which isn't something that can be fixed this year. Using 3rd and 4th liners to kill penalties, except for Marner, isn't working, hasn't been working and probably won't in the future. It might work for other teams but TO isn't other teams, that needs to change. Use Ny, Matthews and JT to kill some of those penalties, it might not work but we won't know if it isn't tried. PKing is a special team function so why not use special players to kill them. Boston uses Bergeron and Marchand, Florida uses Barkov, other teams use their best players to PK, why doesn't TO? Marchand is in the top 6 for scoring so him having the added PK responsibility doesn't seem to negatively affect his offense. On a night where TO's top 2 lines weren't, it wouldn't have hurt to break up the duos, TO has the forward depth to create reasonably potent 3 lines. Mixing up the bottom 2 lines wasn't a proper response. TO limped into the playoffs last year, played crappy from Xmas on, last year, and thru that Babs mostly kept the lines together. That didn't work with a relatively healthy lineup last year and isn't again this year. Keefe had TO winning when he first took over and he was mixing and matching constantly, even the big 4, we need more of that, maybe. Why oh why isn't Nylander bringing the puck up ice when TO is on the PP, he's TO's best at that and it isn't even close, man that's frustrating. Or even better move Spezza onto TO's top PP unit, he's TO's 2nd best at moving the puck and then TO might have options and be far less predictable. It's really something that TO's 2nd most physical d-man is it's smallest d-man, Sandin. Holl shouldn't be playing with Muzzin, he's horrible, he plays like Rielly, stick only, never uses his size. Holl and Dermott are TO's worst d-men, Marincin is even better by a small increment, they should be on the 3rd pairing. Marner needs to be fined every time he blind backhand passes, and doubly fined when his ill advised passes don't have a hope of being successful. His play is horrendous, he's MIA for most of the games and only noticed when he's again making his patented giveaway passes. This isn't the Marner we loved, it's odd Matthews had the ability to disappear in plain sight but has grown this year to become vital pretty well all the time while Marner is regressing. Marner well always get his points but for each point he's becoming a liability, what, 4 times per game. That penalty on Clifford was BS last night but it was reputation based and that's the problem with having his type of player. He's taken at least 3 poorly timed penalties since he's been with TO and he doesn't draw penalties, considering how poorly TO PKs he's essentially a liability. I'd love TO to augment the lineup with more physicality but that physicality needs to be without the other junk that results in penalties. Let's just hope that was a one off night, some night the other teams are simply better and that doesn't make TO bad.
  5. He had for a very short time tried Ny, AM and MM together but otherwise the AM/MM and JT /Ny combos have remained even tho TO hadn't been playing well for a long time. Under performance was the issue and might continue to be but I think performance can be stimulated by seemingly small things like breaking up those duos.
  6. The answer to TO's prayers was seen tonite, this game felt very when Keefe first became coach. TO's d, even Marincin, looked good and capable tonite, it's amazing how good they can look when properly supported by the forwards. TO should make the playoffs and can make some noise but it has to be the TO we saw tonite.
  7. I remember when Keefe first became coach, TO was not playing well, that was blamed on Babs and with Keefe as the new coach TO became energized, started winning, stated competing yet this was the same sad sack team that Babs had coached. Well this is still the same sad sack team that Babs coached, that Keefe took over so what it now needs is to be energized again. I don't think we need a new coach again, we need Keefe to be the Keefe he was when he first took over, the line mixing, d pinching, aggressive checking team that he created when he first took over. We have the players, we've seen that no matter how imperfect they are, it's up to Keefe to rediscover them.
  8. You don't think that other teams are thrown under the bus, complained about in any and all markets when they play poorly, their coaches, GMs might use different words but essentially they are saying the same things. Other teams aren't in TO's market, other teams that trade for another team's minor leaguer like TO did for Verroneau don't get that transaction on the first page of TSN. I'm all for Keefe doing anything that works, which he was looking for when TO was winning. I always felt that Kadri would've been far more valuable as a LW on TO's top 2 lines last year, he'd probably still be a Leaf but since Babs only saw him as a center and also only saw Hyman as a winger, he's no longer a Leaf. I see that Colorado is using him as a winger and center. I think TO has many potential center candidates and I really think that Hyman would be a superior center on the 3rd line maybe even 2nd line now that he's in his career year. Last year Nylander played center, his stats for possession and the other intangibles that aren't readily available like goals and assists were superior but his goals and assists weren't good. We're seeing a different Nylander and we don't know if that different. even better Nylander could be the real deal as a center and we never will so long as players are pigeonholed. Teams are chemistry experiments and finding the combos is what can make them operate optimally, not finding the optimal lineup from what a coach has is unforgivable. How many thought that Babs wasn't unleashing TO's true potential by not playing Matthews and Marner together. I don't think Matthews needs Marner nor do I think Tavares needs him. They're enhanced with him but I think those 3 are line drivers. This would be a similar scenario to Pitts. using Crosby, Malkin and Kessel on different lines to win the Cup. It worked for one year but not so much after so the possibilities should never be written in stone unless the team is succeeding.
  9. True but TO is relying on 22 year olds, mostly, to do all of the heavy lifting, Washington needed the transitional period where the superior players gained experience and learned how to win, Ovie was in his 30s when they won the Cup. What's going on now is part of that process. Good teams when they're playing bad do the same, talk about effort, commitment, good God, even bad teams talk about the same things when times are bleakest. I think TO can make the playoffs, should make the playoffs but goaltending has been an issue all year. I don't think it's essential that TO has a sterling goaltending record but we need goaltending like other other teams that won because of their offense, like Edmonton with Fuhr and Boston with Cheevers. I think TO was/is built to win via possession and offense and when those aren't working something must be done to shake it up, refind the chemistry. There might be other ways to win but this team isn't built to suit those other ways. Edmonton was essentially built to win the same way and many have said that their best/All-Star d-man couldn't check his coat. They were never a superior defensive team but they could/did win because of their scoring and goaltending. TO's goaltending has been sub par this year, TO's d has been iffy in the past yet TO has managed multiple 100 point seasons. It doesn't matter how good the d is if a team has bad goatending. TO's d hasn't been the best in the past, isn't the best this year and might continue to be a problem in the future, that's the result of a cap system. Balance, covering all bases isn't possible, watering down what's superior about a team to prop up what's bad probably just means you'll end up with a more balanced mediocre team. The ingredients are there to do well we need to see what TO has perform closer to it's best.
  10. It took Washington years to win the Cup and thru many of those years they were considered the top contender, they eventually did win tho, it took many changes but the core remained the same.. TO is in the midst of their chemistry experiment
  11. I often think coaches get in their own way, they all believe that defense wins, pay attention to details, hustle, be responsible is the common mantra. I don't think that mantra suited this Leaf team with Babs and I doubt it will with Keefe's Leafs. The changes we're seeing makes me feel TO has gone full circle right back to Babsian hockey, the passive box in the d zone both 5v5 and when PKing, the stretch pass, forwards vacating the d zone to early, 1 player harassing the opposition in the opposition's zone, not adapting to what's being seen like continuing with the same lines when nothing is happening, grousing about the players after the game and there's more. You can't do the same old, same old and expect things to improve. Now it might make sense to stay the course and the results might improve, who knows. I would like to see Keefe really change the lines, really shake it up because right now non of the lines are doing well. Kerfoot/Matthews/Spezza Engvall/Tavares/Hyman Clifford/Nylander/Marner Korshkov/Malgin/Kappy Barrie/Holl Muzzin/Sandin Dermott/Marincin The lines and d pairings shouldn't be written in stone, whoever has the jam should be get the most icetime and if these aren't working try something different next game. Matthews/Tavares/Spezza Engvall/Hyman/Marner Kerfoot/Nylander/Korshkov Clifford/Malgin/Kappy and on and on. Keefe has fallen in love where he's allowed the lines to settle but it might be true that familiarity breads predictability and with some teams that might not be ideal.
  12. Barrie seems like he might be as good at d as Gardiner. Doesn't seem like a brilliant move. Some fans seem ecstatic to put him on the same pairing as Rielly. We still have a hole at 2nd d. Gardiner was overused by Babs now we have the same d-man with a different name, maybe worse.
  13. I think TO should trade Marner. He's making very pointed statements. With the rep of his agent, his dad, it's probably a better long term solution for TO. Babs won't like it much because he said Marner is going to be in TO for life but Babs has some loose screws. It's funny/interesting how all these barely legal players are holding Dubas and TO over a barrel. Personal feelings aside, about this situation, the return TO could get for Marner could win them some playoff rounds at least, even with screws loose Babs coaching. D like Karlsson are in short supply so TO should start there.
  14. This is very pointedly about the Leafs since my comparisons are TO centric. Because it says Golden Knights doesn't mean it's about them except as a comparison to the Leafs.
  15. An expansion team?, 4th place in the entire NHL. GF higher than TO's in less games, GA same as TO's but they've been playing with their 4th stringer, a junior on occasion. After 30+ games I don't think we're talking too small sample size so what's up? A FLC nope, a #1, #2 or #3 d-man don't think so. Stars, in the casinos sure but not on their roster well except for Fleury who has only played 6 games. Leipsic is 23 gp, 0g, 10 a. There's 27 NHL that should be hanging their heads in shame, one in particular I can think of.
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