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  1. It was an uninspiring game, even for the preseason. The first goal through Freddie’s 5 hole was pretty awful. Then Mitch made that pass to no one in particular from behind the net that went in. Why aren’t they in mid season form yet lol? Just kidding. The Hens goalie was better than ours, end of story.
  2. Also, I can’t say I ever paid any attention to Ceci or Kerfoot and I’m hoping we’ll all be blown away by the new guys.
  3. This’ll be an interesting season. We’ll get to see Nylander on equal footing with the rest of the team. We’ll see how well our depth can make up for Hyman and Dermott being out. We’ll see how Marner plays while making more fucking money than I could ever dream of, Matthews too. We’ll see how Matthews handles the responsibility of being captain. Hopefully either Liljegren or Sandin will make the team which will be interesting. How will Barrie fit in? I’m ready for the season to start right now.
  4. I guess the window isn’t as tight as I thought if we’ve got that kind of space next year with most of our core signed.
  5. Babs has a pretty lame sense of humour doesn’t he? He’s his own favourite comedian.
  6. We do? What am I missing? NHL Numbers says we’re $13+ million over the cap now with Marner’s contract and the $10 million or so in LTIR will be gone after this year. If we want to re-sign Muzzin and Barrie, and I assume we will, there’s going to be an impossibly tight window there isn’t there?
  7. Maybe Dubas plans to re-sign Clarkson and Horton to new contracts and make his own cap space
  8. I’m happy that’s done and that Mitch is happy (throw enough money at a problem and it can be solved), but I can’t forget that the Clarkson/Horton contracts are finished at the end of this season. So that cushion will be gone (is there no bottom to the MLSE money pit?) and our salary cap issue is going to be an awful headache for Doobie and Pridham. I think Tavares and Matthews will stay with the Leafs but I can see one of Marner or Nylander being traded for picks and prospects over the next couple of seasons. Muzzin, Barrie and Ceci will all need new contracts next year and there’s no cap room.
  9. Well no, that might upset Mitch and his dad and we can’t expect either one to act like an adult. 😩
  10. Lol, “something could happen today but there’s also a chance that it won’t “. Everything will be okay as long as our petulant little Mitch gets his shit load of millions and maybe Dubas could point out that Auston doesn’t make as much in endorsements.
  11. Did Chris really need to report that he has no information?
  12. I’d have to question his sanity if he goes to Switzerland . He could have his knee blown out and not make any millions this season. I wonder what his agent would say then?
  13. I think he’s getting bad advice from his agent because he’s really still just a kid, but he’s also making an ass wipe of himself. He should ignore his agent and ask himself, how many millions do I need ? Do I really need to squeeze every nickel I can from the team or can I take a little less and help the GM build a more competitive roster? When you’re dealing with these amounts of money, you can afford to be a bit more agreeable.
  14. Hope you’re right JD. This has gone on too long. Marner’s greed is going to affect the fans opinion of him and that would be a shame. And I wonder what his team mates think of his attitude that he’s the best offensive player on the team? If it’s true, and it sounds kinda fishy, but if true, I would think they’re a little disgusted with him.
  15. If we lose in the first round again I agree, Babs is likely finished in Toronto. But if we win a round or two I can see him coming back.
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