(C1) NSH 2
(WC1) DAL 3
(C2) WPG 2
(C3) STL 4
(P1) CGY 1
(WC2) COL 4
(P2) SJS 3
(P3) VGK 3
(A1) TBL 0
(WC2) CBJ 4
(A2) BOS 3
(A3) TOR 3
(M1) WSH 3
(WC1) CAR 2
(M2) NYI 4
(M3) PIT 0
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  1. Our one forward who gets under Boston’s skin and hands out as good as he gets. Too bad.
  2. I think the cross check to DeBrusk’s face was Kadri losing his temper when the officials turned a blind eye to so much dirty shit from Boston. To be honest, even though he’ll likely get a multi game suspension, I felt he dished out some much needed punishment to an opposing player who had got away with a lot all game long. The officials were awful and why are they even there if they’re not going to officiate the friggin game?
  3. Naz gotta chirp. It looked like Babs was trying to shut him up, but he should just let him be the player he is. He’s not afraid to walk the walk so let him draw someone into a stupid penalty.
  4. I’m pretty sick of meeting Boston in round one every year, but that’s just the way we do things it seems. The fact that the last place team in the league, and our provincial rivals seem to have our number this year, isn’t very inspiring. Thank god we’re not playing Ottawa in round one lol. We always have trouble fighting through a strong forecheck. When we don’t get any room, we have difficulty making our own. Our speed should do it for us with this talented group of forwards and maybe it will, but it’s Boston. I predict, Leafs in 7.
  5. They all looked like they had hangovers. Even Marner looked slow and inept. This would have been a good one for Freddie to steal for us but we had no luck or perseverance. This one loss really affected the standings negatively for us.
  6. He took out McAvoy, that was intentional alright. He approached McAvoy looking at his numbers, no doubt. McAvoy made the pass and left himself vulnerable by watching it, knowing someone was going to be coming for him. The hit wasn't from behind but was a tad late. Players Safety said the hit was forceful, which it was, but my own feeling is, he deserved 2 minutes...not a 2 game suspension. All hits are forceful in hockey. Hyman could have let up but I have to ask myself, what would Marchand have done? lol. All water under the bridge now.
  7. Lol. Is that idiot commentator a homer or what? No impartiality there. "everyone knows McAvoy just came back from a concussion", Well maybe he shouldn't be on the ice then. Maybe he should get treated with kid gloves? A friggin Boston dipshit.
  8. The only thing I'm offended about is that that guy actually has a girlfriend.
  9. And the 26.1% will be rounded up and shown the right way to vote for next time.
  10. So that's a fine the league charges Toronto?
  11. My mistake. I thought it counted against the cap so forget the whole thing. Horton's contract counts as one of the 50 we're allowed though right? That was the only negative aspect as far as Leafs are concerned then (plus paying out 5.3 million annually and getting nothing in return). So Columbus adds Clarkson for a cap hit of 5.3 million, but at least gets a mobile forward out of the deal. Why didn't they just leave Horton on LTIR? I guess the obvious answer is, they don't have the money the Leafs do and couldn't afford to tie up that amount of cash for a player who can't play.
  12. We had to take back Nathan Horton's contract with a 5.3 million dollar cap hit to unload Clarkson though. So it's much the same thing. I was surprised Ottawa didn't insist on us retaining part of Phaneuf's salary at the time. I bet Lou would have retained something though if Ottawa had been more insistent.
  13. Well, he's an asshole for life anyway. And there's no maybe about it.
  14. Well, why would the president have a problem with Jeff Sessions playing the part of Granny? Donald was a wonderful TV actor himself, probably the best actor in the history of the world. Way better than that lightweight Sessions anyway. That, I can tell you.
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