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  1. Well, it was hard. Those guys were playing rough. They didn’t show any respect for Mitchy.
  2. Maybe, but if you’ve already got Kadri, and at a reasonable salary, why mess with things? The only reason was because he’d been suspended in each of our latest series with Boston and needed to be taught a lesson. Never mind the fact that officiating let Boston get away with murder and we had one guy who wasn’t intimidated, Kadri. Tyson Barrie had some good games for us but wasn’t the answer to anything. Kerfoot is okay too, and he’ll do a reasonable job for us. That trade is sort of a toss up imo.
  3. Well I guess they can’t come out and say, “we’re shopping Marner, Nylander, Kappy and Johnsson and pretty well anyone on the roster”. But Dubas has to shake things up via trade. Just throwing buckets of money around hasn’t worked at all.
  4. I thought Mikheyev started out great but faded, Engvall was surprisingly good and even Kyle Clifford could have been utilized more. Kappy didn't show much I agree and I assume he'll be gone.
  5. Someone always gets dumped on for losing, but Sheldon Keefe was such a breath of fresh air after Babs, he deserves to be thanked for what he did with the team. I think Torts should just concern himself with his own shit though. Keefe doesn't need to be pumped up by anyone, he's a big boy.
  6. If we'd been getting more production from the other lines, there wouldn't have been as much pressure on Tavares and Matthews to score.
  7. I know Montreal was going to miss the playoffs. That’s my point. Imagine the glee in Montreal when they get past Pittsburg and into the playoffs and we get eliminated in our own fucking rink.
  8. Tavares, Matthews, Rielly and Muzzin would be the only players I would consider untouchable and all the rest are trade bait imo. Marner’s agent proved to be a better negotiator than Dubas and no one is going to offer fair value. I agree.
  9. What a huge disappointment. Montreal gets in ffs with all kinds of cap space and we get to kick dog turds down the road. And no first round pick. Someone needs to be held accountable (Dubas) and should be demoted if he isn’t fired. The money and the assets that have been lost, it’s embarrassing.
  10. I predict Torts said to Korpisalo, if you keep this up you’re going to get a shutout and first star. But you’re getting a shutout tonight, bet on it.
  11. Shouldn’t we dance with the girls that got us here? Don’t mess with the lines unless we’re behind in the last 10 minutes of the third.
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