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  1. Yesterday was the first time I even heard the name Kivihalme. Harpur and Gravel are both big guys so I hope they're able to play.
  2. So either Marner is going to sit out or Dubas has to do something creative to fit everyone in. I find it hard to believe that Marner's camp is only interested in squeezing every last nickel from Dubas or else crying about being disrespected. How many millions does the kid need?
  3. I like Tanev too but he's become injury prone and I'm not sure he can play a full season any more.
  4. He's already turned down 11million for 8 years which blows my mind. I thought there was a rumour of a 2 year contract, at 8 million a year which would solve our cap issues for now but it doesn't seem to be part of the discussion any longer.
  5. Oh, I see. Lol. Yes, a misinterpretation JD. It wasn’t entirely his fault that the team played poorly in the second half but he didn’t do anything to help matters either.
  6. Lol, is that a trick question? My simple mind was grasping for a simple answer, but I got nothin.
  7. Well he did suck when he came back last season and the team didn't play well either. It's pretty clear when you look at the entire season. Of course it's not all his fault but he didn't help the team in the slightest.
  8. As I said, this trade was a little on the insane side at first glance and because Marleau was included, I thought there was no respect being shown to him. I said perceived lack of respect but I'm the only one who was bothered by it so let's forget the whole thing.
  9. Well said Danny. I get it. My concern was a perceived lack of respect for a great veteran nearing the end of his career. Never in my life have I heard of one team offering another team a roster player, a first round pick and a 7th round pick for their 6th round pick. It’s almost ludicrous if you think about it. But such is the value of cap space.
  10. You want to get rid of Babs Horatio? But he's a legend in his own mind and there's no cap hit to be reduced by doing it. What d-man do you think we might be able to trade for Nylander?
  11. I hope you don’t have inside information on Marner. 😄
  12. Yes, certainly. I’m never in favour of trading our first round pick however. And it’ll be two years in a row without it. I also think we wouldn’t be offensively crippled if we lost one of Kappy or Johnsson, but better to have both.
  13. In other words, agree with me or you’re stupid. Is that what you’re saying? Lol.
  14. A third line winger is not dead weight. My point is, he was more valuable to the team than Nylander imo and I would have kept him and our first round pick and traded Nylander for a pick and a D prospect if that was available. Maybe Dubas felt his nuts were in a vise and this was the best he could do. No point in flogging the situation to death.
  15. Is someone offering a top D? Would you offer Charlie McAvoy for him? I dispute the dead weight. We had a quality player and person nearing the end of his career, not a massive pile of shit. Now Patrick will be known as the former star player who had to be packaged with a first round pick for someone to take him off our hands. It’s disrespectful to him.
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