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  1. Bill 62

    http://www.torontosun.com/2017/10/23/niqab-will-become-bigger-problem-in-years-to-come I was not suggesting it. You refuse to read or comprehend what you don't want to comprehend don't you? Your mind is made up and some of us are ignorant racists in your opinion. I've brought AJ2000's link forward for your viewing convenience. Please read where it says, "And moving to Canada does not appear to be having a secularizing effect: Immigrants are more likely to say their attachment to Islam has grown than waned since arriving in this country". Words from a report by Environics Institute released in 2016. You said there was no basis for that claim in your all knowing way, and I'm still trying to explain to you that it wasn't my claim. I understand the reason that many immigrants want to come to this country. They want better lives for themselves and their families. They can't live safely in their own countries and we, as well as many other countries, are willing to accept them as citizens. I personally feel that the immigrants should want to integrate. Keep their religion, but also accept that this is a secular nation and we don't cover our faces. Why would that be a hardship for anyone? And if it is a hardship, there are many other Muslim nations that they can apply to enter.
  2. Bill 62

    You obviously only read what you wanted to read. I said nothing about insular communities. You just pulled that out of the air. I said new immigrants should be accepting of Western values and treat their acceptance to Canada as a new beginning. How is that inflammatory in any way? Leaving the conflict behind for a better and safer life for their families, should inspire immigrants to embrace our way of life, not cling to old habits and prejudices. If I was forced to leave my country, I clearly wouldn't choose China, would I? The only reason I would choose China would be if I was convinced my life would be greatly improved. I would choose Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden or any other country that shares a similar culture to my own. I also didn't mention the wearing of the burka or niqab. I just commented on the report that indicates many immigrants move closer to Islam when they get to this country. If the devil they know is better than the one they don't, why would they apply to enter a non muslim country?
  3. Bill 62

    It's not a claim of mine. It's from a report by Environics Institute from 2016 as reported in The Sun. Check AJ2000's link before you flap your gums. My post is not xenophobic in the slightest. I welcome new comers but I'd like them to be accepting of the customs in their new country. There is no reason for them not to be.
  4. Bill 62

    Muslim immigrants are more likely to say that their attachment to Islam has grown since moving to Canada? Is there any logical reason for this? What are they thinking? It boggles the mind. Wouldn't one think that a fresh start in a new country, a free society, where everything isn't blown all to rat shit, might inspire the new comers to accept Western values and strive for a better and different life than they left behind in the old country? This is Canada. We do not cover our faces. We are a secular nation where religion doesn't control our lives. They've come here I would think, to get away from that shit. I support Quebec. They've got the right idea, but political correctness will be the death of us all. Maybe Saudi Arabia or Turkey or Yemen should make all these immigrants welcome. Yeah, right, they don't want to go to another Muslim country do they?
  5. Freed Hostage Comes Back to Canada

    Well, you know, a man needs his jiggy jiggy at night. How was he to know that's what causes kids?
  6. Raqqa: The Ruined Capital of ISIS

    So tragic for the few citizens that are left. Everything is just blown all to rat shit. How does anyone even begin to rebuild?
  7. CFL Thread

    BC Lions got picked apart by Mike Reilly and the Edmonton Eskimos on Saturday and it only took a few minutes in the 4th quarter. The Lions couldn't defend against the Edmonton receivers who never dropped a single pass in the last quarter. Everything the Eskimos tried, worked to perfection against the Lions. It was men against boys and I thought they made BC look pretty bad. I wonder if Wally Buono is nearing the end of his time in Vancouver? Might be time to clear the air.
  8. Name an obscure Maple Leaf

    Gaston Gingras, not as elite as say, Martin Marincin.
  9. But the wealthiest folks in the country will pay less, and isn't that what's really important?
  10. I don't know Danny, that's a pretty solid assessment in my opinion.
  11. Harvey Weinstein: Sexual Harassment Allegations

    I'm sure Harve has logical explanations for all of these alleged transgressions. I mean, maybe he has a very high body temperature and working naked is the only way he can get anything done. The fact that he's sometimes stark naked in his hotel room when these single ladies show up to visit, isn't poor Harve's fault is it? And maybe he has an especially stiff joint that needs to be massaged every now and then. That doesn't make Harve a weirdo or a sick pervert does it? And maybe he's always had this deep seated fear of falling in the shower and having an attractive young lady watch him lather up is the only way the poor guy can actually get clean. You've got a dirty mind Sharpy.
  12. Marincin Waived

    Babs says Marincin is an elite dman but the 30 other teams don't agree. I wonder what other bullshit he's flung at us unsuspecting fans? Hmmm.
  13. "festooned" is pretty good alright and it's true, "infected" doesn't really suit the spirit of the quote. But bringing it up to date could make the ending, ".....the White House will be infected by a fucking moron". That sounds about right, or how about "...the White House will be diminished by a complete asshole", or "...the White House will be embarrassed by an ignorant dipshit", or a thick headed butt wad, they're all suitable.
  14. Lol. That's perfect. Not sure "adorned" is the right word, more like "infected", but Mr. Mencken clearly was right. And it took less than 100 years.
  15. Active Shooters on The Strip In Vegas

    Political inertia. Republicans would rather stick needles in their own eyes than upset the status quo. They are so far up the NRA's ass they can almost see daylight. The wisdom of reducing the number of firearms produced and sold in the U.S. has been demonstrated time and time again but there is no political impetus to do it. The NRA only has to threaten to take away their support for the Republican party and gun control is off the table. This Las Vegas shooting demonstrates an almost hopelessness with regard to coming to some kind of sanity south of the border. I'm sure 90% of Americans can see the value of greater gun control, but it's become a such an untouchable "right", that nothing will change. And the thing is, this Paddock creature would have been the last person anyone would have suspected as being capable of mass murder. A 64 year old, retired accountant, babyboomer. Greater gun control might have been ineffective in stopping this shooting anyway, as disheartening as it seems. Something happened in his mind to make him think he needed to do this. How do you protect yourself from that?