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  1. Artie_Gee

    Hooray for Hate Speech Laws

    The only thing I'm offended about is that that guy actually has a girlfriend.
  2. Artie_Gee

    Putin Wins Election

    And the 26.1% will be rounded up and shown the right way to vote for next time.
  3. Artie_Gee

    The Return of Ilya!

    So that's a fine the league charges Toronto?
  4. Artie_Gee

    The Return of Ilya!

    My mistake. I thought it counted against the cap so forget the whole thing. Horton's contract counts as one of the 50 we're allowed though right? That was the only negative aspect as far as Leafs are concerned then (plus paying out 5.3 million annually and getting nothing in return). So Columbus adds Clarkson for a cap hit of 5.3 million, but at least gets a mobile forward out of the deal. Why didn't they just leave Horton on LTIR? I guess the obvious answer is, they don't have the money the Leafs do and couldn't afford to tie up that amount of cash for a player who can't play.
  5. Artie_Gee

    The Return of Ilya!

    We had to take back Nathan Horton's contract with a 5.3 million dollar cap hit to unload Clarkson though. So it's much the same thing. I was surprised Ottawa didn't insist on us retaining part of Phaneuf's salary at the time. I bet Lou would have retained something though if Ottawa had been more insistent.
  6. Well, he's an asshole for life anyway. And there's no maybe about it.
  7. Well, why would the president have a problem with Jeff Sessions playing the part of Granny? Donald was a wonderful TV actor himself, probably the best actor in the history of the world. Way better than that lightweight Sessions anyway. That, I can tell you.
  8. Artie_Gee

    Yet another school shooting.

    Too many pointy bits for the president's comfort.
  9. Artie_Gee

    Yet another school shooting.

    I wonder how safe this gun shop owner felt, knowing a kid like this was in possession of an AR-15? The kid couldn't have given any logical reason to buy it.
  10. Artie_Gee

    Yet another school shooting.

    Well, he had the $549.99 and he promised the guy in the gun store he was just going to take it home, look at it, fondle it, oil it up, maybe clean it, fondle it some more and then put it safely away. It really makes you wonder what the guy in the gun store was thinking, when a kid with the mental capacity of a 12 to 14 year old comes in to buy one of these things.
  11. Artie_Gee

    Yet another school shooting.

    Maybe the US is actually meant to be two separate nations. As it is now, there's zero chance of any meaningful change to existing gun laws. There are groups with too much money and influence in favour of the status quo. Politicians don't have the backbone to make any changes, even though there are numerous examples of other countries with no mass shootings who have banned automatic weapons.
  12. Artie_Gee

    Yet another school shooting.

    The NRA, the gun lobby is very powerful and very persuasive in the US. That's one of the main obstacles to any kind of gun control. However, there are NRA members who can see the value of some kind of gun control but they're not loud enough and they're seldom heard. You obviously don't watch CNN or you would know that they rarely mention the shooter by name. That's one of their mandates, speak about the victims and their families but don't mention the killer's name. They have named him and they've shown his photo, but for the most part, they don't do that. So it's not a 24/7 story about the shooter, that's ridiculous. "the media fueling the fire" The news media's job is to report the news. Watch it or don't watch it, very simple.
  13. Artie_Gee

    "in all of us command"

    It's pretty sad when we need a government department to force parents to take responsibility for their own children. Adults should act like adults, but of course, many never do.
  14. Artie_Gee

    Yet another school shooting.

    I think it's time that blame for these never ending mass shootings is actually placed where it belongs. CNN is obviously at fault and should be banned from the airwaves. They do nothing but stir up shit by stating actual facts on tv, and expect to get away with it. Imagine life without the left leaning, liberal, obviously biased media. Wouldn't it be great?
  15. Artie_Gee

    R. v. Millard & Smich - Part Deux

    I think this person, Millard should be taken out the back and beaten over the head with a crow bar but obviously that can't happen. When it comes to questioning a relative of a murder victim, in this case the father, Millard should be required to submit written questions to the judge who would then read them out in court. The father would be required to answer only once and the judge would read the next question. When it comes to asking questions of a a police officer or paramedic or whatever, he (Millard) can do so verbally. I think that would be fair since he has the option of a real, court appointed lawyer too.