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  1. Is there a test I need to take to prove I’m not a fucking idiot and be allowed to post an opinion? Because I’m definitely not going to take it and I don’t care who thinks I’m a dumb fuck.
  2. Giving up a goal in the first 20 seconds, even though it was sort of flukey, can’t help Freddie’s confidence. He needed some help from the d. That puck had a better chance of staying out than going in but it was a game where he couldn’t seem to do anything right. Then, allowing 2 more goals on the next 5 shots, that pretty well ended the evening. I don’t know him at all but I think he takes things personally and I think the crowd getting on him hurt a lot.
  3. Freddie getting embarrassed, not all his fault but this is getting to be a habit. Down early again and we can’t get anything of our own going.
  4. I wouldn't have done it either JD, but you're right about Keefe's judgement.
  5. You don’t think it’s more like, “hmm, maybe my coaching philosophy actually is shit”?
  6. And Hutch comes through with a shutout. Who would have thought? Georgiev is playing right now against Vancouver and looks really good alright.
  7. What a great game for Hutch. I have to admit, once Leafs got the 2-0 lead I had expected Islanders to come back, tie it up and maybe we’d go to o/t but the boys weren’t having any of that. I wonder what Babs is thinking these days?
  8. Jim Hughson clearly enjoyed saying "Georgiev" a lot, he seemed to be saying it all night long. Just like he loves saying " great 8" when we play Washington.
  9. I wonder why we'd want Domingue? He's in the same ball park as Hutch, so no thanks. Vatanen and Simmonds? sigh. Kappy is actually worth something and why take those two off NJ's hands? Moving right along..... This isn't even a good rumour.
  10. said no one on this board ever. Exaggerating other poster's opinions is your thing isn't it? Even you have to admit though, he is soft. But he has value and I would have traded him in a second for Pietrangelo if that was the offer.
  11. Thanks. Wilma has called Mikheyev, Big Mac before so it was getting confusing.
  12. Just a quick question, who is Soupy? I saw the name Mango earlier on too and I'm wondering who that is.
  13. That’s true. It’s hard to know how much influence he had on them but they’ll get it together.
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