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  1. Why not? Any Leafs player is always much better? Every team wants to get rid of their ‘heart’ for kappy/Dermott-like players!!!!
  2. Didn’t he get badly injured (concussion?) early in the season? wasnt it our beloved cock sucker Perry that injured him in the outdoor game?
  3. Not quite imo, Josi is like 30 already.. but yeah, it definitely would be a very high cost
  4. Again... not a single GM is going to say something like ‘we have to make moves. Everyone is available, because we need to make changes!!!.. this immediately drops the value of every single player on your team... but also, other teams know we need to make changes, so there is that.. perhaps we can deal with the Preds(Josi).. they seem to struggle with scoring (and goalie)..
  5. It’ll have to be via trade, which is also what the Leafs need to do due to cap and stuff.. Just a big name trade Weber-subban- like Marner - Nylander - JT -
  6. Matthews: Leafs' failure to advance for 4th straight year is 'embarrassing' https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1993330
  7. Hmm refs called a goal so he has to choose what he wants to challenge.. that’s apparently what the ref said? Didn’t see it, just going by reddit comments. either way; money well spent!
  8. Please tell me he was also crying while he said that. Fucking pos. How the hell, as a young supposed to be super star, are you ‘not engaged’ to start a play offs series, after a 3-4 month ‘rest’ break? And after game 1 he was engaged? Could have fooled me there. Pos.
  9. Just can’t score against cbj... Tampa’s got 80 shots on net....
  10. Ladies, calm down please. both Nylander and Marner underperformed. Even if their contract was $1 or $1000000000, it was shyte.
  11. True, not all. But still he would have gotten what he got until game 5. either way, it doesn’t matter. Time to move on again and ‘there’s always next year’...............
  12. Keefe got shit on before the loss tho.. I consider the media people at the same level as the average redditor.... Keefe got shit on after game 1.
  13. 100% he would not have said that, had he lost. But whatever...
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