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  1. Meh. As long as they dont do anything at all until the new coach comes in. As stated before, this team both forwards and defense will be better with proper assignments and roster placement. and trade rumours are trade rumours, so take those with a grain of salt
  2. Already made it, right after i made the fire dubas thread. They both were locked/deleted though, but thats fine.. ive always been ahead of the ‘herd’ here
  3. Thats okay. I wasnt either. Both you and todd are the same.
  4. Typical, you bring up the other biggest liar, goal post mover to defend your own idiocy. You and todd could easily be related.
  5. Everyone keep calm please. 3 more games and we can lock this topic and start to see how our team plays when they get proper assignments and get to play and do what they do best. Questions will be though, do we fire our special teams coach or leave that to the new coach, Keefe?, to decide? The PP and PK are worse than last year, and i dont think that is only on Babcock.
  6. Dont think there will be nice draft picks available, we will lose our 1st rounder, since it’ll be a 20 and up pick, in the 2nd round - but we’ll never know! We could still draft ‘nice’. Yes, we are making the play offs with a new coach. And yes, the chances are high this new coach gives the correct assignments and puts players where they need to be, we will magically make it out of the first round!
  7. Swap the whole roster? Que? Are you trying to be like puq??? Dont be like puq please!
  8. And he did, he was the perfect guy to set us up to where we got up until last season. He should have resigned saying his mission is done, now someone else needs to take over, because January 2019 till now is on him.
  9. No. New coach and make play offs and make it far in play offs. Play the current roster players in their proper positions and give them assignments they are capable of doing and see where we stand by deadline and add what is needed to make the push in the play offs. No need to waste another year. We already lost last year cause of babcock.
  10. 3 games too many, but oh well... if this message is true, he is gone regardless... i mean, sure, what if they magically win the next 3 and they outplay the opponent and have awesome team morale.. that doesnt mean he’s going to stay? Cause if he losses 4th game where its back to the same old - does he get another 3 games after?
  11. You do realize his contract is like.... maybe bad. I mean, no other team would have given him that money. Unless of course he comes back and gets to 90+ points again this season, clearly. But then, he won't be let go either.. So yah, still think (unfortunately) it's willy that'll go and maybe JT even before Marner, but thats not realistic either since they named him captain.
  12. Well what happened to the forum is that todd left, which was a win, but then puq came which made it what it is. Then you have the usual trying to be funny/cool guys... thats about it, the rest is the same old i’d say... stick around and you’ll see, you being more active definitely wont make it worse i guess?
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