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  1. Meh, Marlies dominated, they were the better team and should had a 2/3-0 lead after the first. Instead they had two brainfart plays and gave the game away.
  2. Yep. Was just as frustrated as with the Leafs games throughout the year, dominating but losing cause of mistakes. They should have easily won this. Marlies were in their zone all game, had double the shots. It was ridiculous and so unnecessary to give away 2 shorties and goal in 18 seconds starting the 2nd period. Bonehead plays.
  3. Wow. Just wow. Reminds me of Leafs PP and lazyness. What a crappy ending to the first and start to the 2nd. And Lindgren has been very disappointing so far. Guy reminds me of Gardiner. Can’t handle pressure at all. Makes bonehead plays, long passes...
  4. Oh wtf, the marlies website isnt updated, lol. Saying tonight could be the last game and game 6 on the 26th is * stating only if necessary if game 5 isnt won.
  5. Got tickets for tonight’s game! Pretty excited to go see them take the series hopefully!
  6. Fucking Savage, but dont worry, Green will ruin it soon.
  7. Now we’ll get to see if it was the assistant coaches being garbage and having our special teams suck. No more scapegoats for babcock now.
  8. Wow, thats amazing news lol. Here we have Ottawa helping us out again. They took Dion from us and now they take this pile of garbage too! Awesome!
  9. The Blues will not only have to beat the bruins, its also the nhl/refs.
  10. With the writers that would something that would not even surprise me... like the king of kings night king with an army... but no.. it was actually a good ending for Jon, i liked it a lot. He is where he belongs now
  11. Hopefully tonight’s episode will be... but yah... episode 3 so far best and episode 4 so far the worst.
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