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  1. Could you imagine? Game 1 of the season, or the last game for that matter, he’s about to hit 100 points and he trips and breaks his neck. Gg.
  2. I thought Matthews was an rfa too, he signed pretty easily and quickly. So stop.
  3. You havent watched much then. Not saying it wasnt a great match.
  4. https://twitter.com/MapleLeafs/status/1149777983533699079?s=20 @SportChek Player Alert: The @MapleLeafs have traded unsigned draft choice Dakota Joshua to the St. Louis Blues in exchange for future considerations. Parayko coming our way???
  5. Wonder if the other rfa’s want short term contracts too... are they expecting the cap to go up significantly that they can get A LOT more, with Seattle entering the league?
  6. brocto

    GM Meetings

    Well.. at first I was, but then I got caught in retardation trying to see how long it could go for, since we’re basically saying random shit and are arguing random shit no one said in other topics..
  7. brocto

    GM Meetings

    Yeah, and also sometimes the person making an awesome play, having the 3rd assist, doesnt get any credit... and thats true... everyone’s points will drop... which also means players that thrive on secondary assists wont show up at all.. anyways.. just an idea to not have 2nd assists counted.. and just go with goals and primary assists.. like i said, the assists stats could be deceiving, since someone with barely any primary assists could show up with higher numbers than someone with more primary assists.. but this would also kill my fantasy leagues.
  8. brocto

    GM Meetings

    Paul doesn't agree. Actually, Paul wanted to get rid of 2nd assists too, so Strome wouldnt be as close to Mitch in the OHL. Anyways, it's more from a point of view that the 2nd assists is... well.. there's a reason other sports don't show the 2nd assists.. And also again, it could make someone with 30 first assists look worse than someone with 31 2nd assists, point wise.
  9. brocto

    GM Meetings

    Filtering out the 'yeah but he has 923047823 assists, so he should get paid 5 million more'. The point total will drop, yes.. And sure, the new 60 point scorer will be the 80, that's fine?
  10. brocto

    GM Meetings

    Did you come up with that all by yourself, wow. Amazing.
  11. brocto

    GM Meetings

    Remove 2nd assists! it will lower the players point totals - which will result in potential lower $$ contracts. thoughts?
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