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  1. GOAT injured and not travelling on the road trip..
  2. No, definitely not. But he also needs to not play with Marleau...
  3. https://streamable.com/jl4bq as per Toronto war room 'hockey play by goalie'. Stick was dropped by accident. lol.
  4. That was a response to morri's lol.... And that's fine, i know who exactly the people are here that are calling it 'bullshit' but eventually everyone will see it, some see it earlier than others, such is life.
  5. What's wrong? What is confusing you? That I said it doesn't take much to be the best on their team? That I said that Leafs fans think that we can get a good player for a shitty return? That I said that if Edmonton wanted Brown (for Larsson) it would have happened?
  6. LOLOLOLOL, grow up kid. Doesnt take much to be the ‘best’ on that team anyways and no it was more in general where people lowball trades thinking we can give up crap for good returns. if they wanted it to happen (edmonton) it would have happened.
  7. Oh so why havent they done it already then? Holy fuck. You people are so fucking stupid. Thinking any other team will trade their best player(s) for scrap, for 7th round picks. Get real please.
  8. Unfortunately dont see Edmonton making that deal anymore.
  9. Meh, to sign a RHD of value, we’ll also have to give up value, so that one will even itself out.
  10. Oh boy, some people are going to be devastated when reality kicks in and Leafs are swept.
  11. 23 goals against in the last 4 games, just relax, it could have been a lot more goals against guys.
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