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  1. brocto

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    Like i said during the first period. Embarrassing and totally unacceptable. Against the Penguins it was Murray and the refs, but tonight. Holy fuck. Unacceptable man.
  2. brocto

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    Thank goodness that's over with. What a shit period.
  3. brocto

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    Embarrassing game so far.
  4. brocto

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    How is this still a 0-0 game? The Blues keep the puck in their own zone and donate it to us...
  5. brocto

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yyk7D5LJDok link - bitches!
  6. I hope not. That means it'll all go to HULU, since Disney said they won't show R-rated shows on their channels. And oh boy, God forbid they make the Marvel shows PG-13......................
  7. Refs would have called it off for being too 'electric' of a shot anyways.
  8. Todd's happy at least with Kadri's goal. Other than that. Meh, move on and hope we don't see these refs (or the pens) in the near future.
  9. LOL. Zaitsev's got like 3 open shots on net and all 3 almost went back to Andersen.
  10. I thought the refs and the NHL were done sucking Pitts cocks and letting them get away with everything/helping them out. But holy fuck was i wrong.
  11. Here you go bitches: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nkVTH1_b5gg
  12. brocto

    Where is Nylander?

    Yeah, they’ll trade him if he doesnt sign.. But there’s no rush in signing him, the ball is in his court - he’s missing out on money. pressure is on willy, not the Leafs.
  13. brocto

    2018/2019 Out Of Town GDT

    He’s a gud fortnite pro
  14. brocto

    2018/2019 Out Of Town GDT

    What about Laine?