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  1. Hey. Silent one..lol

    Hope all is great in your world and happy holidays and an early happy new year.

    I am still loving our Leafs (just like you ) and really see a promise and a great future. 

    All the best to you and yours!

    1. realeafan


      Thanks much appreciated

  2. Answer: Cause you probably wouldn't have gotten anything better
  3. Pretty sure it was the other way around. I remember the Leafs went on a road trip and Corson was left behind with an injury and all of a sudden Mogilny left the team and went home for personal reasons. Not sure if it's true or not.
  4. Right on 100%. He could have prevented that first goal last night if he had just rubbed the guy out along the boards but he just tried to stick check him.
  5. Nothing personal buddy but what planet are you from where people think that trying to make a player that is offensively gifted but shitty defensively a bad thing. Nobody is saying the guy stinks and get rid of him. What they are saying is the guy could be better. What is wrong with making him a more rounded player. If becomes a better all around player, the team becomes better. Isn't that what it's all about.
  6. Again nothing wrong with improving his game. After all if he improves his game, he helps the team more. Isn't that what it's all about, to help the team improve.
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