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  1. 1- Andersen is not the problem 2- Nylander is not the problem and givin his cap, most other teams would want to do a trade around him (minus kap and johnsson because of their attainable cap hit. 3- OUR,...pk sucks, our pp sucks, our structure sucks, our time outs are few and far between, our response sucks which makes our coach suck. 4- IF when after our coach is fired and these players do respond in the same shitty manner, Either Dubas is fired or he better be doing some trades to balance out the team 5 - Yes we are a soft team and if you do not desire and know that some grit and sandpaper are needed, Well you are also probably the ones that will come to a Dubas excuse of "duh,...well it should of worked" 6- This team pisses us off for many different reasons but ONE thing at the very least we should do is know that BABCOCK HAS TO GO and pretty much the rest of anything titled a coach., like hacker. 7- BIG JOB?TASK for Dubas and if he knows his stats, well then why the fuck hasn't he fired Babcock by now? 8- read 7 again & 9 -somethings gotta break and soon!
  2. Personally, I would still take the time to throw down some lunches in there and sacrifice a bit more time to make it easier throughout the week. Remember to never forget -.you don't eat, you don't shit,...you die. But then again that old saying comes into play...walk in another mans shoes...ect
  3. I will blame it on major injuries to the other teams
  4. I know Kin is a trilogy lol I wonder when we win 3 in a row?
  5. injuries but I think a lack of confidence a bit too.
  6. wanting to save some cash well how bout Ceci for Corey, call up Sandin, Use Marners injury as a cap relief and go from there and adjust the roster before Mitch comes back
  7. 3 really doesn't get you in it.
  8. #NJDevils goaltender Cory Schneider will be placed on waivers at noon ET for purpose of assignment to Binghamton (AHL).
  9. Why not though? It allows Dubas some time and re-evaluations on what is needed next since he seems to be blinded a bit. maybe he needs short steps in order to get out the best long haul.
  10. While also not letting them go off in their own direction and sticking points that unite a team as a team i.e. shaving. It may seem harsh but it keeps them all on the same page. Dubas just did the opposite of what Lou did.
  11. He also had Lou with his own set of rules for the team to follow
  12. Since Dubas seems to go the soft route, maybe we should change the title to 'FREE BABCOCK instead of fire babcock.
  13. I also lol'd at "craft trucks" which sometimes is just a short bus oh oh
  14. I also lol'd at "craft trucks" which sometimes is just a short bus oh oh
  15. All good and when it is cold thermos be another option on how to feed yourself,
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