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  1. We played with a poor effort level tonight. The first period stank, the second was no better, the third we had spurts and really this team needs to stay awake, stay hungry from the get go. Seeing Matthews and Marner together was out of desperation but even still, it totally shows what could take place with those two. Pretty pissed off right now, almost seemed like the team took a quick fishing trip to tampa and flew back for tonights...ahem game.
  2. Raanta getting 24 shots in his last two games in the third period and no one scored on him . Break his fucking record. This is a recording....
  3. Better light a fire in the teams ass and let them not forget what Freddy brought them with two straight shut outs.
  4. Sparking the Tyson Barrie Talk

    A couple weeks back I thought the same but after mulling it over and no matter how good he could be in that role,I really don't want any Boston Bruin help. Fuck them! And I can't really see Chara selling his soul to be a Leaf.
  5. Since we just embarrassed Montreal and Arizona also embarrassed Montreal, I would say our team needs to play three great periods to not only keep our win streak alive, but to take it to the Yotes and embarrass Montreal even further. haha Go Leafs GO! Light em up!
  6. Sparking the Tyson Barrie Talk

    For sure. Dude has played in key roles and games with the high pressures and experience of Chicago. ------>O
  7. I think you have to take into consideration how long OEL has been really one of the staples playing on a shitty team Even for a rental player I think he could command higher than what you may be thinking and he could create a bidding war so to speak. Guess I am one of those guys,lol.
  8. Cool, just what I was hoping for! Lindgren will overshoot/overplay tonight, he looked like shit against Arizona and that was the major problem imo. We should be able to expose that. LOL, speaking of being exposed,...tonight being my 26th anniversary being married, I will have to watch this game a little later but look forward to us demolishing the Habnots! GO TEAM GO!
  9. Malcolm Young dead at 64

    ooops, never knew there was a thread for this, but anyways,..shitty deal to another musician this year. RIP Malcom