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  1. Danny

    Where is Nylander?

    Nylander inspired by Wangs' death -trying to iron out some wrinkles.
  2. Danny

    Where is Nylander?

    Laine asks source?
  3. Danny

    Where is Nylander?

    Per @reporterchris, #Leafs GM Kyle Dubas and Nylander agent Lewis Gross will be meeting today in NYC. #TMLTalk
  4. Danny

    Wang dead at 74

    I hope when I die I have a stiff wang. RIP
  5. Danny

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    The lack of hitting and trying to battle for the puck. Fuck, what my wife said, If I am the coach I force them to battle more,...chip and chase, chip and chase, until you know how to battle. They need a lesson.
  6. Danny

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    My wife is right, she said, Babcock should punch the team in the heads for having to pull the goalie out two games in a row.
  7. Danny

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    I guess the word kick start may have been harsh, rather get him out of the funk, so ya, sometimes coaches put players into a different position to allow that. You are right though, should have to give the initial kick start.
  8. Danny

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    I know I slapped it in the joke thread but,...what did one leg say to the other? Haha Look up, shorty is trying to grow a beard. Speaking of beard D...MORGAN!
  9. Danny

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    Very true. The team seems very uninspired, but that is on them to lift their own selves up. They haven't, they are dull, and almost not caring about it. They best come out with some vigor now
  10. Danny

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    You would of thought Mike would have tried it at one point during our last game. That would be at least a good move to try before having to pull the goalie. I feel Babcock tonight was trying to give Kadri a kick start thinking it would also be an easier line match for JT and Matthews. This to me is called trying to press it, because nothing clicked like how he seen it, so at the very least, throw the Kadri duty back to line 3. We need something, that is for sure.
  11. Danny

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    They seem to be sucking on CBC tonight but,...maybe,.... The Leafs are playing better on TSN.
  12. Danny

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    When you are down and no energy is being made along with no hits, well, we are where we are.,...lacking.
  13. Danny

    Where is Nylander?

    Dubas is surrounded with the best stat/cap guys and believe me, he either had a few options for Willy and his agent to sign or to view because I do not feel he would travel that far just to talk to him without showing him some contracts that work for both parties by either accepting one that allows Willy to be playing for us at whatever price and term or to sign something that allows suits him being traded. Sure we could look at it as to what Babcock did with Matthews and travel to talk to see where his head is at and face to face him, but do you really feel that Dubas did just that? Without offering anything or seeing if they could work with certain contracts. It is done all the time, where people view different contracts and choose one to be part of the work force, or they do not choose one because of the mountain they stand on and do not feel if they sign those, that they were fair to them. Yup, they have to the end of Nov to decide but I believe Dubas did it to speed up the process by presenting him something. Has nothing to do with getting a reaction. This
  14. Danny

    Where is Nylander?

    What boggles my mind and especially after viewing last years playoff run and posts stating that we need to shore up on our D where it was clearly problematic. fast forward-..... we gain JT and realize that we shine in our forward department, and that is still without Nylander, knowing in the backs of our mind because the front of our eyes still see something lacking on the back end but are satisfied to go with it blindly because we seem so great up front ( which is still being projected, but shit, yeah we look good and capable up front) and that may very well hide some flaws on our D but deep down we all would like to add a top 4 D man, and hate to say it , but,...Nylander could help us attain that D man. So,.... now here we are knowing that Dubas flew to meet Nylander and some said at first without an agent present ( I call bullshit) because no agent is going to let their player represent themself, not unless he was being fired. That never happened So it is safe to assume all parties were in a room together, and yet it was said that Dubas was just there to tell Nylander he was still part of the long term plan. Numbers must of been relayed, along with term. Now, Dubas comes home. Nylander is still there and sure,...HE can sleep on the deal, mull it out, or stand on the mountain you climbed. Thing is, and this is just my opinion, and it deals with the lack of ability to know where you will be. Nylaqnder cannot sign a no trade clause and knows it, so he is trying to get as much as he can (which is his right) but he is totally leaving his window hoping that his stance gains more traction and I for one do not feel that Nylander is thinking about the team nor picturing himself long term with this team. Dubas most likely also had a few contracts for Nylander to sign that would work for the team but Ny is high on his mountain. That obviously is been weighed out, since there is still no show or word. Yes, We also maybe standing high on our mountain, But it is the Leaf Mountain, so either climb on, or fall the fuck off. I think we can determine that Dubas offered something fair that works for the team, while ByeLander is standing on his mountain knowing his contract works better for himself on another team. We have both had gut feelings, this is mine.
  15. I would have rather seen Babcock put Matthews, JT, and Marner out a few shifts before pulling Freddy out with that time left.