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  1. But lets not forget he is new ( well fairly new) so maybe Babs ploy is ..hey get use to this competition, feel the muscle and in the back of his mind he uses him eventually when he feels he is ready and adds inspiration rather than a forced attempt. prusty shit balls.
  2. I got to the point where I brush it off to some type of a lesson, maybe even as deep as up and down the ladder maybe to give inspiration or at least thought to an individual or the rest of the team. We hated Ny on the 4th, same with Marner, but it shows lessons.
  3. It was the previous chemistry that Morgan Had. But Morgan is better now while Tanev lacks a bit. I personally think a Jake partner may be our best bet, would Tanev do that? Maybe. But then again they may try him with Morgan first considering Jake played pretty decent with Hainsey All hearsay,..you know that.
  4. Bro,..No probs. I peaked because I knew and rely on you cats rather than a lag. It was for the best.
  5. Cool (have not seen it yet but I love the spoiler)
  6. I'm about a three to four minute behind stream. Yup Yikes! I know what you mean now. another irk play. fuck Reese
  7. If I was to guess it would be now that we got our stick checks in line, maybe a bit more grit than just stick checks and drive bys are in order for playoff battles. Can't be scared to mix it up and apply some body every now and then to let the opposition know you can play some physical aspects of the game too.
  8. Woo hoo! Even better,..Bozak! Maybe I was wrong earlier,...go third line go! haha
  9. Awesome! We needed that lift before the intermission.
  10. Hughson has made me watch the away/home announcers. I feel better for it.
  11. I wish that Hyman shot was along the ice to not make Murray seem like a hero. Do your thang @tbnl
  12. Pitting our third line (bozak and JVR) against former linemate Kessel may seem good but I would rather them play on the 4th line onight and let Komarov do the Kessel line.