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  1. Could this season and playoffs be determined by means of the shootout? We all hate the shootouts but,......lets say the NHL makes a decision to somehow wrap it up by means of the shootout instead of just handing out the metal for the standings as they sit now. If we had to send one player (only ONE) who should it be? You may even create a list of players for each team and the goalie that would represent each team. (no zamboni drivers allowed) pssst ain't gonna happen just for shits and giggles
  2. Trying out the old diet to try it again. Need the fiber to help solidify what worked before. Hope that all the wrinkles get straightened out, we need a lift.
  3. I felt dirty wanting Boston to win that game against them, they tied it when we also had a tie against the Kings. Another burn! lol, also felt dirty watching Boston against the Lightning last night (both teams were laaying it out there,...scraps of plenty,..hard board work checks, total battles for room and the puck, yes Chara also was still able to get in the extra shots without grabbing added penalty minutes but yet the refs did a not too bad even called game, just that watchiing those two battle made me think we are going to end up on the bad side of the boards and either get crushed or will have so many turnovers because of trying to avoid hits,..that McDonalds will come calling to sell maple leaf flavoured turnovers and they will be a hit! Speed means nothing without guts and even though this team has everything to prove and could be a team that totally turns it around because they reached, looked inside guts themselves and found their balls and released the Sacken,...but so far even their backs against the wall, I haven't seen the pride that a team needs to make me think otherwise. They seem more like giver-uppers and wait for each other or someone to step up like a magical fairy could lay out dust for them. I'm glad to see who they face this upcoming week. It needs to be done. They need to face the face and go out with a bang either way.
  4. Pretty sure Matthews could of carried through with his shot in the shootout against LA when he flubbed it as the puck was still in motion going forward but he gave up. Last night Mitch had to look at whatever was written on his glove to remind him of being happy again? WTF is that? Really? (seen it on the side bar highlights at the 24 - 25 second mark on TSN titled : NHL: Maple Leafs 1, Ducks 2 on the right hand side) I like the way Keefe brings in the old Defence are "fatigued" line. Either he ca't bring this team up to play with heart or he realizes that he cannot just come out and say this team has problems in the locker room and on the ice, Embarrassing losses and it's a shame the fans have more heart than the team!
  5. To be fair,..they did play two games the way they always should. One was against Dallas and the other was the rebound game after the Pittsburgh loss. Blows me away how they can actually play the game the way it should be played, learning that that effort level from all 4 lines was what it took to win and gain the confidence in the game they just played to,.... going off to the polar opposite side of the spectrum and playing the way they do (like shit) the very next gamee (s) I know last year when we first met Boston this team (well not everyone but....) they were playing physical and did pay attention to details and actually battled and looked like a team that was growing in that learning curve of what it takes. I hope they are not relying on flipping the switch once the playoffs start, but then again,..maybe that is all we can hope they do. In the meantime, does anyone know where I can find that switch to flip them and then weld that switch into place?
  6. I agree and also overthink it. I do play sports select and lose to overthinking it sometimes. lolAnd in todays game it does seem like they are at the point where any team can win. Your motto there usually holds weight and prevails even though we have seen some games where the team that did not out work the other team, won (ooops edited) the game,...not often but it does happen. I would like to re-word it though and,.... Just go out there and battle harder than your opponent. same idea but,... I like the word battle better than play ( it sounds grittier lol) 😉
  7. I guess your new motto is expect the unexpected,. Going by that. I don't blame you but lol, yes we should. 😉
  8. I don't care what goalie goes in tonight for us. The Sharks are so slow,.... like they make a slow motion replay last waaay longer than it should have. This is exactly the type of game where speed can win you the game. (yes I know speed doesn't shoot pucks at or in the net) but you all know my point. We should easily be able to find open ice and control the puck more often than not.
  9. So,.......I ran into Lou Lamoriello at the pumps.
  10. And yet ,...lol all three of us would take a fluke playoff series win or for that matter a Stan fluke win and embrace it. I just feel fans have the right to complain a bit as much as they have a right to sit back and see how hindsight went. You can take me for example where maybe the new style of less physical playseems like the route to succeed whereas I feel a bigger battle for the puck still exists. So when I see battles not even being made,..I have a point to make and create a question of why nots? lol, I wish I could be calm and accept injuries as a total excuse, but,..when that happens,..again this team must have owned a consistancy in play and not be the teeter totter of plays that just wing it every now and then while showing potential. Showing potential means nothing until proven and proven means there was some consistencies. it all boils down to how it is built, how it is being built and how covsistant is the system being applied and if it works or not. Don't fix what ain't broke. Are we at the stage where injuries make that saying,...well lets wait and see if and when all our injuries are back if we can attain the consistant manner of play we believed in? IMO..we lacked areas and most know what areas they were and are. The cap is tight. but the only thing NOW we can do is ...let er roll.
  11. They had some real potential as a team, and yes,..it is good to see them caving. Bobo was suppose to be the factor along with the guidance of the coach (who can only leave it in the hands of the playesr but...) agreed..a great tme to see them falter,
  12. You may look at it like that and just be satisfied with what was going on with thes team when losses, slides and piss poor play was also going on and there is a reason why some fans insist in consistency and drive and actual responses to games that have had a lack of response. Ya, sure, you can try to blind it with injuries and evrything else that candy coats our recent wins but please do not tell me that everything is fine in the end if things don't or didn't change. Two days ago this team played out of their realm and they played with guts using physical play that was never involved in our make up and guess what? We won. It was a good win. Last night they strayed from the same desire they played the game before and a harder means of a win came out but again no consistency. When this team plays with consistency in a good manner,...then please post your post..injuries or no injuries.
  13. I think he was saying you are russian in on the timashov replacement going for Engvail. lol
  14. hmmm,..all in one minute. I laughed. Anyways I was happy to see this team somehow scathe through and get the win. Sandin, sure he may be out classed in the weight department and couldn't shove off his man and clear the crease but what he does to oncoming oppositions and stopping and going forward to the logo to make a check to the oncoming is something I always admired on a D man. Glad we won. I dug our last performance better though. Andersen to me seems almost like he has had some type of concussion and reacts a little slower and YES I know it sounds like a reach for his unstableness, but if you look at how many times the dude has been clipped this year in the crease and the helmet coming off, along with some of those shots that have hit him in the mask I guess makes me feel there is a bigger isssue with him rrather than a confidence deal, even though the D and plays sometimes do realistically leave him out to dry and yet we have seen Freddy also let in some that maybe we think or feel he should of saved easily. He does look off though and I guess that is where my mind for some reason is leaning towards.
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