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  1. Danny

    ECF: Caps vs. Lightning

    Like really, elevator music going off the ice? Fire that fuck! lol
  2. Danny

    ECF: Caps vs. Lightning

    Oviously, lol they never prescribed you Ritalin to concentrate on who the better man was to head to a Stan final. Call your Doc now, you need help bro.
  3. Danny

    ECF: Caps vs. Lightning

    I forgot how uninspiring this keyboard player is for Washington. Je plays the weirdest songs at times where the team could use a boost or to get the fans going. lol, as I type this he plays some zepplin. great band, but if it ain't rock n roll or the immigrant song, you may as well of played stairway to heaven. 0-0 after the first
  4. Danny

    The Religion Thread

    If all the worlds' a stage,..well I need a bigger light show.
  5. Danny

    Lou will not return as Leafs GM next year

    I thought if any GM trying to talk to a free agent before is free is called tampering. Maybe I am wrong. My hunch though is Lou was actually independent since his contract ceased and was talking to JT as someone independent and maybe figuring out where JT's head was before stepping into an Islanders GM role. I could be wrong twice in the same post.
  6. Danny

    WCF: Jets vs Golden Knights

    I agree with it but at the same time regret seeing Maurice counter attack with Buff as a forward in order to shake things up. Saying that though, Vegas surprised and seemed to never let up on the accelerator throughout the regular season and playoffs. Did any team even get a hate on for them? No, more like respect for the game they played. That is on their coach, Fleury for giving them confidence but ( when he was hurt and they went through two other tenders, the team up front carried on and still collected wins.) Now it is almost funny that we have a GM that relies sorta on stats and here comes Vegas to sporadically blow out all proportions, in a single year with no chemistry from previous seasons. The jets landed while the Knights had fuel to burn. And they even showed a lot of grit along the boards, not one player, but man,...They seem to only have one page, and they keep repeating that page. Good on them, good on seeing that there will be no Canadian team going forward to create that effect momentum of Canada's team @ Batman....so that is a great reason to not cheer for the Jets even though they do have a desirable team . I guess in my mind I would still rather see OV grab the cup before Vegas but if it is Tampa, fuck them. Let Vegas blow out the odds I guess. Sporadic.
  7. Danny

    WCF: Jets vs Golden Knights

    Hate to say it but I missed the last game but I figured Maurice should of thrown Buff out as a forward, not only to eclipse Fleury, but maybe to come out with a game plan to throw the puck into the half boards to let Buff do his stuff and throw some weight around but that never happened. Here they are now down 3-1. Maybe at some point he might make that happen. It could throw Vegas off a bit while implementing some inspiration to the rest of the Jets.
  8. Danny

    WCF: Jets vs Golden Knights

    Morrissey Booms one in to tie the game
  9. Danny

    ECF: Caps vs. Lightning

    Oshie should of shot but he looked for Lebron,..ooops, I mean OV. Tampa with the death threat. Shit, wanted some ot on saturday night. Oshie wanted some OV.
  10. Danny

    ECF: Caps vs. Lightning

    These last four minutes have been all Washington, Ov goal makes it interesting.
  11. Danny

    ECF: Caps vs. Lightning

    Ya, by the time OV was watching/gazing at Stephan moving in towards the net, OV finally came towards the net while Callahan was there getting the dirty. It was a little too late to do the right thing now- Tanya Tucker. lol
  12. Danny

    ECF: Caps vs. Lightning

    Yup he if wants the edge he has to play with one.
  13. Danny

    ECF: Caps vs. Lightning

    OV floating watching Callahan score. Tried to do something at the second but floating from his red line back. That's a no no man.
  14. Danny

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    Well he and sosh played on a 4th line and third line duties I guess I should of said two pre-seasons ago, sorry. lol
  15. Danny

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    He could of thought it was just a speed bump.