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  1. exactly,..if your gonna lose,..your're a lewser lol
  2. I vote for this one then if they ever did. (energy tune)
  3. And,..I found seeing a puck against a red post was an find whereas those blue posts when shown from a distance seem like a darke lookk. Maybe it's just me ,...but I don't think so LMEO (<laughing my eyes off)
  4. Yup, heard that too last night. (never realized it either)
  5. Oh,...And nice to see the regular red nets tonight no matter how much I love the colour blue, last night they just looked cheap.
  6. Interested in watching Mikheyev tonight along with Kerfoot, Sandin and of course a duo that should accumulate many points together throughout the season.
  7. MT- I couldn't edit but slowly instead of slowing ^
  8. You will find most of these guys just speculate and are very much like the promotions of lotto tickets where they state "it could, or you could" You already know that and lol'd his stab in the dark with this loose assumption. We all know as the NHL grows, so will the salary of the players, and Seattle coming on in should give it a boost cap wise to also adjust for the talent of the players and this new way of allowing to pay for assumed production to the promising youth allowing a smaller slot considering most gms are using analytics and slowing wiping the ripened age of players as they try to prove that they are declining after 31= years of age or so. Basically, they are not paying a majority of players that are over 31 a high wage, and really have wipe out a players hope of making top money as they age. So I am sure the players see that and now will want or demand more money early in their career rather than later, so the new 31 is actually 21,22, 23,24, 25 , 26 and anything under 31 lol. The players window has been shut more than slightly.
  9. You should probably read my post again saying you were "one of the main ones" and not try to deflect what I initially said. And if we followed your boat letting him sit out then and being satisfied, well your anchor is bigger than your boat. No wonder why this is the Uteck is right thread and not the Morri is right thread.
  10. Uhhhm, you should take off your fucking glasses because you were one of the main ones promoting hatred towards Marner throughout most of this signing being swayed and ready to trade him because of the drama but in reality you added more drama to the situation and now your still fucking bitching but again in reality, Marner really didn't take much less than Matthews, signed for longer, and even though he just did what every other free agent does in the summer (ask for top dollar( even though you and me didn't know exactly where he started to work his way down in his asking,) you still try to create a soap opera to try to wash yourself clean and in the meantime now you realize that even though his asking price is a little off of what (we) would like, in the end it really isn't too bad when you look at what our window is and what internal competition is and realize that it is a good thing. We have our top 9 signed. Mitch is a part of that. I'm ecstatic, others are, and I guarantee you , you won't hear one booo when Marner steps on the ice. The only thing you should focus bitching at, is some players in our system who are better than others may not make their way onto our team because of their cap number which in the end is not really Mitch's problem or Ferris's or Mitchs Dads fault. Reality is, we signed JT, Matthews, Marner and Nylander at a time when it was best to keep them even though we are tight against the cap. You keep preachin about the new NHL, well,..If Dubas hasn't gave us a chance to produce with speed, skill, and forward motion thinking skill is greater than grit, well your wish came true. Why bitch? Even when you want it all, you can never get it all.,..how bout learn that lesson, along with the fine details of negotiations and mellow out a bit and quit trying to sway others into your hatred of either the process or the things around (media) that sways your initial gut feeling. And if your gut feeling was to trade Marner, then you were way off of what Dubas had in mind all along.
  11. I dunno, I think we should all go to the Dubas appreciation thread and give a thumbs up for getting rid of some heat scores, scoring a top 4 D man, signing Matthews and now Marner. So gonna head there and give at least a thumbs up. AND,..even though John can carry a line no probs I bet he is back to this tonight and sleeping well knowing Mitch has signed. sweet dreams JT! Sweet dreams LEAF FANS!
  12. And we got rid of coffee,..I mean cough up.
  13. Now for all you hockey Dads out there. The only time you should interfere with a contract is after they sign. These are the words that you can use after the contract is signed, not before "don't be a homer"
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