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  1. And when you hear the arguments of the coach fucking it all up and forget to realize Cassidy had Bergy, March and Pasta at his disposal knowing and trusting their play, nevermind that Boston has that capability of hemming teams in their end applying some heavy pressure. Consider that and the fact our Defense was also still suspect while hoping Andersen has his cape strapped on facing that pressure Boston can definately apply when they smell blood. We are still young and haven't balanced out our team with some fortes that are needed to balance out a team for the best possible chance. Yes it was there for the taking but honestly, our young wolves seen the prey, but never got to taste it. Yes it seems like an easier path due to some teams being shoved out early, but then again, those teams also seen the prey and never had a taste either. It still bites!
  2. I agree with you on the blindside hits and Stevens did it to an art. I on the other hand was stating that Mr. Howes antics of using his elbows to create room for himself would end up making his team be on the PK nowadays. So therefore maybe Gordies way of making room for himself the way he went about it, wouldn't help his cause nor his team in todays game, making him a little less potent.
  3. I also do not think this applies in every instance. We can take Gordie Howe who was totally known for making room for himself on the ice because of his elbow and being allowed to go all nasty on his opponents. Take that away and everyone is on an even keel and can be the targets themselves if they did not adapt, either that, or their team is on the pk,...and how does that end up usually?
  4. I don't know if it is truly for the best. I mean Hockey back in those days showed that it was a bigger battle for the puck and even though now speed seems to be the all important thing, we have to consider back in the day, players also were able to control the game by means of being physical or being able to take care of of superstars/elite players or just plain teammates that may have been done wrong by the opposition. That old stop sign on the back of players jerseys allowed the players to use their backs along the boards as a safety net whereas before players would be more aware of what was coming into the corners before they went for the puck and nowadays players tend to shy away from big hits, and even tapping the oppositions stick in fear of breakage that now a penalty will be called. Back in the days of aggressive physical plays during the regular season, the refs wouldn't call everything and sometimes letting the players themselves weed shit out imo was for the best of the game or even allowing defenders to get in the way of an oncoming player to allow a little more time for a teammate to pick up a puck without some opposition player to have that straight line body contact was a ploy that actually helped control oncoming big hits. Now we have clearly two different games where the refs call everything in the regular season and when it comes to playoffs they have no clue as to how to allow the battles get heavier but to stay with the the restraints of allowable plays,so now we have seen way more complaints about the reffing and calls that may not get called or missed calls that just tend to be let go in hopes of a video replay to get it right,...which we all know that even then it seems sketchy. I personally think the game needs to be hard lined in details and either implemented to keep the regular season calls to also be a mainstay and consistent in the playoffs as the regular season is played and allowed. And now the cap doesn't allow as much space to be able to control how to set up any respective teams playoff run because now they have the teams almost playing two separate games. It almost seems that the refs don't know what line they should allow or the players themselves seemed handcuffed. I get that the fighting thing became a little too much but it also seems that on the other end of the spectrum they seem to be headed more towards the ringette look and pretty soon it seems like ribbons may be handed out instead of trophies. Where are they to go next? Bigger ice surfaces? That to me seems like the way they are headed and maybe rightfully so because of the evolution of man and strengths and the game has become faster due to it, but lets not forget that the battle for the puck is what separates hockey from ringette so if they do decide to expand ice surfaces to allow even more freedom for the skaters they best keep in mind that it is a contact sport and they are paid well to be hit or to produce hits and other aspects that seem to be lost. Look if the refs can't get it right all the time, why is it so bad for the players to help police the game and keep it honest? They took that away, and now we are seeing the biggest scape goat excuses and blaming refs, and replays, so imo,...it is not all for the better.
  5. It may take the excitement out of it, but maybe every playoff overtime goal should be reviewed for fairness, then again, it may lead to every goal in playoffs being reviewed.
  6. yeah he doesn't know anything
  7. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/oilers-hitchcock-talks-coaching-strategies-changing-style-play/ On his coaching philosophy, offence versusdefence “When you have the puck, that’s for you. When you don’t have the puck, that’s for us. There’s no negotiation when the other team has the puck, no negotiation at all. I expect everyone over the next couple of weeks to start looking the same when the opposition has the puck. That’s the area in my domain, the stuff the coach controls.” On how his coaching strategies have changed when dealing with young players “I think we’ve passed through millennial and we’re into the ‘I’ generation. I think the ‘I’ generation is fascinating because it’s the most prepared generation I’ve ever seen in sport. Academically, too. Culturally, the same. It’s my job to eliminate surprises. It’s my job to make sure they know what I want, why, and what’s in it for them. I’ve got to be open and explain that to them or else they’re not going to buy into that. I think if you’re willing to buy into that stuff, you’re making the adjustments that are necessary. If you just go at it stubbornly and say, ‘This is what I want you to do,’ and they don’t have any impact in the decision-making, and there isn’t discussion, then I don’t think you get anywhere. “You’ve got to be comfortable opening up as a coach. You’ve got to be comfortable with the dialogue. I know there’s been lots of times over the past few years where we’ve gotten into discussions and the player hasn’t agreed with me and we’ve negotiated a change and we’ve met halfway. “I think that’s what coaching is today – you’ve got to meet them halfway, and you’ve probably got to go the most distance at the start of the conversation.”
  8. So really, what does that have to do with Hitchcock running our D/PK? It is someone fresh and new, even though you think old carries tons of non experiences, nor respect, nor adds value, but it does, .....but again stick to what you think you know and I will stick to mine. You were ready to throw Sheldon K into the fire as an inexperienced coach in the NHL,...talk about gambles, while I mention a coach who seriously knows his hockey and breaks down players fortes and uses them in according manners, According to you sometimes it seems like you think everything has changed in hockey while only a few things have changed? Try not thinking hockey is soft and only skill needs to be applied. Try not thinking that old is bad or experience means nothing. Yes, bags of chips that are fresh are better, but chips are not hockey even if you try to cover it up with all the dips in the world.
  9. Oh I forgot shiny and new is the best way to approach things, that always works out well.
  10. Life ain't pretty. Neither is hockey. Hitch is also (as you know) one of the most respected coaches, especially when it comes to defence. I also found this not knowing they actually do get along (could of been a politically correct statement from Babs I will admit. Toronto Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock agreed. "I called [Hitchcock] this morning," Babcock said. "An impressive, impressive career. He told me this year when we were in Dallas that he was thinking about [retiring]. "Obviously he wants to hit the golf ball and do something on his own. I imagine he'll probably end up being a consultant for about nine teams so he'll drive himself crazy as soon as he sits around for a while." Hitchcock was one of Babcock's assistants during Canada's back-to-back Olympic gold-medal wins (Vancouver, 2010; Sochi, 2014). "He's a good man, he found a way to be a good coach, he's been a winner for a long, long time, won at all levels, always found a way to get his teams to be better than they were the year before," Babcock said. "I mean, he's had a real good run. "I enjoyed being around him. Had a lot of good laughs with him." https://www.nhl.com/news/ken-hitchcock-praised-by-scotty-bowman-mike-babcock-upon-retiring-as-stars-coach/c-297972884
  11. I know Babcock and Hitchcock seemed to be against each other when they were paired up in the last Olympics but I seriously wouldn't mind Hitchcock on board to take over DJ Smiths spot. Mike can just be a gud pro and as in life, sometimes you have to work with the person, even if you don't like him. I dunno but for some reason to me, it seems like a good idea.
  12. A little mini celebration from th Bruins and all their high fives and low fives. Hopefully the Canes win next game and pull out the na na na na na na celebration next game in Boston.
  13. Slavin with a brain fart high risk pass costs the chance as the bruins get a lucky deflect right into the open net. And now and Another shot from Wagner pretty much gives the BOOins the win.
  14. Refs letting a few things go too. Thought that hit from behind on Chara (about 5- 6 feet away from the boards could of easily been called. Most likely though the refs know he will go for some retribution at some point. Maybe if he was 7 feet from the boards it might of been called,lol
  15. Boston looking sluggish and the Canes have some real freshy fresh legs going down and finding all the open ice forcing Boston to tire out even more chasing the plays around. Good on the Canes!
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