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  1. Most likely it also means that Nylander won't be traded as I imagine he had to discuss the number change with Dubas and since it is on Nylanders dime for the previous number change for free to jersey owners you'd think that he will remain a Leaf. (have to add,..never say never though)
  2. Danny

    Questions Only?

    Have you? Jun 21, 2019 - Rent from people in Antarctica, Antarctica from $26 CAD/night. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in 191 countries. https://www.airbnb.ca/s/Antarctica Seems quite reasonable no?
  3. Can the rubber band go just below the lighter while we listen to cold turkey by the beatles while ordering the hot turkey sandwich that comes with a side of fries and unlimited bread sticks?
  4. Danny

    GM Meetings

    But if the fourth assist comes from a player who knocked another player off the puck for the turnaround an added point should be awarded.
  5. Yah, Mitchs' foot on a wake board. Dude is chillin and so should some panic struck posters almost trying to make people hate/dislike Mitchy before he has even signed. Sure, the Nylander long negotiation left some sour tastes in our mouths and we do not want to see that occur, but ubtil it actually does,..I say/preach, keep the Love for Mitch alive and if he does happen to sign elsewhere, then, hate the little fucking wizard, lol
  6. I wouldn't think so because teams are allowed to go above the cap before the season starts so why not offer it him now then subtract hortons cap hit on the LTI
  7. was kinda curious to see what took place on an average but many factors could come into play such as team needs, adjusting because someone off the board was picked,, ect... 2019 draft top 20 centers - 8 wingers- 3 D- 8 Goalie -1 2018 centers - 6 wingers - 8 D- 6 goalies -0 2017 Center- 12 wingers - 1 D-7 Goalies -0 2016 center -6 wingers -5 D - 8 G - 1 2015 center - 6 winger -9 D- 5 goalies - 0 last 5 years Centers - 38 wingers - 26 D- 34 goalies - 2 so it seems that D men are more important than wingers by this draft choice average in the last 5 years
  8. True but Howe owns several records where Gretz owns over 60 records.
  9. As in game changers he certainly does, but for longevity and basically unreal numbers in many categories, that is where Gretz sits on top of the hill like a King, ....I mean an oiler, I mean a blues, I mean a ranger.
  10. Danny

    GM Meetings

    Since we seem to be a softer type of team... Make sure the playoffs are exactly called like the regular season or vice versa. - allow one player on each team to not count against the cap.
  11. Each player nowadays has specific fortes and how they use them determines their importance. Shit, it is amazing that the goalie is not the most important one, consider a team usually has two that they trust (for the most part) They could rename the NHL goalie almost. Thats how important they are but look at even 4 centerman compared to 8 wingers, so being a centerman , those fortes have to shine more than wingers BUT,..it seems nowadays even though some centerman retrieve in the o-zone also follow the puck backwards into the D zone and usually play more ice compared to wingers, but some wingers Like Mitch carry the play in the O=zone too and now control the puck possession more often than some centermen.. I'm not really arguing which position is harder to play or carries more weight/importance to the team but it is easier for a centerman to play the winger compared to a winger trying to play the centerman role. If a winger does play the centermans role, well, hell, he is playing center and realizes that more air miles on the ice are in store for them because of the added responsibilities and expectations.
  12. That offer for her is good on you bro. Fuck cancer but hope/wishing You and your family stays strong during these times. And yes sometimes old people are just set in their ways because of habits or comfort but who knows, maybe she sees the light and accepts your offers.
  13. Ya bro. You a stats man, not one of those rumor types. haha
  14. Danny

    Questions Only?

    Are you now starting to see let the sunshine in?
  15. You could have the best spooner at that speed too.
  16. Great song for Dubas to sing to Mitch, take the hard stance, only,......the chorus should go like this "Keep your hands out of our wallet keep your ego in check Keep your heart, can you recall it? Cause we'd love to write a cheque (guitar solo)
  17. Pictures from last week of the progress cucumbers up front, peas in the back, rose bush off to the side Lettuce Romaine and salad bowl to the left, radishes and green onions in the middle, peas and carrots to the right close ups radishes radishes and onions with marigolds to keep some bugs off (they sure ain't dandelions lol) peas and thank you,.., I mean carrots Beans corn in front, potatoes behind spanish onions (ce senior) and potatoes in back hmmm, this Kale is a misrepresentation where they looked good then, but now they seem to have dwindled/wilted and I dunno , they look weak and pathetic today but here is what they looked like (hopefully they regain their composure but no picture of them what they look like now haha All n all looking pretty decent so far for a first timer.
  18. Come Into My Life, Make It Feel So Right. Show me everything Like everything is always fine. Watch Me Standing Here, Away From All these fears, Show me anything, Like Anything Could Stop The Tears. Come On and Push Me Come On And Push Me (Chorus) You Take Me To The Edge(And Drop Me) Far Off of This Ledge (Can't Stop Me) You Watch Me Fall and Im Never Seen Again. You're Laughing At Me Now (You Want This) Before I Hit The Ground (Please Stop It) You Watch Me Fall. I'm Never Seen Again. In A Perfect World These Lines of Life Aren't Lost They Keep The Path They're On Without Any Misconceptions of The Way It Should Have Been The Pain You Hide Inside, The Scars and Sacrifice and The Pain That Helps Keep You Alive Chorus. I'm Goin (Im Going) I'm Gone (Im Gone) I'm Going (I'm Going) I'm Gone. You Take Me To The Edge Far off of thise ledge You watch me fall and Im Never Seen Again. Chorus.
  19. What makes me curious,( if it was true) is, what multiple teams did Mitch even talk to during the leagues interview window? I realise that only an offer sheet signed counts, but just curious if anyone heard of any teams to name.
  20. I believe Matthews34 said what we hope may happen below,..in the meantime in these couple of deals Dubas made recently, he did acquire some bigger bodies, and yes I know what you mean about drafting them where he sticks to the skill first method and does not go off the board to view toughness as a forte and skill and where we are right now compared to last year at least rounds us out more. They just signed Kerfoot to a pretty decent deal, but yes,..playoffs are a different beast and until they change the rules where they call the regular season the same as playoffs,..well we know grit does come into play/ Shit gets tighter. I hope he has a few more moves up his sleeve in the meantime.
  21. And this is where you get ripped because of the fan deal rather than knowing what is best. Just like the kessel fanclubbers, but then again, some people knew it was his time to be gone too.
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