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  1. TuckerIntensity

    Hyman given 2 games

    That's not at all what it says, but if that's what people think it says I can understand why they think it was an illegal hit to the head. "Yes he did" and promptly shows video of it not being the case at all. Thanks?
  2. TuckerIntensity

    Hyman given 2 games

    He. Did. Not? Elbow tucked, shoulder down, foot on ice.
  3. TuckerIntensity

    Hyman given 2 games

    He didn't, though. He didn't extend the elbow, didn't throw a shoulder. Rielly was low and appeared to be trying to bail / not get creamed by an open ice hit. You might even hear the league point to two or three in the rule.
  4. TuckerIntensity

    Hyman given 2 games

    They should have been suspended. This hit was worse than both of those hits. If you want to argue the DOPS is inconsistent, go nuts. They are. Incredibly. I concur wholeheartedly that they are. Water is also wet. If Auston or Mitch got hit like this and no one got suspended, we'd be livid (rightfully so.) If it was closer to a bang bang play, Hyman likely doesn't get suspended, but it wasn't so it's difficult to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  5. TuckerIntensity

    Hyman given 2 games

    Every hit is avoidable, but that's not what the rule is stating. Was head contact unavoidable. That's a fairly substantial difference. Did Wagner approach from a bad angle? He came from directly in front of Rielly. Did Wagner have bad timing? Rielly was carrying the puck. Did he extend outward or upward into Rielly's head? He did not.
  6. TuckerIntensity

    Hyman given 2 games

    It wasn't. I am. That's why those points are straight from the rulebook. The blindside hit rule is gone. Which is why he wasn't penalized or suspended for it. I used the term only to say that Hyman knew the entire time McAvoy didn't see him. He even appears to hook towards the boards to stay in a position McAvoy wouldn't see him and then he hits McAvoy long after the puck is gone. Hyman takes two full strides after the puck is gone before he starts the hit.
  7. TuckerIntensity

    Hyman given 2 games

    Doesn't matter if the main point of contact was the head if it wasn't a bad angle, bad timing or an extension outward or upward to pick the head.
  8. TuckerIntensity

    Hyman given 2 games

    I don't understand how we're this mad. He came in blindside, even looks to hook towards the boards to get more blindside, has more than two strides to stop after McAvoy gets rid of the puck and still blasts him. Do I understand why Reaves didn't get suspended? No. But this is worse than that one was (worse than Wilson too, actually). I don't think we'd feel OK with it if McAvoy did this to Rielly. Would I have been fine if he only got a fine because Hyman is not that kind of player? Yes. But he was lining McAvoy up from the blue line, only saw numbers and hit through him long after the puck was gone. He did what he meant to do. And for the record, I'm fine with what he did.
  9. You can't make that hit in 2018, I'm not shocked. It's inconsistent with a recent decision of a similar hit, I'm also not shocked.
  10. I hope we get them in that playoffs and crush them. If someone knocks Marchand's block off in the process, I'm good with that.
  11. I'm guessing because it's slightly later and more from behind? He likely should though, even if it's a fine. Has he been suspended before?
  12. Hyman has a hearing for his hit on McAvoy.
  13. TuckerIntensity

    Doug Ford wins Ontario PC leadership

    We're saving so much money.