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  1. LCA is a phenomenal arena. Leafs top six not phenomenal, to say the least. Matthews with strong back check at times, but neither line created anything substantial. Marner and Tavares look disastrous without Hyman (that shouldn't be a thing). Bottom six and Jake Muzzin were great. Muzzin first star for me, he was everywhere. Sandin better than he looks on television, but he's still not strong enough. Leafs win in the D though, worth the trip.
  2. Granit Xhaka seems like a really strange guy to choose to live or die by, Unai.
  3. It seems ridiculous to wait until opening day when it appears Babcock had his mind made up long ago.
  4. I've literally been at BDubz for a month waiting for you.
  5. You guys are insufferable. But I'll take it. You've basically said "he is good and we know it, we're just angry and irrational and want to be whiny for a while." Which is fine, just say it.
  6. Watched and I would've left too. Ask real questions.
  7. Let me know when you've calmed down enough to actually have a conversation about coaching. You can read my post over then too, maybe see me saying saying maybe he knows more than guys like you or I isn't saying anyone actually believes he listens to you or I... Only that, holy fucking crazy, that he knows more than you or I.
  8. That's kinda the problem. Jettison? For what? Filling in, well even, for Kadri's stupidity with a couple of sub par linemates that provide no offense? That's Nylander's fault. I'm all for trading him to fix our deficiencies, but let's not be stupid. At seven million a year he's a very valuable asset to a lot of teams.
  9. 1) The roster he basically chose? 2) No one said that. Only that your notion that he listens to radio call in shows and reads internet forums to determine what he does, it doesn't do, with his lineup. That the likely scenario is that he actually does know better than you or I when it comes to hockey. I know that's a crazy thought.
  10. Marner was worse than Nylander since the block heard 'round the world.
  11. And it's quite unfortunate they can't let him doing nothing wrong go.
  12. Or it's that a bunch of tweeters and fans in a forum don't actually know better than a gold medal, world cup, Stanley Cup winning coaches. We were the better team until that third Bruins goal, what he was doing wasn't not working, we made a couple mistakes and let in a couple softies. In that regard it feels a lot like last year, which is why personnel changes are needed. Babcock has been boot so subtly advocating for that all year... and that's the only reason we'd see him go.
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