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  1. At this point we don't look good enough. I think we're paying more to our style (thus better) since the coaching change and Muzzin/Rielly being out ain't helping, but we don't look good enough built this way.
  2. I don't like Tkachuk, but that shit is ridiculous. Suspend that clown.
  3. Then if the puck hits a seat, a the wall behind the seats, the cables holding the netting, it's not a penalty. I'm not going to hide behind some bullshit, we got lucky, fuck the Russians.
  4. rofl... I just read the rulebook and that is what it says, but that camera was not above the ice surface.
  5. True. It would be dumb, but it would be. I feel like we'll hear that it is soon if it is.
  6. Big assist from the refs, but I'll take it.
  7. Thank you. Don't be a slacker, Foudy.
  8. That will likely do it. Russia is better everywhere on the ice.
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