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  1. The Olympics, C'Mon

    God forbid we talk about Olympic hockey in the Olympic thread, Maj.
  2. Patrick Brown

    "What I've gone through the last three weeks..." OK? ..... ""The comments made about me on social media were demeaning, victim-blaming and misogynistic. My privacy was invaded, my character was assassinated, and I was subjected to gratuitous slurs about my private life and relationships. The comments that I have been subjected to ignore altogether the abuse of power by an older sober man over a young intoxicated woman," ..... "There was an after-party in a local nightclub, where the woman said Brown and others provided her with many free drinks. “It was too many to count,” she told CTV. When the bar closed, they all went to Brown’s house. Images from the party were captured on social media. The second woman said she was drunk when Brown, who again wasn’t drinking, invited her and his male friend to his bedroom to look at photographs. The friend left, leaving her and Brown sitting on the bed. “That scenario, like of a very inebriated young employee in the bedroom of her boss, alone with him, who hasn’t had a drop of alcohol all night, just that’s an intimidating situation and I was not sure what to do about it,” she told CTV. “The next thing I know he’s kissing me.” She said she froze, and that he continued to kiss her, laid her down and got on top of her. “I remember consciously trying not to move my mouth and I was just not moving, so I was laying there immobile,” she said. “I could feel his erection on my legs when he was on top of me, so I felt that it would have gone to sexual intercourse if I had not done anything.” ... Tough three weeks, eh?
  3. "in all of us command"

    Two OHL games, two Catholic school choirs singing the anthem, both not using new lyrics.
  4. Gretzky Highlights

    No. The one against, I think, the Jets that gives him seven points in a playoff game. He misses the net originally, then gets it off the boards in the corner, puts it through his feet, heads back to the net and doesn't miss.
  5. Gretzky Highlights

    I say this every time, but I'm Ultimate Gretzky there is an empty net goal he scores that I have to watch multiple times whenever I watch the DVD. An empty net goal.
  6. Phaneuf To Kings

    The hill that Bettman dies on? Amazing. He's been commissioner for 25 years and the league has nearly doubled revenue since 2005.
  7. Phaneuf To Kings

    650 million dollar expansion fee? As much as I would rather have contraction, that's a no brainer.
  8. Curling

    Yes, if she wants to release it soon, that'd be good. Tough road to even make the playoffs now.
  9. Curling

    I do, it's just fucked. Four points means nothing.
  10. Patrick Brown

    Is Brown running from the Trump playbook? The legal drinking age doesn't make sexual assault disappear.
  11. Phaneuf To Kings

    That's his problem with it. If you're gonna blow it up, either keep him because you can't get prospects or don't retain in a trade and take a crappy pick. The only thing this trade signals is that Melnyk is cheap.
  12. Phaneuf To Kings

    Someone at work is a Sens fan and disappointed. He says when you're not a cap real, you don't care he's making 7, you care that he's being used correctly for his talent level. Hates everything at this trade (and didn't really want Dion in the first place.)
  13. GDT: Leafs vs Tampon Bay

    It's pretty funny to hear people trashing Nash. Does it make sense for us? No, at least not at the rumoured asking price. We're not at the point of that kind of deal yet. But the guy has won a couple of Olympic gold medals, played as a role guy as well, and is gonna score 20 again. And he's expiring, you're not stuck with him. Is he 40 goal Rick Nash? No, he's not. They aren't pricing him that way and no one who inquires about him will think he is. And stop being stupid with stats. He's only scored less than 20 once since his rookie season and he only played 60 games (that's how easy it is to spin it.) You also can't use a partial season to average points and not sound ridiculous. He's on pace for 12 more points this year than is being used in the calculation, give it up. That doesn't even make him an awesome points guy and you're ignoring it. You don't have to want the guy, I would only trade for him if the asking price ends up being low, but don't act as dumb as people who think we should trade a first and prospect for him. People know what they would be getting for whatever they pay, a former superstar that could help them (and could be a waste because only one team wins). That's the price of a rental.
  14. GDT: Leafs vs Tampon Bay

    I'd take him on the cheap... Which isn't what they'll be asking.
  15. Duchene to Sens

    I might take Dion back if they retain the max.