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  1. Christmas Presents (Giving and Receiving)

    I used to not drink coffee, but have a Keurig because everyone else does and my parents like theirs. So they can have coffee when they come. Now that I dunno coffee, I still don't touch that thing. And my parents are all like "but you have the machine, we love that coffee." That's what I'm talking about, that coffee is shit and the reason I thought I hated coffee. Get me a grinder and a French press. Hell, even an espresso machine because sometimes I'm a real fancy boy and want an Americano. But don't, ffs, give me a Keurig. The hot chocolate tastes like dirty water too.
  2. I feel like if that happened to Andersen, we'd be calling for goaltender interference. The overhead angle is the killer. From the side, he looks like he has hours to recover (and did), from above you can see he didn't have the time (and didn't). While I think Matthews is scoring regardless, that's not how you can interpret the rule. Hyman also did little to avoid getting into the crease and his stick was the problem, not that he was there. If they'd let it stand, you wouldn't hear me complain. But I certainly cannot call it unreasonable they didn't.
  3. Ya, they aren't getting that from us but that asking price isn't put off the realm of the type of player they'll want/get. Just not here.
  4. Remember when we beat Montreal 6-0? Ya, so do I. And it was awesome.
  5. Christmas Presents (Giving and Receiving)

    I've started shopping, which is surprising for me. I'm likely still going to need to go get something last minute ha.
  6. CFL Thread

    It was a good game down at The Montreal.
  7. Bahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha haha haha hahaha hahaha haha... Rofl Montreal... Fucking rofl.
  8. Dear Humper, Present them. Signed, Max Pacioretty
  9. This game isn't on TSN? Eat shit Weber.
  10. That shit pisses me off. Weber should be suspended. No place in the game for that shit.