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  1. 20 years this was my first thought. That or the big come back in Buffalo the year we traded for Leetch, Francis, Gilmour. I was there and it was bonkers. Absolutely bonkers. I think I have to go with that because I was there. All time that I was alive for, Gilmour against St. Louis.
  2. Vegas was so mad because get should've won that gave regardless of the major penalty. Seriously, they dropped the ball.
  3. This Sharks - Vegas game was stupid too.
  4. I feel like for the Oilers 50% was get the puck to Gretzky at all costs (or Kings in this instance) and the other 50 was waiting for him to get back on the ice.
  5. It's a little ridiculous. Drop Crosby or Ovechkin into the 80s like they are now? Fuck. I mean, that's not a realistic thing, but still.
  6. The difference in overall product is cray, but I'm loving seeing this old stuff.
  7. Sportsnet is showing old games and showed Gretzky breaking Howe's record. He was 28. Damn.
  8. He really tightened up after the first few shots, but I do feel like he looks uncomfortable still. As Army noted, he's swimming a lot and it leads to big saves our goals that "he didn't have a chance on."
  9. Two goals on five shots. I'd ask how this game is tied, but that's how.
  10. I honestly think the American thing has something to do with it.
  11. Matthews has 44 goals, people surprised he scores.. Makes sense.
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