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  1. Anything less than a 5 goal blow out and I'll be mildly disappointed.
  2. Looking at the background of that picture, you'd swear up down he did it Toronto if you didn't know better.
  3. Pretty good night from Sparks (although Millen reminded us of that the entire game). Should really have been 9-2. Great effort all round.
  4. Buffalo 2 good shots; Leafs ~20 bad shots. Not much you can do here; shoot better, I guess.
  5. Plays like that will get you nothing but a bus ticket down to the AHL, Nick.
  6. We'd be up 3-1 at least if we could have mustered up some shots half as good as that one.
  7. Hutton has been good, no doubt about it, but we've booted some glorious chances, too. Buffalo's luck has to run out soon though if the Leafs keep this play up.
  8. I completely understand the frustration and why I'll try not to hold anyone accountable for negative comments. Hell, I completely gave up on hockey altogether for a couple of years (different circumstances, different reasons, etc). I have no desire anymore to engage in an ongoing, "you're wrong, I'm right" online debate. There's absolutely NOTHING to be gained from it and in my opinion, it's just a waste of my time and my resources. If someone has an opinion that's contrary to mine, then that's fine; for the most part, I'll read the comment and move on.
  9. If they can muster up 4 goals or better, I'd bet they'd get a win. That's not a huge undertaking and even with Sparks in the net, chances are they'd have good success.
  10. Curb stomp Barfalo tomorrow night and Leafland will look like it finally it got that long overdue dose of Prozac.
  11. Audio interface with four line in XMAX mic preamps:
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