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  1. ImGoingToFuckBeergirlInTheAss was still the greatest ever username on that site...and it's not even close. I was up posting late at night here on the west coast and when I woke up the next day, that SN was gone. I still think it was a knee-jerk decision.
  2. It looks like those are the 1999 - 2010 Forester models that had the issues.
  3. @sandman The Subaru Forester drives very quietly and smoothly The 4 cylinder engine has just a touch less power than our old 6 cylinder Nissan Pathfinder, although they both have about the same HP. Honestly though, the only place we noticed a difference, albeit slight, was the rate of acceleration on a fairly steep incline. I'd say in 95% of situations, the Forester is at least equal to the Pathfinder in terms of power. We have the 2.5 liter engine which has a bit better gas mileage than the 2.0 liter engine. The 2.0 liter engine does feature more HP. The wifes company (well, the government) has a Subaru Crosstrek. It's the Subaru Foresters l'il bro. Apparently, it's a bit gutless so we decided to stay away from buying one, even though it was cheaper and had slightly better gas mileage. I also found the Chevrolet Equinox to be a tad gutless on steep inclines which was one of the deciding factors on going with the Subaru, instead. I think the Crosstrek might be fine for city driving, but I live in some hilly country. Also, "gutless" is probably a tad harsh, but the Equinox definitely started to sputter a bit on steeper inclines. The Equinox drove fine on flatter surfaces, to be fair, and was next choice if we couldn't swing a deal for the Forester. I don't know much about the Subaru Impreza, other than talking to a guy at work who owns one. He says it's a great vehicle and all, but it rides a little lower than the Forester and isn't as good in the snow. He says he now wishes he got the Forester for that reason. One thing that really impressed me about the Forester is the general quality of the build. I'm not a big car guy but right off the bat, I noticed how solid the doors felt compared to newer models of cars where doors feel flimsy, giving the general impression that the entire vehicle is flimsy. In fact, every thing of the Forester has an old school solid feel about it. The crash test rating of the Subaru is among the best so that tells you that they're not being built with el cheapo materials. The frames on the Forester are tank like strong. A friend of mine had a Subaru Outback for about 20 years and that thing never gave him any problems, other than normal wear and tear. Consumer Reports has the Forester as one of the top rated cars consistently so we felt quite confident buying one. I'm not a Subaru fanboy, but we did a shit ton of research before buying and Subaru always came up at the top of the list in buying a well built car that will last years with a minimal expectation of problems. The stock stereo system in it is meh at best, though. I haven't done any winter driving yet so maybe my opinion will change, but my buddies ol' Outback was a fantastic ride for going up mountains in the snow.
  4. A 2015 Subaru Forester. At under $20, 000 and still under 80, 000kms, I think this was a decent deal (especially for out here). Finally replaced our 1997 Pathfinder that we bought brand new. The final straw for her was it was costing about $150 a month to maintain and &400 dollars a month on gas....ouch!
  5. Rumor has it that Trouba adores the idea of becoming a minstrel after his hockey days are done. @Danny that's a softball...lol
  6. If Mathews gets a 10 minute misconduct, do we lose every Mathews for 10 minutes, or, do we lose individual Mathews for a collective total of 80 minutes? I just need to grasp this before rendering an opinion.
  7. Don't think, just win! Then BUSH PARTY!
  8. I'm still in Thailand right now. Instead of getting up at 6am for a game (which is somewhat palatable), it now means watching it starting at 2am. The NHL is disrespecting south east Asia! If I have some strange insomnia - which is highly unlikely since the 'ol lady and I just polished off a bunch of beers - I'll find a way to watch. Likely, I'll read about it later.
  9. Critical next goal. Make it ours.
  10. Great game. Leafs better be ready for Wednesday because Boston is going to come out swinging.
  11. Cotdamn, I have to admit I kinda like Avery, if just for that.
  12. Yeah Baby! Didn't get to see this one as I woke up too late (needed the sleep TBH).
  13. Well, off to Thailand in a couple of hours. I don't know how much of the playoffs I'll be able to watch but I'm sure I can catch some , if not the highlights on my celly.
  14. There's a good half dozen players I share the same sentiment with.
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