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  1. If Mathews gets a 10 minute misconduct, do we lose every Mathews for 10 minutes, or, do we lose individual Mathews for a collective total of 80 minutes? I just need to grasp this before rendering an opinion.
  2. Don't think, just win! Then BUSH PARTY!
  3. I'm still in Thailand right now. Instead of getting up at 6am for a game (which is somewhat palatable), it now means watching it starting at 2am. The NHL is disrespecting south east Asia! If I have some strange insomnia - which is highly unlikely since the 'ol lady and I just polished off a bunch of beers - I'll find a way to watch. Likely, I'll read about it later.
  4. Critical next goal. Make it ours.
  5. Great game. Leafs better be ready for Wednesday because Boston is going to come out swinging.
  6. Cotdamn, I have to admit I kinda like Avery, if just for that.
  7. Yeah Baby! Didn't get to see this one as I woke up too late (needed the sleep TBH).
  8. Well, off to Thailand in a couple of hours. I don't know how much of the playoffs I'll be able to watch but I'm sure I can catch some , if not the highlights on my celly.
  9. There's a good half dozen players I share the same sentiment with.
  10. 1gig for $30. I pay extra for texts and calls. Since I send less than 30 texts and calls per year combined, I have to problem paying $.60 per text and $0.20 p/m for phone calls. I've also got free wifi at work where I use my phone about 90% of the time.
  11. Just a tune up game at this point. I wouldn't read too, too much into it.
  12. After puking upon seeing that suit, my mouth could use some Listerine.
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