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  1. I will never understand some leaf fans (mostly the losers on HF) and their dislike for Hyman. They were actually applauding Keefe when he arrived and had Hyman playing the 3rd line. Criticism is always the same: "not creative enough to play in the top 6." Sure, but how does all that creativity work when you don't have the puck?
  2. I was proud of Dermott last night fighting Brouwer. By no means did he win or get any decent shots in, but the push back was there. Perhaps this was the inspiration this team needs.
  3. I see your point. Perhaps the skill in defense is anticipating: a broken play, what might occur after a turnover, whether someone is going to shoot or pass, where someone will likely go on the ice, etc.
  4. Kyle Dubas must be shitting his pants right now. The pressure must be getting to him. I'm not talking about the fans, or the media. Pretty soon someone really important is going to have a conversation with Shanahan about this teams futility. The tv audience is tuning them out, they might be missing out on playoff revenues, etc. Shanahan will have to come up with a pretty convincing excuse for why this team can't win hockey games. If he can't, then he's got to have a convincing excuse for why it's a good idea to have Dubas continue to run this hockey team. Outside of not being able to qualify for the playoffs what does K.D. have to present as the fruits of his labour? 2 first round picks traded away. A cap so tight that they can't even afford to pick up a back up goalie on waivers. Very few defencemen signed for next season A culture of soft stick checking in a contact sport, and a push back factor of zero A team architecture that resembles EA NHL 2019. What does Dubas have to his credit? Signing Nylander for 6.9 million a season?
  5. Grandfather was a Leaf fan. Father was a Leaf fan. I am a Leaf fan. I have to admit, I'm not really a fan of this current team.
  6. All these silly points in games played debates mean nothing. Winning and losing is the issue. Matthews is a good player. McKinnon is a good player. It just so happens that one of them plays on a winning team, and one of them plays for an experimental Electronic Arts NHL 19 Fantasy Build.
  7. If only we were Washington. Or perhaps St. Louis (last season).
  8. If only this conversation was about how we might do in the regular season.
  9. Go Leafs Go. Please don't hang Hutch or Freddy out to dry. Defence wins games...you son of a bitch.
  10. What do you mean? Kessel, JVR, and Gardiner are gone therefore we are good defensively?
  11. Pardon the phrase in this title, but I'm starting to really question if defense can be taught, VS. "you either have it or you don't". The way this current team is constructed Dubas has filled this roster with as many offensively skilled players as he can fit in the cap. We've seen Komarov, Bozak, Kadri, Hainsey, Pollak, etc. all go. All these players where fairly sound defensively, and sometimes would chip in with points/goals. Now it seems like the culture of the team is a collection of players who've always been relied upon to provide offense for their respective clubs as they've climbed up the ranks. A culture of caring very little about the defensive side of the game. I know there's only 1 Patrice Bergeron in the league, but I would say that most Leafs are miles away from MB's defensive ability. I really think that defensive play is either in you or it's not. Most casual fans who've played any kind of sports know what I'm talking about. There are players in a game that give no thought to stopping the other team from scoring. They cherry pick. They only come alive when they have the puck. Dubas seems to not care at all acquiring this type of player. Toronto had no problem scoring last season. What does he do in the offseason? Acquires Tyson Barrie. Why? Wasn't the problem with this team the defence, team defence, and lacking forwards who don't care about the details in their own zone. I would love to know what Dubas' end game is here. He's going to have to possibly consider what type of player he needs to win. What should TOR do now that there's no head coach to blame for poor defensive play? I don't think TOR can win with having so many players that only care about what goes on in the offensive side of the game.
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