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  1. Kadri was invisible once again last night. (No emoji required)
  2. It's not simple. You seem to be implying that TOR are complete with Nylander. If you were to trade him then it must be for a top 4 RHD. This then makes TOR complete once more. Tor might not make it past Boston again and that opens up a new evaluation of everything. That evaluation will have so many cap considerations.
  3. Well I would hope that TOR's management team has a scope that goes beyond who might be a right handed shot, plays D, is available, and comes from the Hurricanes. What does TOR need? It's probably complex. It depends on: How they feel about Kadri (for his behavioural issues) Hainsey, Gardiner, Hutchinson, Ennis, and Sparks. Do some of them return next season? How they feel about not having a 1st round pick. How negotiations go with much of their young talent. Marner might be signed for just as much as Matthews. What could they get for Nylander A combination of and not necessarily limited to any one of these things: Future considerations A left winger A right winger A goalie A second round pick A tough guy A center
  4. There are all kinds of reasons to move Nylander, and the specific (limited) shopping list of a top 4 RHD shouldn't deter Dubas.
  5. So what are Nylander's underlying numbers? Why does he pass the intelligent hockey fans' test? Why does he fail the eye test (pedestrian fans who live in caves)? Doesn't his point totals compare to Frederik Gauthier's?
  6. There's nothing you can do. Part of the pissing contest is conducted by elite untouchables (AKA Staff). How do you ban those that are in change ?
  7. I'm older than you. I remember a lot of things.
  8. Some of us are old enough to remember a time when people used the word "criticism". It is actually done out of love and care. It's not hate.
  9. We've seen so few checks throughout the season, and when one is finally delivered it is interpreted as "crushing". No one is old enough here to remember Komarov and Martin I guess.
  10. Fly byes Soft hair Mild stick checks No sweating Figure 8's Eye Test Results: Fail Evaluation: Trade Block Fodder
  11. The double standard is not my argument or cause. Eventually you have to cut your losses. Can Kadri stick up for his players and get points for his team when he's in the press box?
  12. That is the last time you'll see Kadri in a Leafs Uniform. He's the biggest bushwhacking lowlife stupid mook jabroni piece of shit in the NHL. Can you believe that he didn't learn a thing from last year's playoff?! His fans went to bat for him for so long. How the fuck can his fans stand that?!
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