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  1. Win Plz Another loss and we start wondering if MTL has a legitimate shot at 3rd in the Atlantic.
  2. You are not 36. There's no way. You are the one showing bad faith.
  3. I'm not saying they are completely inaccurate. I just think that 2 months is still too short of a measurement. I say that Marleau is on pace for 41 points and 17 goals. I can say that confidentiality because he's played 73 games. **I also don't want to seem like I think Nylander is worthless. He's slightly overpaid and plays a perimeter game (IMHO a style this team has plenty of), but he's not a bum. I think TOR should be able to get good value for him on July 2nd.
  4. No kid. His Nylander stat is not factual at all. He had a bad Dec. He had a good mid-Jan to March, therefore he would have scored at a 62 point pace? What? You can't award a player like Nylander with 62 points just because he had a great 2 months of hockey.
  5. Keep telling yourself that your cooked stats mean something to me. They just don't. You use Player Agent speak to sell me on something: "since-mid January", "62 point pace". It just won't work. Let's just agree to disagree.
  6. Well I can't comment on Marner's next contract but I can be critical of Nylander's 7x7, and his Double Flamingo go to move. That kind of heap.
  7. That's ok. Dubas has his own heap: Nylander, Sparks, Matthews and Marner contracts (pre-emptive).
  8. Every single team has their underachieving regulars. Every team has players with bad contracts. The fact that we lose valuable players has nothing to do with Shanny, Lou, Marleau, Marleau's ice time, etc. Dubas has a whole department of number Crunchers. If Marleau is the salary cap strain then Dubas better reflect on his moves with Nylander, Matthews, and Marner. All three could have probably signed a lot earlier and for less. In fairness to Dubas the cap situation isn't that dire. It's better to have good players (Andersen, Rielly, Matthews, Tavares, etc.) and cap issues, then bad players (Dion, Clarkson, Lupul, Toskala, etc.) and cap issues.
  9. Marleau is on pace for 41 points (17 goals). You call that 4th liner production? I don't know. I don't have a problem with Marleau. He's a Hall of Fame Hockey player. Yeah he's slowed down, but to blame him?
  10. Sorry. I don't know how to unquote these quotes. I'll learn soon. lockquote widget
  11. It is possible. I saw a pretty raw TOR team beat DET (a team filled with hall of fame players) in 93. Possible the way TOR is playing recently? Not likely. This team needs to ramp up in the next 10 games.
  12. You are misquoting, or you have a case of mistaken identity. I never said the world was ending, and I never mentioned Babcock.
  13. I think that a first round exit is a failure. They have to learn to win in the playoffs. If TOR are contending now (5th place), then you should expect them to find success in the playoffs.
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