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  1. I agree with you, but I always thought the low hanging fruit for fans and media was Babcock. I too don't like a lot of TOR's personnel and style. I will be absolutely shocked if TOR goes far in the playoffs. I think Dubas can tinker from now until the trade deadline, but God Speed. It will be a small miracle to correct the many holes they have.
  2. Good question. I promise to answer it. Here's one for you: How do you make the playoffs?
  3. I answered "buy", but I have few answers. Dubas is paying up to the cap and trading first round picks every year. He and Shanny plan on going deep in the playoffs. Why else move Kadri, acquire Barrie, trade a 1st for Muzzin, trade a 1st to get rid of Marleau, etc.? If this were my team I wouldn't be satisfied. I know what it takes to win in the playoffs, and I would never go about team building the way Dubas has. I choose "buy" because TOR is still short on: 1. backup goalie 2. toughness 3. defensive defencemen Is Dubas going to hit on all these points around the trade deadline? No way.
  4. I really like Muzzin. He could play for my hockey team anytime, but the cap is another challenge for Muzzin. Muzzin is a 4 million dollar player now. He won't be asking for less then what? Maybe 5 million?
  5. Hello. I've been away in Cuba for a week. I've only seen a few highlights here and there of the Maple Leafs. How is Barrie's defensive play as of late? He's been free of my wrath for now, but I'm still watching him with a close eye...and so is Dion Phaneuf! Rumour has is that they are going to trade Barrie and sign Dion. I'm kidding.
  6. Ok so ANA had complete faith in Gibson and not in Freddy? So they too are lost?
  7. I don't think I have "complete faith" in anyone or anything. Is being a Leaf Fan have something to do with religion? I guess I don't understand. Why are others "completely lost"? For that matter why in the world did Anaheim trade Andersen in the first place?
  8. Well...I played the position. I played Goalie in hockey and in soccer. Yeah it's a different experience in both sports, but I can certainly speak from authority.
  9. Why don't you tell me all about "rational". Go ahead please. Please explain why this post, it's run-on sentence, and dramatic delivery are "rational".
  10. For the record: The Leafs lost a game last night, and it's not the end of the world.
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