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  1. That's for sure. It's rare to see line brawls, and we have come away from staged fighting. I think of Matthews as having a Sundin style: no fist to cuffs, but would will his size and strength when needed. I still don't really consider it gritty though. I'm glad Matthews is becoming a better/more complete hockey player, and he certainly had a good series.
  2. I think Morri is pretty dim himself. Once he decides to leave the safety of his parents' basement he might learn a thing or two.
  3. In the National Non-contact Hockey League (NNCHL) you might call that grit.
  4. I think Matthews is ok. He has great skill. I wouldn't call him a gritty player.
  5. The GM of a hockey team does the trading and signs players to contracts The media and fans don't make trades! 10 watt.
  6. I agree with this. I also believe that you cannot easily teach defense. You either got it or you don't. Some people naturally try to prevent the other team from scoring. Not every player wills that.
  7. Why do people care that people care?
  8. It's pretty obvious that you think that Nylander bashing could come back in fashion. You're also worried that Nylander isn't considered a core player and a future part of this team. All this speculation out there about him getting traded could come to fruition. So you are going to try your damnedest to bash Marner at every turn and on several hockey forums.
  9. I can think of many players that were not ready for games 1-5 after a 5 month layoff. One of them has Alfredsson-style golden locks and played 2nd line Center in game 5.
  10. Said on yesterday's Real Kyper at Noon Podcast: "That might have been the last time you've seen Andersen in a Leafs uniform. Both Andersen and management will not want him playing out his last year in TOR. I'm hearing rumblings about a Andersen for Murray swap. Both desperately need a change of scenery". What do you think?
  11. Let me post a picture of my official Ron Hainsey Leafs Jersey. Morrison you have to post a pic of your Nylander Team Sweden Jersey.
  12. You're right because TOR doesn't need any improvements on defense, and that Kap and Johnsson are dominant forwards.
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