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  1. The mental gymnastics of some people is astounding. Our coaches deserve firing/being put on notice since our special teams were dogshit half the year and made zero adjustments down the stretch and in the playoffs.
  2. Fuck literally all of Boston and their shitty clam chowder
  3. Christ Boston fans been crowing how high and mighty they are when they're the benefactor of shitty officiating for almost a decade but the second the shit goes against them they're the loudest little bitches
  4. You're not wrong. on the other hand for all the bullshit Boston constantly gets away with they deserved it
  5. I fail to see how Lou's fuckup of a contract is suddenly Dubas' fault.
  6. Hell hainsey would probably be great in a mentor role for dermott or even one of the kids in sheltered minutes
  7. Hope giving matthews that rest game 7 was worth it Babcock you fucking dinosaur
  8. Boston- the only city in the world that can take a New York accent and make it sound even worse
  9. I'll agree that was a horrendous call and if there would be a way for neither of them to win that would be fine but fuck Boston
  10. Leafs

    Holland to Edmonton

    For now at least. If the team plays like game 41-82 again at the start firing should happen
  11. So long as they pick the sharks I dont give a fuck. Fuck Boston and all their teams that get away with murder
  12. Leafs

    Holland to Edmonton

    Feel free Holland.
  13. Cool its 2011 again Bruins can cheat their way to a cup fuck this garbage fire league
  14. Bruins get another game of favourable officiating colour me fucking shocked. This league is trash
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