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  1. Honestly I'm in the heavy play boat we dont necessarily need face punchers or Neanderthals but a few gritty players actually willing to put in the work for puck battles. All we really have that does it well and consistently is Hyman. I remember it was one of the reasons I really liked grabovski even with his flaws since when he was here since he rarely shied away from getting hit or grinding out a bigger player to get the puck.
  2. Not a huge fan of booing just one player but frankly the whole teams effort deserved some boos tonight from the top all the way down. One of the first games in a long time I've gotten pissed off over where a majority of the team just didnt seem to give a damn. The amount of lazy defensive plays where all i could think was what the fuck are they thinking was almost comical.
  3. That's fair I honestly forgot how his rookie season was but yeesh hes rough now
  4. Every pairing zaitsev has been on has been shit/worse. When everywhere you go smells like shit maybe check your shoes kinda thing. I still cannot fathom why he has such a cushy contract for being so mediocre to downright awful
  5. Zait and Gardiner can fuck right off anytime
  6. Gardiner and zaitsev are so bad together
  7. Leafs

    GDT: Leafs @ Devils.

    God hutch has been such a great pick up
  8. Leafs

    GDT: Predators @ Leafs, 7PM SN

    God damn this league is so fucking wishy washy with the inconclusive calls
  9. Leafs

    GDT: Predators @ Leafs, 7PM SN

    Seriously hes been garbage since last year
  10. I'll agree dermott and ozi will have a good future here I'm concerned with signing Gardiner depending on the cost though
  11. The problem is who do you pair zaitsev with then? He was awful when he was with Reilly and dermott/ozi have their own quirks to work through
  12. Hutch getting peppered but doing well really liking how he isn't shaky/spastic with his movements