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  1. Sparks is the goalie version of TJ Brennan good in the ahl but fucking lost in the NHL
  2. Zaitsev-Reilly "Reilly looks really off lately wonder why" Zaitsev-Gardiner "Gardiner looks really off lately wonder why" Zaitsev-Muzzin "Muzzin looks really off lately wonder why" When everywhere you walk smells like shit you best check your shoe. Zaitsev has made literally every partner he's had on the leafs look worse. Now Gardiner is who he is and makes some really bad decisions with the puck and muzzin has looked bad lately even without zaitsev but it seems to get compounded by having a terrible partner. The team really needs to consider jettisoning zaitsev as soon as possible before his NTC kicks in as his contract is abysmal for what we get
  3. Christ sake muzzin looks lost today and sparks looking as good as always
  4. The call was right but goddamn it's so annoying to see the game held up to break up a micrometer to see if its offside by a fraction
  5. This is true feel for McDavid having to put up with that dumpster fire
  6. Still pissed about dermott being injured by that hit. Just win this one for JT
  7. Close grundstrom and a 1st (plus rights to durzi)
  8. Agreed then you got the problem of "are certain players coachable" kind of arguments. Now if we miss the playoffs with this roster I imagine most of our coaching staff will be sacked but I'm not sure they'd fire Babcock over this year alone but if the players aren't buying what hes selling then it may be better to just fire and move on.
  9. I agree. can it give insight into certain things sure but it doesnt win games
  10. Jesus christ this fucking team is infuriating with all this talent on our roster we shouldn't be questioning if we can even make the playoffs. Something needs to change soon cause this whole "our advanced stats are good" shit doesnt matter when we cant win against low places teams
  11. Straight up donkey Kong the trash can jesus that was brutal
  12. Honestly I'm in the heavy play boat we dont necessarily need face punchers or Neanderthals but a few gritty players actually willing to put in the work for puck battles. All we really have that does it well and consistently is Hyman. I remember it was one of the reasons I really liked grabovski even with his flaws since when he was here since he rarely shied away from getting hit or grinding out a bigger player to get the puck.
  13. Not a huge fan of booing just one player but frankly the whole teams effort deserved some boos tonight from the top all the way down. One of the first games in a long time I've gotten pissed off over where a majority of the team just didnt seem to give a damn. The amount of lazy defensive plays where all i could think was what the fuck are they thinking was almost comical.
  14. That's fair I honestly forgot how his rookie season was but yeesh hes rough now
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