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  1. my dog has her paws over her eyes, just can't take anymore
  2. how many times does it take,to be like you's guys ?
  3. are "we" a little "bored" tonite ? ? and lookn' for a fight ? ? (there's a puck drop in about 30 min.) .. take it up with Edmonton,,see ya !
  4. Right On ,, !! this is true,,see ya !
  5. northern girls say yes you can ,, southern girls say "ya' all can",,, (don't ask, it just came to me) ,,Go Leafs GO ! ! see ya !
  6. here's a question,,, are we winning tonite ? ?
  7. I didn't want to say,, but, I believe it was a "migration problem",from east to west, we all seemed to have an "upper edge " on them , they were like a few years behind to the real world, that of course was a "gimme' ",,, (any Galgariens) ,,reading this are gonna' loose it ,,but it's true,, anyway "just had to! !" see ya ! G.L.G.
  8. lived in Calgary,for 6mth's ,, they do not like people from Toronto...( not sure why) ,, so ,, Go Leafs Go !!.... fk' em up !
  9. they need this game and 10 more..just to make a statement. "fk the trade deadline,we'll do it our way",,G.L.G..
  10. I sorta' missed you's "fkn' monkeys",,, only the ones that know what their talkn' about,, the rest ? (you know who you are),, nuff said ,, "yippie ki ya"
  11. YOU TALKN' TO ME !! , show some manners and be nice ,, I don't want to go "full coma" on you
  12. hey ! "man"... good to see that your still sticken" up for "real mans rights".. against all odds..and "winning",,, keep up the good work.. see ya ! I'll lend a hand anytime you may need it,, but as I see .."you got it for now" ..
  13. not really, just a "high risk investment".. and hope for the best..
  14. I'm from the west end of T.O. .. and fully understand how things were ,and, maybe still should be, now you got me missing the "old days".. take care, "stay the course"
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