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  1. we all just watched "bullshit",,so, lets hope for the next game,, (it fkn' better be better),,, see ya's !
  2. why the fk, is Gards out there when we are under pressure, SEE WHAT HAPPENS ,,every fkn. time
  3. thanks man timing is everything , G.L.G. ,, (marchand plays lickey .lickey).. he can lick my...... ? see ya !
  4. bandit

    Impaired driving and new laws

    sorry to but in on this topic,but, are we going to win tonite ????
  5. bandit

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    I always liked the forgotten brother, "skid" .. bye now!
  6. it was on my wish list ,but as you can see ,,it ain't so ,,
  7. I'll use your's also,, thanks.. we fkn' suck on defensive moves, no body ,only stick, and then turn the other way, and then one player skates to the front of the net and stands there like a "dummy" ( cue "fred sanford") ,, here;s something for all the smart people reading this ( that think they know so much ) ,not you bye the way!,,what the fk' could Gardiners contract include that ,says, he can still be on the team?,, was it "failure to provide proper concussion protocall ??,,, cause nobody in the "business is even saying anything about his negative play,,, not :Cherry, not "kepreos " ..not anybody..so... what the fuck is going on ???? ,, this is like one of those conspire theories.... nobody is talkn'..... see ya ! ..I'll see my self out now ..love ya's
  8. we need a stable defense "core" ,and it won't mater who's in net, if shots on, are minimal,,, "not fkn' 40 per game,, see ya !
  9. ya ! baby ,just keep playing "gards".. and we'll sure lose this one, sent it right through his own slot , and it's tied ? ? ?
  10. and also, "Hump Them Hard",, I'll see myself out now ,bye !
  11. bandit

    GDT: Leafs at Mild

    that's a shame, but thanks for the knowledgeable insight ,are you watching the same game?
  12. bandit

    GDT: Leafs at Mild

    please tell me."we're leaving Gardiner in Minnesota" , does Shannahan not see ?
  13. why does gardiner still get ice time?, press box would be better..
  14. I think, what we just watched , is ,what we're gonna' see for awhile , history repeats
  15. bandit

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    it has happened a few times before, all's going good, then "bam", Babs' has to change it up, "go figure ?", if we loose 3 games we'll be in 5th place, "very soon" ,see ya. games starting gota' go ,,