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  1. anybody know if "Gards" gets to play next game ? ? deja vu ..
  2. We Better Win the next game, (that's all I have to say)... so does "my little dog too !"
  3. the "lads" better dance... and pull a "boogalo" on the bruins heads.. G.L.G.
  4. here's one ...for you's monkeys..
  5. you seem wise, but take more time to think, before you speak (such as court room scenario) pretend you are addressing a jury,,, what you don't do is tell them they don't know shit and only you do... sound good ? see ya ! (for now) ..games on soon ..so.. G.L.G ..lets win this one also
  6. so , it takes you 3 seconds to discharge,, thanks for informing us of this feat, (you didn't have to explain ) some things are best kept to ones self ..
  7. aren't you suppose to be some kind of "law clerk" or something,, cause all your discharging is your brain today and every other day don't you have a real job ?
  8. that's what I hope also, G.L.G. (so does my little dog too ! )
  9. this is not a good nite. again, "are we not entertained though"
  10. we should not even need a goalie playing this team,, but , here we are ! once again "ya baby!
  11. doing great,,. just wait till "gards" gets back, it'll be even better, is it too late to start tanking? maybe heading for "wild card spot"
  12. your right, I guess this falls into, "all can play"... no matter what position , it takes a team to win,, retraction offered,,, just take it ! see ya !
  13. not dissn' the girl ,but, the faces of the players tell all ,it was meant as a question only, because it's been going on for a few years,and, no change, (she's not getting any better) ,, there will be no recording contract coming her way as a result of this ,,that's all ,,
  14. o.k. you's smart asses..tell me why that "broad" is still signing the anthem,, ? ? ? (greatest agent in the world ?), or ?
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