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  1. Doing Cinque Terre in October for two weeks, pretty excited. Just starting to get all the accommodations booked.
  2. There is seriously not a single likable player for me on Portugal. They all have equally punchable faces.
  3. I will eat a hat if Portugal makes the finals. Fuck that.
  4. I kind of jokingly took Wales in our work pool. I can't believe they are going to the semis. I can't see them going any further without Ramsey, though.
  5. Holy... shit... they are actually going to win.
  6. Fellaini is such a fuckin' goof.
  7. Not bad at all. $2.5M is easily manageable.
  8. I think a defender should be on the top of our list. I wouldn't be upset if we got him on a shorter term deal, but being one of the few good defensemen on the market, something tells me he'll get a pretty good contract somewhere.
  9. Been away for a loooooooong time from here. Been staying busy including a few new purchases. Hope everyone has been well. Going to try to make myself a familiar face again. My little doggo Charles Barkley... http://i.imgur.com/lUvF6YH.jpg And my new VW Golf. http://i.imgur.com/k1t1i8a.jpg EDIT: Also appears that I've lost the skill to embed photos in my time away.
  10. poz

    FIFA 16

    No, it hasn't always been the case. I've been playing them for a long time now. The shooting in this game is vastly different than the others.
  11. poz

    FIFA 16

    Yeah, I picked it up this week. I'm enjoying it much more than 15 where pace was king. The one issue I do have, and it will be resolved in time I guess, is that the shooting is ridiculously difficult. If you hold the button for more than like half second, it's in the third deck.
  12. poz

    NHL 16

    How is the EASHL now? Same as before? Any improvements? Still deciding on whether or not to buy.
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