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  1. noobman

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    He seems like a Mike Babcock type of player. He has a chance to do well for himself here in Toronto.
  2. noobman

    The Return of Ilya!

    He has a reputation as being the enigmatic, streaky, only-good-when-he-wants-to-be Russian player of yesteryear, but many of his ex teammates have had nothing but good things to say about him. I haven't seen much of him in recent years and I know he's not going to be the 22 year old Kovalchuk who tore up the league offensively or the 29 year old Kovalchuk who averaged an insane amount of ice time and played in all game situations. Still, though, I think he could be a great asset to any team. The downside is that he won't come cheap and will most likely want a deal with term. As for his fit with the Leafs, I think it's unlikely given the team's direction and the big contracts coming up, but I'm absolutely salivating at the idea of it happening. If Nylander moves back to center next year it opens up ALL kinds of opportunities. You can pair Matthews and Marner together on line 1 and pair Nylander and Kovalchuk together on line 2. Now you've got two lines that have both a highly-skilled playmaker and an elite goal scorer, with Marleau/Kadri/Brown likely filling up line 3, while JVR, Bozak, and Komarov all walk. Despite JVR's recent hot streak, I still think Kovalchuk is a big upgrade there. JVR works well on the PP and with softer offensive minutes, whereas I think Kovalchuk can still match up well against other team's best players and can play 5 on 5 well. To be really honest, I'm intrigued about the idea of Kovalchuk landing in San Jose. Peter DeBoer, his former New Jersey coach, is now there and trusted him as a player, plus that team has a good veteran locker room that he could really bolster. Just imagine what Kovalchuk could do as a trigger man with Joe Thornton dishing him the puck.
  3. noobman

    Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    I think they'd be more likely to throttle his practice workload than to sit him in more games down the stretch.
  4. He does a lot of bad things with the puck too though that you're pretty obviously glossing over to fit your narrative. It's not like we're singling out something Gardiner does a few times a season. He frequently makes mistakes that are damn-near inexcusable for a seven year veteran defenseman in the NHL, like putting the puck squarely on the stick of the opposition, being soft on a turnover and not working to get the puck back, or panicking and throwing the puck away in the defensive zone if he thinks he's going to get hit. To his credit, he can wheel the puck out of the zone well though (he turns the puck over too much for me to say he has a "good first pass") and is great at generating offense from the back end pinching on the rush and especially in 3 on 3 situations. I also think he works well on the powerplay. He's also improved by leaps and bounds since Mike Babcock arrived, to the point where I'd say he's the 2nd most improved player from the old regime (Kadri being #1) since Babs took over. I think he's a good second pairing offensive defenseman for the Leafs, whose real challenge is going to be finding him a defensive partner to help him play to his strengths while masking his weaknesses. Zaitsev is another great 2nd pair guy but I don't see him as complimentary to Gardiner.
  5. noobman

    Fehr for a 7th

    I still feel like Tanev is a better fit for the Leafs than Mike Green, though Tanev's history of injury is concerning.
  6. noobman

    Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    I don't think Babcock gives a damn about the media. I'm sure he likes having fun with them in interviews, post-games, and pressers, but beyond that he's not going to tweak practices and lineups for their sake. It's amazing to read Twitter and Reddit and see how many people call him a stubborn idiot because he doesn't do what they think he should do.
  7. noobman

    Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Luke Schenn? He's a big hitter and shot blocker but not exactly a hallmark of defensive stability.
  8. This is the first Golden Knights game I've watched. They are a damn good team. They don't have a ton of star power but they really do work hard and win by committee. It seems like the Leafs often have trouble with grindy teams that can match their speed. If anything it's more of a styles mismatch than a skills mismatch. The Leafs can score with the best of them but don't have an answer for that style of play. It's also really hard watching Martin Marincin try to play at the NHL level. Yikes. As for Polak, I like the elements of his game but I don't think he's NHL caliber anymore. I'm not opposed to having a similar player who can do the same things with the understanding that he'll be a bottom pair and PK guy, but I'm kind of over watching Polak try to put the pieces together. Maybe Coach Bab's patience will pay off come playoff time, but it looks downright ugly some games right now.
  9. He seemed very able-bodied for a 93 year old. Hell of a nice guy too... pretty much the unofficial team grandpa. I heard an interview with his grandson on the radio. He was sick for about a week, took a nap, and never woke up from it. That's not a bad way to go out at all.
  10. noobman

    NHL to Seattle?

    Divisional realignment in 2013-14 left one open spot in the Pacific Division and one open spot in the Central Division. There may need to be some rotation to make that work within the Western Conference, but I don't see them pulling a team from the Eastern Conference to the Western Conference to allow an Eastern team in via expansion. It's not ideal to have Eastern timezone teams playing in the Western conference. Half of your away games end up being at 9:30pm or 10:30pm at night. It's not ideal for travel or TV ratings, although with the geographic separation in the Western conference the travel is always rougher there. Right now all of the Eastern timezone teams are in the Eastern conference. Expect expansion into a western US market and relocation to Quebec City, if it ever happens.
  11. I can't say I'm surprised that they lost going into the back-half of a back-to-back game against a rugged veteran Capitals team. The Caps made pretty quick work of the Lightning last night and looked good to go, while the Leafs scraped out an ugly one against the Hurricanes and were noticeably flat through two periods. It was a good effort in the third, but not nearly enough.
  12. noobman

    Untracked stats you’d like to see tracked

    It's hard to track, but it would be cool to see shift times for players, and if we're being really in-depth I'd like to know how much time was spent in each zone. It would be interesting to see if there are lines or players that frequently help drive play in the offensive zone or get hemmed in their own zone.
  13. I like that line on paper. You've got two trigger guys in Matthews/JVR and Marner who can dish. If you need a net-front presence you can have JVR play that role.
  14. At the outset of the game I was a little worried. The Habs looked better early on while the Leafs were almost giving them a bit too much respect. Andersen was good early though. The Leafs really turned it on in the second, though. Montreal's AHL goalie was exposed as an AHL goalie and they all seemed to start crumbling by about the 3rd goal. It was a fun game to watch, no doubt. Beating the Habs on HNIC is always satisfying.
  15. noobman

    Nintendo Switch (formerly known as NX)

    I'm more or less the same way. Playing handheld is pretty rare unless I want some TV or podcast background noise. I've thought about taking my Switch out in public but I'm not a huge fan of gaming in public. I'd rather just be on my phone reading forums or something.