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  1. AM34

    Matthews Out Minimum 4 Weeks

    Man I get tired of the dude missing time
  2. Was he part of the process selling Tavares in coming to TOR?
  3. I guess I'm nervous because the extension isn't imminent. Really hoping this guy is a lifetime Leaf. Saw that McKenzie said he could be maneuvering to possibly hit FA at some point. Does anyone think that it's a real possibility he's not signed to a lifetime leaf deal? I didn't think I needed to worry about this but here I am... Sorry to be a nervous nellie, but until it gets done.... Would think the kid would want to build a legacy for a Yankees brand in hockey.
  4. AM34

    Leafs vs. Bruins Discussion

    STILL ALIVE! Season extended at least a game. That was awesome tonight. Props to the crowd who was incredible from the anthem to the final horn! Matthews with the big snipe! I will never forget tonight. All was well for at least a night. Nice to take it to the seemingly unstoppable Bruins. I hate Boston.
  5. AM34

    Matthews vs. Marner

    Matthews is generational. Scary to think what he would have done if we had kept him healthy.
  6. AM34

    Leafs vs. Bruins Discussion

    Can't believe how bad we have been or how invisible Auston Mathews has seemed. This year has been star crossed altogether. To think we were once a cup favourite. Feels like the season is over
  7. AM34

    Leafs vs. Bruins Discussion

    Gotta get the split, will swing the series. Kind of feel in my gut this one is going 7... one way or the other. Nothing cleanses the soul like an ass kicking. I know we will be sharper, at least I think; on Saturday night.
  8. AM34

    Matthews injury

    I'm convinced I'll croak before I see him play live. Nevertheless.... I'm happy he's back. And every time he returns he scores. Dude is just unbelievable, generational talent. Well worth all of our wait.
  9. AM34

    Merry Christmas, Leaf fans.

    Merry Christmas! God bless my Maple leaf brothers here. Great community here.
  10. AM34

    Matthews injury

    I feel like whatever is going on now was what ever has been going on all along.
  11. AM34

    Matthews injury

    Starting to get concerned. And just my luck; he's coming to town Wednesday.. all I wanted for Christmas was to see him play live. This was my shot... bummed.
  12. Still like them on the fourth line. These are valuable experienced veterans respected in the locker room. They won't return much anyways
  13. AM34

    Matthews injury

    Welcome back king of the jungle
  14. AM34

    Matthews injury

    At this point - he's obviously going to give it a go soon - but I think that you're looking at something that could linger all year. I want to be wrong!
  15. AM34

    Matthews injury

    Sounds like he prob won't play tomorrow but he's working towards a return. Really would like to know what the injury was.