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  1. Matthews injury

    I'm convinced I'll croak before I see him play live. Nevertheless.... I'm happy he's back. And every time he returns he scores. Dude is just unbelievable, generational talent. Well worth all of our wait.
  2. Merry Christmas, Leaf fans.

    Merry Christmas! God bless my Maple leaf brothers here. Great community here.
  3. Matthews injury

    I feel like whatever is going on now was what ever has been going on all along.
  4. Matthews injury

    Starting to get concerned. And just my luck; he's coming to town Wednesday.. all I wanted for Christmas was to see him play live. This was my shot... bummed.
  5. Still like them on the fourth line. These are valuable experienced veterans respected in the locker room. They won't return much anyways
  6. Matthews injury

    Welcome back king of the jungle
  7. Matthews injury

    At this point - he's obviously going to give it a go soon - but I think that you're looking at something that could linger all year. I want to be wrong!
  8. Matthews injury

    Sounds like he prob won't play tomorrow but he's working towards a return. Really would like to know what the injury was.
  9. Matthews injury

  10. Matthews injury

    Chris Johnston ✔@reporterchris Auston Matthews is absent for another #leafs practice. Hasn't skated with the team since last Monday.
  11. Matthews injury

    It has shown we are deep
  12. Matthews injury

    Best guess at when he's back?
  13. Matthews injury

    What the heck is it (upper body?) and how bad is it? They're being sparse on details. How long is it going to last?
  14. Leafs now favourite to win the Cup....

    Seems like whenever a team is favored to win it all this early in the year it doesn't happen