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  1. Last Movie

    Black Panther was okay
  2. Patrick Brown

    Probably, something with those conservative types, always in sexual scandals. It's the repression isn't it. How much of a fucking creep do you have to be for a good portion of the city to know?
  3. Patrick Brown

    He probably did something, but the CBC released an article about how he fed a high school under age girl drinks at a bar and took her home to sexually assault her and the girl admits she lied about the high school under age part. So now we don't know how reliable any part of that story is. And you're guilty until proven innocent in these situations. Is he a creep? Most likely. Is he a predator? Maybe. If he does intentionally go after too drunk girls, yes he is a predator. If he just made a move on a girl at a party and she rejected him. No, he's not a predator.
  4. Yet another school shooting.

    I agree, it's a cycle that fuels itself. When these events happen more people tune in, and in turn the news stations give it more airtime. But they have the ability and IMO responsibility of turning off the valve.
  5. Yet another school shooting.

    What a fucking mess of a post
  6. Yet another school shooting.

    The media making the shooters infamous is definitely part of it. I never said anything about violent movies. I like the archetype idea though.
  7. "in all of us command"

    Except when facts are sexist/racist. We ignore them. This has to do with more than just your post here. But it's apparent in your post here too with the privledge line and applying it to me. I thought I'd call it out this time after your tirade about Cali being a white male.
  8. Yet another school shooting.

    Multiple things are at play here. There is a reason this happens so frequently in the states. Its a mix of a lack of gun control, health care, resentment that is building up in society and the media fueling the fire. I feel like half of these shootings would have been avoided if the media didn't make this a 24/7 news story about the shooter. The shooters name should not be released and no mass attention given to him by the public. The rest of it can be eliminated by having stricter gun control. But not all of it. America has seem to have made its choice on this aspect of it.
  9. "in all of us command"

    Sexist. Replacing misogyny with misandry isn't a good solution. Playing the same game as racists, is also dangerous. Generalizing people and their experiences based on their race/skin colour is exactly the same game that racists play. You're agreeing to judge people and make claims of their experiences based on their skin colour. You're agreeing to the fundamental aspect of racism when you should be rejecting it completely. That's why I don't play that stupid game, and instead treat people as individuals. There are more differences within these groups you're generalizing than between them.
  10. Patrick Brown

    So much wrong with this that I can't even begin. We're in a lot of trouble in the future with the majority of people having similarly bleak amounts of insight.
  11. Patrick Brown

    http://torontosun.com/news/provincial/key-accusation-against-patrick-brown-false-ctv-now-admits The key accusations that lost Patrick Brown his spot as PC leader were false. She was out of high school and of legal drinking age, she now admits.
  12. Patrick Brown

  13. Another Canadian wanting to come home

    Its just like the Italians who came over decades ago. We accepted them and their difference in culture and religion. We're better for it now.