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  1. Roundabouts are great but how about tunnels. Fuck all this low speed bullshit, fling me across the province at 250kmh in an electric car in a tunnel.
  2. I mean at least a few people got it. I haven't quite mastered the art of subtlety.
  3. To be fair Uteck has never been wrong so he can’t change his opinions.
  4. I like grittiness throughout the whole lineup not just in a few players. I don't think the grittiness of one player makes up for the softness of another.
  5. Losing Kadri also makes us one of the “cleanest” teams in the league. Who is our dirtiest player now? Hyman?
  6. Is this the Uteck appreciation thread? I appreciate your ability to start discussions and get everyone on the same page. Uteck has brought most of this forum closer together. Without Uteck our off seasons would be boring. He's one of the only ones who challenges the clique on a regular basis. He's probably in the 5th percentile in terms of intelligence on this forum (with the likes of Jodi and Jhator). I appreciate your dedication to logic, reason, and facts. I appreciate how well thought out your posts are as evidenced by the lack of typos and missing words.
  7. Wow, uteck is just mopping Jodi up at his own game
  8. You’re a piece of shit. just kidding, accidents happen and bats and other winged creatures can be very fragile.
  9. No, he's still a bootlicker. The whole system is corrupt when idiots like this get off for murdering someone. They need to re-do the entire system. If you're fired from one police force you should be banned from them all. How fucking hard is that?
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