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  1. 40 seconds. 40 seconds. 40 seconds. Life or death decision. The important factor here is that AS HE IS COMPLYING HE GETS SHOT.
  2. Three people are yelling at you, you know there is a history of innocent Americans being shot by cops, you have to process the best way to handle this situation, and remember three people are pointing guns at you screaming. It's not that simple and their directions were unclear and wrong. There are countless examples of this and I can bring them up if you wish
  3. You have the right to carry a gun in some states, and you still get shot. People are going to start shooting back in these situations soon. He does drop it. And he gets shot. The second he starts complying he gets shot. It's not hard to see that. From the second the cop who shot enters the frame to the second he gets shot its 40 seconds.
  4. Three people yelling at you when you're in an awkward position. I'd also be taking a lot of time to contemplate how to drop something without spooking them. In the end he does reach for the gun and lower it slowly and the officer still shoots him.
  5. Some of it does have to do with the amount of guns in circulation. I don't agree with your second statement. Cops need to be held to higher standards because of their role as law enforcement. You're the one enforcing the law, if you break it there should be harsher or at least just as harsh sentences. This was a 25 year vet. There was no attempt for de-escalation and the directions given to the man were the ones that ended up getting him shot. It's even more difficult because they are often protected even when they are at fault.
  6. This is one of the most blatant ones I have seen. This one takes place on March 25 in Charlotte NC. The video shows the officer walking towards the suspect and shouting put the gun down several times. When the man finally removes the gun to put it on the ground slowly, the officer fires two shots right into him. This officer was involved in the situation for 40 seconds before she shot him. The victim was put in the position where no matter what he did (comply or not) he was going to be killed. Absolutely ridiculous and this officer should face a murder charge. Punishment for law enforcement should be harsher, not softer. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article229402784.html What the hell is wrong with people?
  7. Kulemin

    Fire! Fire!

    Fair enough
  8. This is not from the Onion, in case you were wondering
  9. Kulemin

    Fire! Fire!

    You think I'm like this around other people? lol The Raiden looks up to Jodi is the only angle I have for your posts, don't take it too seriously. I'm sorry if that hurt you.
  10. Kulemin

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    Are we in high school? You're my friend Raiden. I just wish you were your own person
  11. Kulemin

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    So you're the Rubin to his Shapiro.
  12. Kulemin

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    No but Jodi doesn't like it and that's super important to lil Raiden
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    Isn’t Ben Shapiro your idol?
  14. Kulemin

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    What region of France is Flint in?
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