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  1. I'd say Male Abortions are more MRA and Jodi supported that.
  2. It's about Paternity Fraud. The idea is to have a paternity test mandatory in order to list a fathers name on the birth certificate. Most people in committed relationships are not going to ask for a paternity test without causing an absolute shit storm with their partner. This sometimes leads to cases where the father raises a kid that isn't his (but he thinks it is), or pays child support only to learn later on that the child is not biologically theirs. I have my objections, but I will wait to raise them.
  3. Should we make paternity tests mandatory at birth? Discuss.
  4. Damn How did you find that? That’s super cool
  5. No I think he runs weekly google checks on Jhators name
  6. Damn how did you find that? That’s super cool.
  7. Nosocomial infections are a bitch, if it was MRSA or C.Diff that would explain a lot. Diabetes makes even more sense in this case as people with it are at a higher risk for sepsis. I'm guessing a normal dog bite not treated 100% properly could lead to this too, still a lot of bacteria in a dogs mouth. I did question not going to the hospital but being too hopped up on opioids to feel it sounds plausible.
  8. Lifetime prevalence is exactly within the %70 ballpark I said it was. It’s probably even higher now. I encourage you to go to the CDC website, link it up, especially the part where it says nearly all sexually active males will have had an HPV infection. The 1 or 2 year comment was within the HPV context and you know it. What is your catch phrase again? Piss poor facts and weasel words. That’s all I see from you now. A ton of weasel words and no facts. This isn’t me being an alarmist. HPV infections typically go away. It’s not that big of a deal.
  9. The more I talk to you the more I realize how ignorant you are. Please educate yourself. There👏Is👏No👏Approved👏Test👏For👏Males. HPV 👏infections 👏can 👏be 👏asymptomatic👏 If you’re asymptomatic there is no way of knowing and most strains are asymptomatic. Getting tested daily wouldn’t help you unless you were lucky enough to get the GW kind.
  10. I'm incapable of discussion without name dropping people out of nowhere when I can not support my argument
  11. I think you guys are taking this the wrong way. There is nothing wrong with the high kill counts. This is more about the prevalence of viruses. By the age of 5, 95% of children have had a rotavirus infection. Nobody doubts that but people hesitate at the thought of the prevalence of HPV. Estimates are that 70% of sexually active males have or have had HPV. There are many different strains and I am not doubting the fact that neither of you haven’t had symptoms. A lot of the times the virus is cleared within a year or two anyways. I didn’t even get into the prevalence of HSV. Latent phase viruses are sneaky fucks. On the parasite side, toxoplasma gondii is also pretty sneaky with rates of infection being anywhere between 11% to 60% depending on the population. Basically you’re infected with a whole bunch of shit and you don’t even know it.
  12. You're suppose to put the condom on then poke your dick through the saran wrap and create a saran wrap boxer. 100% safe
  13. HPV is one that even condoms don't fully protect against. EDIT: Now I feel like a public health nurse.
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