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  1. About to break this rule tomorrow. She's super cool over the phone though. I'll report back with how much of an idiot I am. Wish me luck lol
  2. so calling Jodi out for spouting racism at an ethnic group Is being a whiny shithead. go fuck yourself too id rather not engage with racists
  3. Yes, disregard everything this racist piece of shit fascist says.
  4. This is one comment among another few from Jodi that clearly target my ethnicity. I'm voting for whoever holds Jodiju accountable to his blatant racism. This is completely unacceptable and if anyone else were going on like this they would be immediately banned and called out for being a racist piece of shit. Suggesting that someone of an oppressed ethnic background has an inherent intellectual limitation is disgusting. The key word here is inherent. Jodiju claims to be against Nazi and Fascism yet sides with the Nazi's and Mussolini in his racism.
  5. Inherent? Sad to see you’re still with that racism. Maybe you’ll grow out of it one day
  6. Schrodingers communism at it again
  7. Kulemin

    Federal Election

    As do yours, You can't sort your own life out, why would anyone take your opinions seriously on how to sort society out.
  8. Kulemin

    Federal Election

    You really are insufferable Jodi.
  9. Trust me on this one, don't do that. We don't know you well enough to determine when you're devils advocate or just an idiot.
  10. I mean it is important to acknowledge your privilege and how it shapes the things that you say. Jodi does not want to have a conversation. It's something you'll learn soon enough. Anyways, if you start posting enough I'll develop a disdain for your opinions and debate you on literally everything.
  11. Thank you. I can guide you through these rough times
  12. Admit it Cognitive Bias, when I explained to you white privilege you got the idea much better than when Jodi was just flinging shit at your face. Under my guidance you accept and acknowledge your white privilege but under Jodi's you rebel.
  13. Conveniently, the only people you debate with and the only people that disagree with you on a consistent basis. If you could call someone a white male in a hockey thread you'd find a way to do so too. If anyone else disagreed with you yo'u'd be right there with the same responses. It's your go to when you have no real response, like right now.
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