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  1. How does Lebanc take a 1 x 1 contract and we can’t sign one of our RFas that easily
  2. Your comments offend more than just Pai Mei, this is a public forum.You can go spout your casual homophobia on whatever alt right forum you go on with the rest of the clown.
  3. It's a lock for dumbest idea of the year and it's only July.
  4. You're lucky Jodi isn't a con man. I bet you'd buy his sweat for $50 a mL. This is embarrassing for you.
  5. I don’t know if this warrants a new thread but Willie is switching to 88
  6. Kulemin

    GM Meetings

    We need to introduce the minus point to offset the 3rd and 4th assist. If the puck comes off your stick and the player that took it scores a goal or a goal is scored within 10 seconds you are docked a point. Jake Gardiner becomes the first player to be a -15 in the point column.
  7. Is anyone else kind of hoping for a Marner offersheet? I want this to be over with. If someone is dumb enough to give him 12 I want their four firsts.
  8. You guys are just talking past each other When someone says concentration camp, the first thing you think of is the Nazi concentration camps. That doesn't mean that all concentration camps are nazi concentration camps, and that also doesn't mean they have to be as severe as the nazi concentration camps. Most of the google results are going to be the Nazi concentration camps because of their severity. If you googled terrorist attack most of the results would be Islamic terrorist attacks, but that doesn't mean all terrorist attacks are Islamic terror attacks or that we can't say something is a terrorist attack unless it is of the severity of 9/11.
  9. No, it's from before that. Not how you do, but how the other people who are outraged at the use of the term.
  10. No, it is a concentration camp. It's not a "Nazi concentration camp", but it is a "concentration camp". This is why people get offended at it being called a concentration camp because that's the bar for a concentration camp for them and problem the only one they have heard of.
  11. Your best post in years.
  12. People that get paid millions of dollars to play a game. Let's not pretend it's some crazy sob story. He's going to an amazing city, he's had the privilege of playing in the NHL for one of the best markets for years. He's fine. We can talk about it from a business/sports standpoint.
  13. I heard the Leafs were offering Marner for Barrie Kerfoot and a 1st. It was either that or Kadri and I guess the Avs wanted Kadri's wicked contract.
  14. Thank you for not harming the bumble bees. You aren't that big of an asshole after all.
  15. Which is not a problem as a rental. Just stay healthy for the playoffs.
  16. That's a very good point. We can address our slight inadequacies down our line up on deadline day with rentals. I don't imagine it would be too hard to grab a bottom 6 forward or solid bottom 4 d at the deadline.
  17. Sorry but that's not how it works. It's not about matching a single replacement players salary to the player on LTIR's salary. LTIR allows you to exceed the salary cap by the LTIR players salary by adding replacement players, it doesn't have to be a single player. Straight from the CBA http://www.nhl.com/nhl/en/v3/ext/CBA2012/NHL_NHLPA_2013_CBA.pdf
  18. Kadri quite literally bled for the Leafs. He was here during some of our darkest years. It's more about what Kadri has been through with us than who he was a fan of when he was a kid.
  19. Gardiner < Barrie Zaitsev = Ceci Kadri > Kerfoot Overall not bad.
  20. Kerfoot is a Kadri replacement. A damn good one at that. He's what we need in a 3C role. The downgrade for our usage of the 3rd line is not significant enough to worry. Adding Barrie on the other hand turns our D from worrying to ok
  21. My heart breaks for Kadri. The heart and soul of the Leafs. I always wanted him to be a career Leaf. But holy fuck, what a return. Kerfoot and a 2nd wouldn't be a bad trade for Kadri yet alone Kerfoot and Barrie. How did we manage to fill the top RHD role without creating another hole in the lineup. I don't see how we sign Ceci now, as is.
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