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  1. 'Ye

    Look what I bought!

    Why have you been so funny lately
  2. 'Ye

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Heard that Brent guy won't fuck off or turn into a psycho
  3. 'Ye

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    It came from Brent doing work only for it to be undone and then redone again the original way.
  4. 'Ye

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    In this moment? I am euphoric. Not because of any phony gods blessing. But because I am enlightened by my own intelligence.
  5. 'Ye

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    You know what they did in the concentration camps? They had signs that said "Work will set you free". They made some of the prisoners carry bags of cement from one end of the camp to the other. Then told them to bring it back. The torture wasnt just physixal but psychological because they knew what they were doing had absolutely no point. Just one of the many cruel things that those evil fucks conjured up. Source: http://atarafehr.tripod.com/id8.html
  6. 'Ye

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    I don't think anyone was saying JUST do those things but they're a good start. In the same way that just taking medication isn't going to solve your depression if the rest of your life is in shambles. All these things need to work together. Take the pills. Work on yourself.
  7. 'Ye

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    Was on my reading list for a while, came up on Amazon for $9 for a hardcover. DONT MIND IF I DO
  8. 'Ye

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    It's not just any one of those things. It's a combination of all of them. Exercise, eating well, meditation not doing drugs or alcohol are things every single one of us can do to make our lives better. It's some structure in your life that helps. That's why having a job can be very important in mental health.That all goes for someone struggling too. As Jodi was saying, orienting yourself towards a goal is one of the biggest things that help. Read Mans Search For Meaning. Absolutely changed my perspective on life. I just asked myself, how can people have the will to survive through the absolute hell of concentration camps? And, don't write off medication. The stigma with it scares a lot of people off. It works for a ton of people. Your brain may very well have a chemical imbalance that is inhibiting you from feeling better. But you also have to work on the rest of your life too, and the medication helps you do so. Find the right medication. Find a job. Find good friends and relationships. And absolutely stay away from the drugs/alcohol.
  9. 'Ye

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Was Dr Peterson your clinical psychologist?
  10. 'Ye

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Thanks babe, I love you too
  11. 'Ye

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Yup that's why I have abstained from drugs. We just don't know how they effect a developing brain. So many intricate processes go on that I wasn't adding to any risk of that fucking up. Also why I won't take anything that has a potential side effect of killing wood. At this point I have no urge to try any drugs.
  12. 'Ye

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    I'm too scared to take any pills that could mess with boners. That's all I have left. Me and my boners.