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  1. Well, when you put it like that Lets hope the old "new" team shows up after the ASG break and we can go 24-4-3 in the next 12 games 🤞
  2. I didn't want to spend the next 8 days stewing over this performance, but here we are....again. Man, I miss the good ole days where we went like 9-0-1
  3. All the crap talk aside, Andersen is just not a fast reacting type of goalie. If the puck isn't shot right at him its 50/50 if its going in.
  4. Down 1 with zero sots on goal...you gotta work to do that! Fuk! I've said it before and I'll say it again...Andersen just isn't that good. If the puck doesn't hit him...look out. Five hole Freddie...fuk off!
  5. Calgary doing a nice job of keeping us to the outside. 3rd period...lets open the flood gates (on Calgary that is).
  6. So, the elephant no one in the room is discussing...1st game without Reilly...BIG WIN....2nd game without Reilly...D looks half decent (relative to the Leafs "normal" D....can we draw any conclusions??
  7. I guess the question remains...if this team makes the playoffs....will they fold quicker than Superman on laundry day....once the physical game begins (thinking of you Nylander)?? Btw...thank you for this game...luving it
  8. Of course. The core of the team (Matthews/Marner/Tavares/Hyman....easier to tell you who I don't like.....Andersen/Reilly/Ceci/Nylander/Kapanen/Marancid. Don't get me wrong...I've been a Leaf fan since the 60s...so some time invested. I just really, really, reilly, hate the crappy play that surfaces with this team all too often. I know, I know, its a process that time will temper...well...I'M RUNNING OUT OF FUKING TIME!!
  9. And I, for one, look forward to a game without Reilly :). Wonder which Freddie will make an appearance tonight?
  10. I guess that plays into the softness of our D as well...throw a hit once in a blue moon ffs.
  11. My issue with the Leafs is that they can be awesome on one night and suck beyond belief the next. For a professional organization I expect there to be less of a spread in level of play, The inconsistency is just too wide. For the record, from the 1st game with Toronto I never liked watching Andersen play, win or lose. He is not a goalie to be relied upon. He seems lost much of the time. Hutchinson even more so, a lot, lot, lot more so. Hopefully this will be a "one of" for the year and its clear sailing ahead. Will be curious to see what Freddie does in the All Star game (if hes still a Leaf that is)
  12. Unfortunately we all know, in the back of our minds, Hutchinson is the backup, so that kinda helps with his overall impression I guess. His goals against doesn't inspire confidence.
  13. Winnipeg looks absolutely tragic, maybe they are just pulling us down to their level? Really, to be losing to them is quite remarkable. I don't care what anyone says...Freddy is a liability.
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