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  1. Get rid of that lump Gardiner...fucking useless!!
  2. Gardiner was on for both goals...I wish he'd been traded. Polak doesn't look bad at all paired with McDermott.
  3. GDT: Leafs Vs Blueball Jackoffs

    I luv the winning streak as much as the next guy but does anyone know how much time they spent floundering in their own zone - what trash defence, never seen anything like it. They gotta get their act together in that area, it just seems to go from bad to worse.
  4. GDT: Leafs vs Tampon Bay

    And win a damn puck battle once in awhile...if it wasn't for Matthews/Nylander........................
  5. GDT: Leafs vs Tampon Bay

    We tried desperately to snatch defeat from the jaws of V....that damn defense still blows to high heaven. Still don't care how many point Gardiner has, his defensive playing bites. How many times did TO lose possession of the puck in the neutral zone??
  6. That turned into a nice, entertaining first period. Still not in love with Gardiners defensive play...no matter how many points he has.
  7. Ugh...bad, bad passing and not able to penetrate the blue line...not looking good early on.
  8. Zero offense all night. We didn't even score a goal...Bruins put the only one in the net for us.
  9. The ACC in-arena announcer

    Oh c'mon, age is no excuse for that crap.
  10. The ACC in-arena announcer

    What about the singer of the national anthem? That Martina Lortiez (or something like that) she is so bad!!
  11. Agreed. They played a complete game - and looked good doing it. I wish they hadn't spent the last 2 min of the third in their end but I know they were just killing the clock.
  12. Am I watching the same game here wrt Gardiner? The man loses about every battle in the D zone, is a physical as a wet noodle and consistently makes some really, really crappy plays - especially when - supposedly - trying to move the puck out of our end - how many times has he ended up passing it off to an opposing player before it ever gets out??
  13. As much as you are that these Leafs are paid to play hockey??
  14. I do not understand how hockey players - who have done nothing else in their lives - can play so badly? WTF?? You have to honestly trying to be this bad, it can't be by accident. I also hate hearing "so and so player has never scored this year" or "Chicago hasn't has any short handed goals yet" or "the goalie hasn't scored a goal yet" you just know that Toronto will deliver for them!!! This is on Babcock - 50 MILLION - for this horse shit?? Fuck off!