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  1. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    C'mon Leafs, show up on time. Penguins won't roll over for you and show Andersen some luv for Petes sake!!
  2. You know, I've watched all the Leafs games this year and I gotta say - it is a modern miracle on ice. How a team plays like that and is still within 3 points of top spot - it defies all logic. Andersen I owe you the biggest apology for not giving you any love after the October debacle and now I give you my sincerest sympathies for the way that this Leafs team has abandoned your safety in the net. What is it going to take to get your - supposed - team mates to back you up and fuck up the opponents who are running you over with impunity?? Babs, a one armed bandit can juggle lines better than you have been of late. Leafs, you've had so much time off of late and yet you continue to start the game flat footed? - being a lazy bum wasn't your life choice. You chose to play hockey - please feel free to start this endeavor at any time - preferably before the end of the regular season. Fuck...GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I guess I'm just wishing they could dominate more in the offensive zone. The lack of dominance in our defensive zone........
  4. Okay, your sugar coating this a bit. The Leafs still looked pretty bad even when in the offensive zone. A lot of skating around and not shooting when opportunity presented itself. They just are not looking as organized as they could be - a lot of the time?
  5. How many times did a Leaf players fire the puck into the Canucks legs/feet from short range while in the offensive zone?
  6. Hainey and Rielly are really sucking at defence tonight? Why do they just keep backing up into their own zone - stand them up at the blue line? Take your freakin man - HIT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Once again the Leafs surprise. I'd thought I had seen their worst...until the 1st period tonight. Fucking useless.
  8. Maybe these bozos are just not in shape? They played well for the first 2 min of the opening period and then crashed. Thank you Andersen for winning this game - you were on your own - AGAIN - buddy! Fuck man, I wish I could tie some of these "defense" players and lash the pricks. Wake the fuck up and earn your damn money!
  9. Wish Babcock would just start benching these lazy pr**ks. Man I hate these fools being paid ridiculous money and forcing me to endure the unendurable...(I have to watch cause I paid for this abomination!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. You know, I'd expect to have one or two players show up looking kinda flat - why is it the entire team does this? It sucks - I want more consistency. Please, please pull it together in the 3rd and win this - how can you live with yourselves if you don't - it isn't just about the money and the chicks!
  11. A wins a wins....more by good luck than good management. Go Leafs Go!!!!
  12. Bottom 5 or worse by mid - Jan. Play-offs......fuuuggetttaboutttitttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. These people can't be in great shape. They play for the first 5 min and then struggle to last the rest of the game. What the hell? This is the best years of their life and they can't play a 60 min game full out - with 4 lines? Its embarrassing. I've said it before and I'll say it again - boys playing against men. Where is your freakin heart or self-respect??
  14. Yes, the first 5 minutes looked good. Kinda reverted to the normal "on their heels" look after that. Still better than the previous 3 or 4 efforts. This team has a hard time giving 100% all the time.
  15. Ok, yes a type O, but the comment stands. I'm been a leaf fan for almost 57 yrs. You can't tell me your impressed with this level of play? Its like most of the time they are just going through the motions of playing hockey without any "goal" in mind - just show up skate around abit and get your paycheck. Lets see some consistent effort. I am frustrated!