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  1. GeneralT001

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    How can they not identify certain individuals as dead weight. We all have.
  2. GeneralT001

    Post-mortem, 2017/18.

    No, no excuses. Best season and all that side, we all watched the entire season and can conclude: Gardiner has to go and won't be missed. He is an unacceptable liability on D; Andersen is not reliable/consistent. You just don't know what Andersen will show up game to game - hopefully that improves with a better D; Grit from the forwards needs to materialize - will come with age - something positive for the future; What I don't get is why babcock continued to allow the crap D throughout the entire year. It was so painfully obvious to all that Gardiner is so bad on D and yet no change??
  3. Am I the only one who sees a strong resemblance between Gardiner and Ricky of Trailer Park Boys??
  4. One of the biggest faults for the Leafs in this series is that they didn't show up to play for a number of the games. Makes you wonder why they can't play competitively consistently and for the full 60 minutes. Boston beat us hands down in that department - we beat ourselves in most others.
  5. I would so love to have Bufgulen (not sure how you spell that) on our defense...hell I would even trade Gardiner to get him
  6. Thank heaven atleast we have the Jets to watch GO JETS GO and fuck you you miserable Leafs and fuch you Freddie and especially FUCK YOU GARDINER. You think theres any chance of babcock telling like it is after at the after game interview or are his wise words gonna be something like " well the boys gave it their all but came up just a little short", fuck me???
  7. What can you say when your goalie lets 2 softies in in game 7?
  8. The only way TO wins tonight is if the rest of the team does it for Freddie - Freddie is just not in it - talk about shit goaltending, its like he's not there. Gardiner and hainsey are an absolute disaster. I honestly believe that if it wasn't for those two fuck ups we'd be up by 2 goals - F**KING RETARDS!!. Well we better hope God is a Leafs fan because there is no way on Gods green earth we win this without his help. Shit show on repeat.
  9. Do the Leafs never get upset with themselves?? Twice hainsey fucked up and didn't clear it on that PK. Babcock should be reading them the riot act NOW, call a freakin time out and sort these defensive idiots out.
  10. Fuk U TO...start playing you lazy shits...no puck battle wins...always turning it over in our end...when will it stop...WTF is wrong with U...Johnsson U need to stay off the ice!!
  11. looks like a bit of a shit show so far. Why are we being out hustled? The Leafs do know they have to win tonight....right?