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  1. Why, has the site been overly active of late?
  2. Getting so tired of these guys who just want more and more money. When did it stop being about hockey exactly?? "So why risk it all for a couple of extra bucks you don’t even need? This is such nonsense. Mitch Marner – a winger and the (generously) third best player on his team is requesting – allegedly, it must be said – to be paid like the league’s third highest per/minute point producer, and $2 million more than the league’s reining best player (who plays the same position). It seems a bit greedy. He’s coming off like a jerk. If we’re being honest, he seems like an immature kid who’s getting extremely bad advice." https://editorinleaf.com/2019/07/29/toronto-maple-leafs-mitch-marner-maddens/
  3. Not gonna recognize this Leaf team come October!
  4. That's the first time I have listened to anything that Babcock has said...ever. The guy is a douche plain and simple. He lies and doesn't even believe what he is saying. His paycheck is his bottom line. Fuckwad.
  5. Maybe we can replace Nylander with Kessel?? Never thought I'd type that sentence
  6. Its funny: "Babs pulled his goalie in game 6 with over 2 minutes left in a game they needed almost as much as the Bruins and without possession in the offensive zone. He also did nothing to correct an abysmal power play in the latter part of the season. Brutal coaching.This Leaf fan is done drinking his Kool Aid. Good riddance Jake, don't let the door hit you in the vagina on the way out!"
  7. I'll take McBackup over Andersen...thanks.
  8. In all honesty...from the puck drop...the Bruins have been the better team. Sure we have the odd push but overall this team just isn't that big a threat. I haven't seen any great advantage speed wise and the ability to control the play in the offensive zone easily goes to Boston. Another fking year.
  9. Finally...now is Gards time to shine Period three baby...Gards gonna bring the magic!!!
  10. C'mon Gardiner is only -9 in the series!! The Leafs will win because right now - between periods - the Bruins are laughing themselves silly and won't be able to play for the last 2 periods! Remind me again about the definition of insanity...wrt putting fuk nuts Gardiner on the ice??
  11. Yes...beat them and ALL is forgiven...can I get an AMEN!!
  12. Against the odds...…...……………………………………………………………………….JUST DO IT FOR ONCE IN YOUR PATHETIC LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. We have a team again...Yeah Couldn't ask for more. Thank You.
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