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  1. GeneralT001

    GDT: Leafs Vs Queens

    Please keep the legs moving for the 2nd!
  2. GeneralT001

    GDT: Leafs Vs Queens

    Whew, no Sparks...we have a fighting chance. Holy crap...they are dead last...lets get some
  3. Come on Leafs and make my night. Make the Devils look like Stanley Cup champs compared to the Bruin chumps!!
  4. GeneralT001

    Where is Nylander?

    If he dropped dead tomorrow would the Leaf franchise collapse? 5.5 - 6 million a year is extremely generous FFS. Personally I'd favor trading him at this point. If the Leafs play as they can (as evidenced in the game against Pittsburgh) then he won't be missed. Better get some damn good defense playersfor him though.
  5. GeneralT001

    GDT: Toronto vs Shitsburgh

    Great game. Please keep it going!! Up next LVGKs.
  6. GeneralT001

    GDT: Toronto vs Shitsburgh

    Please, please, please keep it together for the 3rd!! Who could ask for more (well maybe no Gardiner stretch passes or Zaitzev up the middle clearing efforts). Great game!!
  7. GeneralT001

    GDT: Toronto vs Shitsburgh

    Luv what I am seeing. Great first. Heres wishing they played more like this every period in every game.
  8. GeneralT001

    GDT: Toronto vs Shitsburgh

    This game is going to be insane!!! As in the Leafs doing the same shit and hoping for a different result Get it together you pricks!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Although, there are a lot of great players on the team aside from Matthews/Nylander (hopefully Nylander soon). Why can't our high priced depth get in there and do what they are being paid to do. I appreciate an off night but this is more than that. Saturday against Pittsburgh should be interesting (I hope).
  10. 3 goals in 5 games on home ice is an issue - don't be blind to it.
  11. I'd luv to see some of that in any TML player...…..PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking deadbeats.
  12. Heres hoping and continued optimism
  13. Your probably right but is it only my perception that the Leafs go from super awesome to unbelievably bad more than any other team. The spread between bad play and good play is just too wide. They need to find a better median between the two.
  14. For sure I'm frustrated. We all should be. We want the Leafs to be dominant and play to their potential. I am just at a loss as to why they do this to themselves time after time? Maybe its just an on going curse?
  15. C'mon, they didn't play for most of that Sat game and managed a minor miracle in the third. They have been out played and out shot for at least the last 3 games. Were has the team speed gone? The offensive effort? The control in the offensive zone? They have looked absolutely abysmal over the last 3 games. I just don't get it. All this fresh skill and its gone - were has Tavares gone? Who has stood out of late on this team?