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  1. GeneralT001

    GDT Leafs vrs Rangers

    24th place team vs a 6th place team...walk in the park
  2. GeneralT001

    GDT: Senators vs. Leafs. 7:30 PM EST, SN.

    Glad we pulled that out. Anderson didn't have his strongest game tonight though. Looked kinda like a spent dick the way he was flopping around the net.
  3. GeneralT001

    GDT: Senators vs. Leafs. 7:30 PM EST, SN.

    Lets make another statement tonight...my love continues to grow game by game...in part thanks to Muzzin!! Bit more muscle and we just might have something here.
  4. GeneralT001

    Pens @ Leafs

    Totally different team tonight and in a good way. definitely came to play with some physicality...GOOD! Puck control could be better in the OZ though. Gardiner is...well...Gardiner.
  5. GeneralT001

    Simmons on TO...Sounds About Right

    No matter what top team they do happen to beat (TBL/Wash Cap) putting on the performance of last night or other nights against much lower teams is just never acceptable or excusable. Babcock should have ripped these dicks a new one a dozen times over. I wish he would just bench the lot of them (except maybe the goalie) and have a complete line up of the Marlies or the like for a game or two. Fuk em!
  6. With backdrop talk of offer sheets, constant conversation about how many millions each important player will be paid, the daily discussion about who will be traded here next, and with all that noise, fascination and more, the Maple Leafs don’t look anything like a Stanley Cup contender right now. Heading into Saturday night against Pittsburgh, the Leafs looked (especially when playing lower-echelon teams, such as Detroit) like a squad wavering on the brink of disinterest. They were disorganized and playing without emotion. There has been nothing frightening about the Leafs at all for the opposition as they’ve gone 4-8 in their last 12 games. This has to be of great concern to Kyle Dubas, the first-year general manager, when he has a slew of free agents upcoming, most of them restricted, almost all of them to be paid beyond what they have accomplished so far. By the beginning of next season, he will have invested more than $40 million in John Tavares, Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner and William Nylander. No team in hockey has ever had so much tied up in so few starting next season and on too many nights of late, the sparse rosters of the Red Wings, Coyotes and Panthers this season, none of whom will play in the post-season, have outplayed, outworked and on the scoreboard beaten the Leafs. Mike Babcock, highest-paid coach in hockey history, isn’t a candidate for coach of the year. Babcock said he liked the way the Leafs played in Detroit Friday night. That, too, is a concern. If Babcock was, in fact, speaking the truth, he has become delusional in this season suddenly heading in the wrong direction. THIS AND THAT One minute to play. The game is tied. Who does Babcock (or D.J. Smith) put on defence? Morgan Rielly and Ron Hainsey. Jake Muzzin on the bench, playing the least amount of time he had in a game this season. Isn’t this why the Leafs traded for him? … Simple way to avoid offer sheets. Sign Matthews and Marner before July 1. Protect your largest assets and they are that …
  7. 100 million+ for that steaming pile of crap?? They weren't worth a dime store novel. Laughable what passes for professional hockey.
  8. Some new blood on D can only help. Detroit isn't exactly burning it up either. Heres hoping they get inspired.
  9. GeneralT001

    GDT: Capitals vs. Leafs 7:30 EST SN

    Not common fuking sense at least.
  10. GeneralT001

    GDT: Capitals vs. Leafs 7:30 EST SN

    Am I the only one who gets tired of that age old cop out of B2B games being like such a herculean task for a bunch of boys in their prime to manage?? I mean come on, this isn't the Bataan Death march ffs - its a damn game - what am I missing??
  11. GeneralT001

    GDT: Capitals vs. Leafs 7:30 EST SN

    So, will they give a s**t tonight or not risk anything physical before their week off? Feel sorry for the players that show up every night to play (Tavares/Marner/Reilly/Matthews). It really bites to watch them nose dive as they can beat any team on any night if they are so inclined...I just don't get it.
  12. GeneralT001

    GDT: Coyotes at Leafs 7pm (ET) SN

    Saving themselves??….what reality are you living in?? This is the repeat and play Leafs..season over season...…..
  13. GeneralT001

    Gardiner Day to Day w/ Back Spasms

    Give it a rest...the point is Gardiner will not disgrace the ice tonight
  14. GeneralT001

    Gardiner Day to Day w/ Back Spasms

    Life without Gardiner...tis a dream come true...win...lose or draw
  15. Hope this is all part of a trade deal in the near future. I couldn't care if TO tanks...just get that luddite out of here.