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  1. Once again...the Leafs will have something to prove tonight. I'm going with a win as they will undoubtedly make more of an effort than the mess with Washington. That's what really gets to me...this team could win everything if they just put in the effort - they are overflowing with talent and ability.
  2. What I will never understand is why can't this team perform well - coach or no coach?? They've been playing this game for pretty much their entire lives (15+ yrs). They've seen everything there is to see by now - there is no new ground to cover. Just get out and play ffs - play to win - play with heart - play with grit - play with desire. Seems to me that the motivation to win and give this elusive 110% ebbs and flo's with this team way too much. They are not being paid ridiculous amounts of money just to show up. Coach or no fuking coach these asshats should be able to perform night after night given this is all they fuking do - and they do have the fuking talent!! .500 hockey should be an obscenity for these players.
  3. Yes, and Nylander with a career game (HA!). Still gonna be lucky if he nets 16 for the entire season.
  4. What a shit show. These multi million dollar pussies better start playing or Babcocks a goner. And yes...Freddie still sucks...what a fucking sieve, if he had any sense of decency he'd sit himself out for the rest of the month - I don't think we'd be any worse off. With the amount of - supposed - talent we have on this team we should be an organized and winning franchise - WTF!!
  5. Pretty much a shit show from start to finish. The Habs outskated us and our ongoing troubles with defense continue. Mind you there were plenty of nice plays to get out of our zone but there were also way too many times that we were running around like lost chicken - Gardiner even popped into my head!! I hope this team plans on improving because that was not Stanley Cup material tonight. Who blows a 3 goal lead like that??
  6. If hes nothing but a play maker then pay accordingly - hes way over paid for that.
  7. Its gotta be said. Nylander - 0 goals. Still prognosticating 16 goals for the year. HE SUCKS! Yes, I am an official hater. Lovin the rest of the boys though - DYNASTY BABY!!
  8. Bout time Nylander lost the fuzz. Still think he'll do no better than 15 goals.
  9. Here you go: I am so hoping TO brings it!!!! Go Leafs Go!!
  10. Nylander will continue to be dead weight.
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