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  1. I hear Don Cherry is now available.
  2. Different night, same shit. They are terrible at handling the puck and seem to just love passing to someone surrounded by three Flyers???....WTF! And I don't care what anyone says...Andersen sucks...most of his saves are dumb-ass luck.
  3. If Gauthier could only add a bit more physicality to his game then he would be complete!!
  4. Nylander also seems to make a habit of just loosing the puck at random, have to really question those sticking handling skills. Toronto still looks so weak offensively given their talent pool. Not really playing as a jelled team yet?
  5. I keep breaking out in a cold sweat when I fantasize about this current team being in the playoffs...its a lost cause. They have got to have some huge improvement in all areas. Not what I was hoping for this year with all the money wasted invested in those top players.
  6. Yet another sad display of effort - with zero reason. Soft team, no heart and embarrassing watching Mitchy avoid all contact.
  7. Yes, but that isn't Toronto...at the moment. The number of turnovers and lack of puck possession is a real problem. There is just something so satisfying in a good clean jarring check. You'll get the respect of the other team fairly quickly if they know they can't just run you at their whim. They way Toronto is playing at the moment they need to step up their physical play because there possession/offense are just not there.
  8. Yes, I get that...but that shouldn't get in the way of physical play...you'd think?? Can't you have both? Is it that difficult to check someone when required or when needed - to send a message??
  9. I don't quite understand how the coach can determine that? Shouldn't you be allowed to play physically on your own as long as you can perform your primary duty (offense/defense)?
  10. Have to agree. At this level of sports should be pretty natural to motivate yourselves - it should be in your genes - no coach required!
  11. Isn't NHL hockey supposed to be a physical/aggressive sport? In what decade was this beaten out of the Leafs? Are you telling me that you can't be aggressive and have talent (Ovechkin/Crosby/McDavid?)? Do none of this type of player exist anymore in the NHL? This whole thread has been a lame attempt at trying to find excuses for the shit the TML's keep dishing out. We've seen this same team year after year play with the same limp panties enthusiasm that just bores people to tears and makes you tear your hair out or change the channel. Maybe right now though they are really...really...terrible...even for them! Its definitely not a money issue or a talent issue. Its has to be the lame ass job being done by Babcock and/or the coaching staff. He seems to be unable to motivate these prima donnas into action. Like the rest of you I would like to see an all out effort every night and real physical play - not just once every few games to try and ease the humiliation. I would love to see more of this high priced stars get benched - not sure it would help much as they get payed no matter.
  12. I think the team - as a whole - realizes they've hit rock bottom and they are going to move forward from here on in. This game is the Leafs - no question. looking forward to the next 2 periods!
  13. Really? They look like a well oiled machine to you? A mess pretty much describes it - Dynasty it ain't.
  14. Yeah, but even an idiot is right twice a day....oh, no...a broken clock...i mean a broken clock!!.....
  15. Don't think this guy is much of a babcock fan either: "The fact that the Leafs even made this close is enough of a positive takeaway to feel good about it. Had they received even a moderately competent level of coaching, they might have won." https://editorinleaf.com/2019/10/23/toronto-maple-leafs-viable-excuses/
  16. One huge disappointment after another. Arguable the team is significantly worse than last year ffs.
  17. As God is my witness.... I have a daughter who plays midget AAA and they offer more physicality than these Leafs...I'm SERIOUS!! Fuking puffs! They are playing atrociously...the D is absolutely abysmal. I miss you Gardner!! (NOT!!) To my eye this is not professional hockey being played by the Leafs. It is knee jerk panic attack after knee jerk panic attack. Why oh why oh why???
  18. Shit show from start to finish. This team doesn't get past the 1st round...if they even make the playoffs. They are simply soft and horrible.
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