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  1. Pfft...your talking about the old or those with underlying issues...hardly a surprise and wouldn't be any different with a severe flu.
  2. Deaths COVID-19: Approximately 4,718 deaths reported worldwide; 38 deaths in the U.S., as of Mar. 12, 2020.* Flu: 291,000 to 646,000 deaths worldwide; 12,000 to 61,000 deaths in the U.S. per year. The COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly. Since this disease is caused by a new virus, people do not have immunity to it, and a vaccine may be many months away. Doctors and scientists are working on estimating the mortality rate of COVID-19, but at present, it is thought to be higher than that of most strains of the flu. *This information comes from the Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases map developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering. I'll not even take note until deaths are in the millions and normally healthy people are dropping like flies. This is overblown BS.
  3. Wonder whos deciding they need hospitalization...them or a doctor??
  4. Its really beyond reason. The death rate is what...1% from this COVID?? You've got more to fear from the regular flu. Cannot help but wonder how the powers that be would handle a real emergency??
  5. What the hell is a cake for the 100th birthday of Pvt Fred Arsenault being shown with "Comrade" on it???
  6. Yuck. Wheres the heart in this team? Wheres the offense? Its painful to watch. Will the disappointment never end? How the hell is this bunch of semi talented pros even talking possible playoffs?? Its quite amazing, rally.
  7. Well find a way....wheres theres a Willie" theres a way....just kidding
  8. Can Toronto please start to dominate now. LA's not even making the playoffs. Toronto looks pretty slow, need to get it in gear for the 3rd.
  9. For sure (I flew Buffalos in Trenton) but the Airforce had other plans.
  10. Well, the plan was to move into Victoria, for the kids/school, but the prices were just too high...so figured Nanaimo was just down the road. Few more amenities in Nanaimo - but I do like the area around Comox better.
  11. Nice to see Willie making plays and setting them up...nice change!! Andersen worries me...another one of those nights where he looks slow and shaky.
  12. Lived all across Canada (started in Newfoundland!!). Sick of the long cold winters...moved from Ottawa to here.
  13. Of that, there is no doubt. I retired here and the meth heads are a thriving race
  14. Going out on a limb...the kids have had some time to adjust to the time change, they shat their drawers last outing...big win tonight!!
  15. In a sense Nylander is dead weight. Sure hes gotten some goals, but hes not a play maker. You can't rely on that guy to show up every night to play. That between the legs goal was sweet though
  16. If only there were consequences for shitty play...like a cat "o" nine tails. Bet we'd see some inspired play then.
  17. Feel bad for Campbell...the shell shock...playing all by himself.
  18. Only thing missing was "I'm King of the World!!..............
  19. Can we maybe get a little bit more fiestiness out of Clifford?? A least a few decent checks??
  20. Well, having the back up play a real game every now and then can't be a bad thing? He's shown himself to be more than capable. Andersen is slow in lateral movement and, quite frankly, an uncertainty...never sure if he comes to play on game night. Rest?? Fuk...these pricks work less than I do....and I'm retired@!
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