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  1. There's also risk/reward to defensive play. How many NHLers do a better job then JVR in front of the net? However that's a long haul back if the puck goes the wrong way. If you look at how JVR played in the playoffs against Washington, he drastically cut down on his drives to the net. He stood back and shot the puck a lot. He didn't want to get caught and had one of the better results on the team. I think the biggest problem with JVR/Bozak/Marner is teams know exactly how they play and are figuring how to counter that. What that line needs to do it learn how to change it up. Do the unexpected. If your going to shoot all the time like Berezin did, the goalie is going to be facing you square on. Not an ounce of cheat in case of a pass. Dumping the puck into the corner and having Hyman dig it out to Matthews was being successful. Hyman had more 1st assists then Kadri for a long while. But then teams started to counter. And although it might of been somewhat painful, Hyman had to somewhat change in order to get out of his late season slump.