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  1. Morrie talking to Puq without insults. My work is done here.
  2. I really liked Dermott's and Holl's game, and Rielly was a tad better. Andersen was great, and lucky last night. That one play where Matthews was back checking and prevented his man from cutting to the net was hilarious, one of the most awkward back checks I've ever seen. But, hey, at least he got his man, and probably prevented a goal. Engvall is becoming one of the better checkers on the team, and Spezza had another good game, 9 points in the last 7 games, or something like that. But for me, apart from the win, the most satisfying part of the game was the timeout that Keefe called. It signalled a coach who was actually going to coach.
  3. Yeah, I'm not taking anything away from the Leafs, they worked hard and they won, but you're right, a little bit of luck for us, and a little bit of bad luck for them. But that's okay, we've had more than our share of bad luck this year, it's about time the winds changed. BTW, a great time out by Keefe, just at the right time. Something goofball would have never done.
  4. Yeah, you're right, but you have to have it in you in the first place. Do you think any one of those players on my list, has it in them?
  5. I don't know if threats are going to make these players play with more determination. When these players reach the NHL level, determination-wise, they are what they are. Kessel was traded from Boston to the Leafs, to Pittsburgh, where he won 2 Stanley Cups, and then to Arizona, but his bad attitude never changed. The burning desire to win is either in you, or it's not.
  6. Yeah, they're better than the rest, but they're not nasty.
  7. I know our defence is porous, but what makes penetrating the Leafs zone a piece of cake, is the fact that all forwards can freewheel and enter the zone at full speed because they have absolutely no fear of being steamrolled. If we had a few nasty players, you would see the penetration speed drop to half, and some players simply dumping the puck into the zone for fear of getting crunched.
  8. Do you remember the fight Felix Poitvin had with another goalie? Holy shit, he cleaned his clock! I never knew Felix could fight. Damn good goalie too.
  9. You don't have to fight to be tough. Crosby is one of the toughest players in the league, so isToews.
  10. It doesn't matter how much Bettman, and Shanahan, and Dubas want the sport to change, in the final analysis, or the Stanley Cup final if you will, the toughest team wins. And that involves getting down and dirty, winning all the one on one battles. This team doesn't have enough players who are willing to do that. Matthews won't, Marner won't, Nylander won't, Rielly won't, Kapanen won't Johnsson won't. Who's left? No Dougie, no Wendel, no heart.
  11. I've loved hockey from the time my dad laced up my first pair of skates. I was born in Toronto, so it was only natural to follow the Leafs. There's been a lot of heartache following this team, with only a brief respite when Wendel and Dougie were on the same team. I keep hoping, but I've developed my own coping mechanism to deal with the disappointment the Leafs bring every year. I strongly advice you to develop a coping mechanism immediately, or sooner, because if you stay a Leafs fan, THERE WILL BE PAIN!
  12. The one thing I would do, is drop Rielly to the 3rd pairing and not let him play more than 13 minutes a night, and NO PK.
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