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  1. The Checkers do have a good team, they are relentless with their forecheck, and definitely cause turnovers, but I feel the Marlies have been closer than some of the scores suggest. A couple of bounces here or there and it could be 3-2 Marlies in the series. I hate to sound like Babcock, but if they dig in they can still win this.
  2. I guess I live in a dream world, I was under the impression that regular season was just a warm up for the playoffs. Not that the Leafs did very well in the regular season. They got almost all their points before Christmas, then in the 2nd half when all the other teams get serious about winning, the Leafs had a very pedestrian record. Any team whose entire offensive breakout replies on the stretch pass, has a bad coach.
  3. Hey, Willie's easy to dislike, and so is Kessel.
  4. The Leafs didn't give away Leivo for nothing. Michael Carcone is a damn good hockey player!
  5. Shanahan will end up changing both assistant coaches in an attempt to give Babcock a stay of execution. If things don't improve drastically and quickly, Babcock will be given his walking papers.
  6. I agree 1000%. The head coach calls the shots. Babcock is the problem. Changing the assistant coach is like putting a bandaid over gangrene.
  7. I love the Blues' defence, and Binnington is great ( I've loved him since he was a junior). Schwartz has been great up front, and Tarasenko is Tarasenko. I don't think they'll take any shit from Boston and that's a good start. I hope they can do it. Go Blues Go!
  8. Even though I wanted St. Louis to represent the west from the beginning of the playoffs, I'm kind of disappointed that they've taken a 3-2 lead on San Jose because I think San Jose is better built to take on Boston, and there's nothing worse than having to put up with those high and mighty Bruins fans if Boston wins the Stanley Cup. Oh well, Go Blues Go!
  9. What are the differences?I see forwards and defence men on the Marlies who are not superstars, bu they are being responsible defensively.I see forwards and defence men on the Leafs, who should have no problem being defensively responsible. You don't need to be super talented to pick up your man. It's obvious to me that they are not coached to do that.
  10. I've been watching the Marlies a fair bit in their playoffs and let me tell you: I realize that the AHL isn't the NHL, but this Marlies team is NOTHING like the Leafs, and I have to attribute it to Keefe.This Marlies team actually knows how to play defence and hold a lead. Signs of a champion.You stink, Babcock.
  11. Marlies win the 1st one 2-1!! Go Marlies Go
  12. The truth is I think you're a pretty smart guy, sorry, entity, despite your wrongful appraisal of me.
  13. You are sooooo right. I'm surprised more people aren't aware of this. He pretty well runs the NHL, and I don't know why he wields such a big hammer.
  14. Demonstrating anything to you is not my goal. You're a pompous ass, why should I care what you think?
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