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  1. Nylander didn't sit out the year, but should have.
  2. Nope, it wasn't me, but I did say you're an asshole. I got that one right.
  3. I don't think Point thinks Marner SHOULD make more money than him, I just think Point thinks Marner WILL make more money than him because he plays for the Leafs. With Kucherov, Stamkos, and Hedman on the team, Point might feel more under appreciated than people claim Marner is.
  4. Yeah but everybody knows Marner is with a team that is known for overpaying, so they still think he'll be the trend setter. I'm sure the 3 players I named see themselves as Marner equals. Hell, Tkachuk played on the same line as Marner in London and that line scored a gazillion points.
  5. There are some really good RFA's out there, Point, Laine, Tkachuk, etc., but I think they all know Marner is in a position to make the most money, so they're all waiting.
  6. I agree Danny, unless he doesn't report to training camp on the 1st day, I'm not worried.
  7. I have no idea what's going on, but I take all this silence as being a good thing. At the start of negotiations there was all this noise from Marner's agent and Dad. Now, all of a sudden everything is silent, even Dreger is silent. I think something's afoot.
  8. Thanks for sharing, but your opinion holds about as much weight as mine and everybody else's on this site. What's the matter? You don't like politics?
  9. That's true, but the very fact that it's true, proves that there are varying opinions that can be backed up with fact, just like the article I posted. So just because the majority think that Matthews is more important to the Leafs than Marner, it doesn't make it so. I mean, Trudeau was elected by the majority, and look what a shit job he is.
  10. So why did you post it and what's your point? The article that I posted was from July 10th, yesterday.
  11. I've played and coached, and this is true, even at peewee level. However, that was not the point of the article, and not the argument.
  12. That's all we Marner apologists( as Morrison calls us) ask.
  13. Syl Apps was reputed to be a great player, but Keon was voted the best Leaf ever. I know what Matthews can do, but I question his health, and I don't think he'll be a career Leaf.
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