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  1. I’d be fine with either Pickard or sparks I don’t think we should get rid of both. Maybe not gardiner for now until we get better defencemen.
  2. Okay thank you for the clear up
  3. Totally agree, especially in that big bad western conference with teams like Nashville, Winnipeg and Vegas, I don’t see the sharks winning a cup anytime soon.
  4. So just a questions. Now that we have signed Tavares and our cap space is getting closer to full, When will we be able to release Nathan Horton? Considering we need to sign our franchise 3 within the next two years, that would free up some cap space.
  5. He has to come home, after all the work we have put into this thread.
  6. Lol like I said we are all theorizing and nothing is for sure on this thread. The only thing that is sure is that you are a fucking degenerate.
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