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  1. Well at least he can't fuck up on the penalty kill.
  2. May be some blood in the urine from all these dick kicks.
  3. Yeah I'd hide my face too if I were a Boston fan.
  4. To be fair I was watching the game at work. I only glanced up for a second and I thought I heard the play by play guys say something about retaliating. My bad lol
  5. So did Willy get credited for an assist by being a fuck wit and retaliating for a clean hit?
  6. Meh I'm just as happy the Leafs didn't make any major trades today. I don't think the Leafs are quite there yet in terms of being a bonafide contender. I'm sure they'll make some noise in the playoffs but I don't see them winning the cup. So no sense in wasting a bunch of pics and prospects for a rental to get past the first or second round. Let's sit back and see what these guys can do. Maybe they will prove me wrong and I hope they do.
  7. How to acquire the mental ability to make someone shit their pants Or how to shit your pants?
  8. Hey look at it like this, cunts are useful lol
  9. Mantis commented that some Isles fan might photoshop Tavares' Twitter pic. So I made a pic in homage to the bitter Isles fans out there. I made the H-Men pic above and just decided to stick with the X-men theme lol
  10. I'm pretty new to the forum can someone explain why every damn time I post a pic it keeps telling me the file size has to be smaller every time? Pretty soon I'm going to be reduced posting thumbnails lol
  11. I don't believe that's true. Every indication was that he was going to retire at season's end. Had Sundin said he wasn't going to retire and that he wanted to come back then I think it would have been similar to what the Habs did with Pleks. Why wouldn't you want a player the caliber of Sundin to mentor the next wave for a year or two.
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