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  1. I'm not trying to suggest the trade for Fisher was a good one or happened at the right time. Given the context though, it's hard to evaluate right now. I didn't like the Stroman trade either. There were rumblings Houston might have been willing to send us Kyle Tucker for Stroman. Strictly from a value and years of control perspective, that would have been a great trade. The problem is this team needs pitching. Not sure if that was a factor, but I can see why it might have been.
  2. I've been watching and playing baseball since I was 5. Remember Romero's knee injury issues? Are you sure Sanchez isn't dealing with mental issues this year? He's basically been one of the worst starters in baseball this year and last.
  3. He was getting blocked. Why do you think Houston traded Hernandez to us? Tucker is the top prospect in their system now... and they'll probably have to trade someone when he comes up (assuming he performs). Fisher was being given limited and inconsistent playing time at best in Houston the past couple of years and was killing it in AAA this year. Damaging a player's confidence is a real thing if you sit them every time they go 0-4 and shuttle them back and forth from the bigs and AAA over 2-3 years (the life and times of a WS contending teams... no patience for prospects without immediate impact). There wasn't a fit for him in Houston. So you know more about Cal Stevenson than professional MLB scouts? He's not on the radar for a reason. It doesn't mean he won't pan out someday, but the stats aren't in his favor. He's a lottery ticket with a shit ton to prove.
  4. We definitely sold low on Sanchez. The more I look at this trade though, the more Sanchez looks like Ricky Romero. He had a pretty shitty season last year too and hasn't pitched well in Houston (aside from his first start).
  5. I've never watched Stevenson play, but he isn't even in Houston's top 30 prospect list. His five tools have pretty average rankings by scouts. Chances are he'll never have more than a cup of tea in the big leagues. Regardless of some of the flaws in Fisher's game, he was also being blocked by the OF depth in Houston and they now have Tucker in the pipeline so there was no opportunity for him there.
  6. Cal Stevenson is too young to reliably project at this point. Fisher is proven in AAA and didn't get much of a chance in Houston.
  7. The trades have been pretty lack luster the past few years, but I'm pretty excited about some of the Jays prospects. Pearson and Manoah look like they can become top of the rotation pitchers. Reid-Foley and Borucki look like they could fill out the rotation. Woods-Richardson has a high ceiling and so do prospects like Pardinho, Kloffenstein, and Williams who are all 18 years old and top #12 prospects in the organization. That all send, we'll need to spend some $$ for at least a couple of pitchers this offseason and next.
  8. After watching Fisher play in a limited sample size, I think he has a lot of talent. Easy power, lots of speed, possibly good defense minus the random ball to the face. Even has a good eye at the plate at times. He doesn't have a lot of time in the bigs, so we'll see.
  9. This trade was really Sanchez for Fisher (I still don't understand why 18 year old Cal Stephenson needed to be included in the trade though... yes he's a lottery ticket, but you never know). Relievers are hard to get a handle on... one year they are amazing and the next the could look like a AAAA player. Fisher is going to get playing time this year and a lot in 2020 I imagine. We'll know in a year whether this was a decent trade. I have a feeling Sanchez will do well if he stays healthy.
  10. Manoah and Kay have also been pitching well. That's definitely good news. We may see Kay up in September.
  11. I agree. He's not taking care of his body and carrying a lot of extra weight. Not only does it make him more prone to injuries, but could be affecting his defense and even his offensive production.
  12. Just read about this. Pretty awesome! He's the first rounder from 2016 and expected to get a shot with the team later this year or early next. Currently the Jays' #17 prospect according to the report from Sportsnet.
  13. I was at that game. This is going to be a really good offensive team for the next few years. The pitching just needs to catch up. Hopefully we see Kay up in September and Pearson early next year. We could also get a look at Zeuch or Murphy next month.
  14. So, would you consider a 6-year $10M AAV contract for Marner to be fair? I think it is. Apparently the Leafs have already offered it. Marner would be 28 when it's done and ready to sign another even more massive contract after that. It would be smart for the Leafs to avoid having both Matthews and Marner coming up for new contracts in the same year.
  15. Maybe pass on Marner as an A for the time being? He's squeezing the team's balls pretty tightly right now. He's asking for a record-breaking winger contract for an RFA.
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