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  1. We're trading him if we can't sign him to $6.5 mil/year or less. Possibly $6.75.
  2. CognitiveBias

    Where is Nylander?

    I have a bad/good feeling this ends with a trade.
  3. Andersen also had his best game of the season and should have won it.
  4. This game was lost on a missed double minor on Hyman where he almost lost his eye by 1-2 cm (shades of Gilmour-Gretzky) and another penalty on Reilly. That was a goal in the last 2 min. Whistle came after the cam view of the puck in the net. Hyman was 1/2 body slammed to the ice. Wtf did I just watch?
  5. CognitiveBias

    Where is Nylander?

    Let's hope. Or at least they're getting closer to a deal.
  6. CognitiveBias

    Where is Nylander?

    I'd switch Zaitsev and Gardiner. Zaitsev is completely lost at the moment... after we for some reason signed him to 7 year contract after one decent year. Among the reasons I think it would be foolish to give Nylander what he's asking for. Two years on a line with Matthews is not a good sample size to work with.
  7. CognitiveBias

    Where is Nylander?

    Sorry you're right. Either way, the trade is looking pretty good right now.
  8. CognitiveBias

    Where is Nylander?

    The return is looking better each day. If I remember correctly, I think Dermott and Bracco were products of that trade too when we traded the Penguins first rounder for two picks.
  9. Fucking Kerry Fraser. Just reminding another Leafs fan of a traumatic experience haha.
  10. 5 ended in overtime and all 6 by 1 goal. Series could have gone either way that year.
  11. Kadri getting plenty of chances. Looking forward to him getting going soon.
  12. Gauthier is also having an awesome game. Want to see more of this!
  13. Matthews another multi-point game, Kapanenen looking like Nylander is less relevant, Sparks is looking like the best Goaltender in the AHL last year and yes, we're beating a great team. I love this game...
  14. Well true the way they've been scoring it almost doesn't matter if we have a #1 goalie. Can they keep it up though?