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  1. He's calling you a dick because that's your name in this forum. Wtf did you expect would end up happening? No offense... I don't know you.
  2. It's the little things on every shift (and at the end of the game with those two blocks by Marner) that create champions in the playoffs. Loved what I saw in this game!
  3. Yep. And we could have had him at $7.5 AAV in the off season contract negotiations, but the Leafs thought that was too rich. Now they'll really be paying a pretty penny for him.
  4. Nylander is winning a lot of puck battles tonight.
  5. That whole play started with Ennis stealing the puck. Relentless shift by the 4th line!!
  6. I'm surprised Krug is in tonight. He definitely looked concussed when he was trying to get up after the Muzzin hit.
  7. They're saying its his knee. Likely out 4-6 games.
  8. Babcock's comments when asked about the officiating in game two yesterday were interesting. “Every night you get a set of four officials (including linesmen),” Babcock said. “They are no different than the teams. They’re trying to advance (in the playoffs). They eliminate officials as they go, they have people who watch them and decide whether they are the right people to move on."
  9. I agree. That's exactly how you fix the problem. I'm 99.9999% sure that not just one, but both refs saw that hit on Kadri and turned a blind eye. And if they didn't they weren't doing their job and need some serious training on how to monitor a game.
  10. Kadri is no Bobby Orr and had that hit ended his career he wouldn't be in the best of all time debate with Gretzky and Lemeiux, but any knee-on-knee has to be a 5 major and ejection. There's no room for that crap in the game AT ALL!! It's not even up for discussion like Kipper and Burke seem to think... stop making excuses for DeBrusk.
  11. DeBrusk was playing so dirty that game... the hit on Kadri aside, that hit on Marleau could have ended really badly and he almost broke Dermott's nose with a vicious and intentional elbow. Someone had to put him in his place given the refs were paid off by some organized crime ring in Boston from the looks of it and that DeBrusk was aware of it.
  12. There is no freaking code when someone does something that can ruin your career and mess with your whole life like that! Nobody gives a shit about some code in that situation. If it was me and someone kneed me in a way that bent my leg sideways (something that could have ruined my entire career) I probably would have given them what they really deserved and cross-checked or speared them flush in the face. Kadri really screwed up last year. This year DeBrusk and the refs deserve to share the blame with him. The circumstances around those two incidences are completely different.
  13. Kadri's hit last year and what happened last night is comparing apples and oranges. Last year he just royally screwed up. This year I can understand what happened... and the refs and DeBrusk share the blame with Kadri. If someone almost destroys my knee with not just a knee-on-knee, but a knee to the side bending my leg sideways (the kind of injury that can ruin a career) and no 5 minute penalty, I'm probably going to spear them in the face. Kadri showed restraint. Kadri is getting used and abused and there is more to come from the league soon.
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