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  1. Former Jay Daniel Hudson currently pitching for the Nats. Bases loaded with 2 outs in the 8th. Nats up 7-4.
  2. A 6-7 game losing streak would do the trick. Rip the bandaid off fast and get it over with. Unfortunately or fortunately, this team may rival Tampa for the most stacked roster in the league so Babcock might be safe until the off season. They can cover for his mistakes and coaching style for a while on talent alone.
  3. If anyone was wondering if the Nats have a chance against the Astros or Yankees... they have the best record in baseball since the end of May. I'm really looking forward to this World Series.
  4. But seriously though, why the heck can't we make in game adjustments like this if we're down a goal or two?
  5. That would be a killer line. I think Matthews would fit best on the off wing. And play them 23 minutes a game lol.
  6. Babcock is flexing. Showing his ability to adapt in-game when he should have been doing it in practice.
  7. That's actually why I like this site. Almost anything goes, but people usually don't take it too seriously... and if a debate goes off the rails other members usually jump in to balance it out. When it comes to stereotypes and discriminatory comments targeted at other members though, I'm not a huge fan.
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