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  1. CognitiveBias

    Official Toronto Raptors Thread

    He also shouldn't be taking critical shots late in games (which happened with both the Nets and Bucks) when nothing is going in. Poor shot selection... he needs to dish it to someone else. I mean, he's passing when he's wide open during the game. Game deciding shots aren't when you want to try to find your groove.
  2. CognitiveBias

    Official Toronto Raptors Thread

    They should rest him occasionally. He hasn't looked like himself the past few games. Not just FG%, but his flow and decision making on the court.
  3. CognitiveBias

    Vancouver Canucks

    The kid is amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if he is a top 5 player in the league for the next decade+.
  4. CognitiveBias

    Trade Gardiner? Or keep him for playoffs?

    Hainsey is having a good season but is 37. He's gone at the end of the year to clear cap room I'm guessing. Leafs obviously can't sign all of Matthews, Marner, Kapanen, and Gardiner for next year with Nylander's contract. Liljegren or Sandin or both are expected to be on the team next year. Or Rosen or Borgman. That's the plan to make the cap work. Will our D be better? Probably not. Not initially anyway. It may even be worse until the rookies get some experience. What do we do with Zaitsev? Not sure. He's not really a liability defensively, but he has a 7-year contract because he supposedly can move the puck and contribute offensively. He's probably breaking some kind of Leafs record for the massive drop off in production. Someone needs to light a fire under him. The only way we move that contract right now is by throwing in picks and/or prospects. I have a feeling all of us (fans) and the media will be complaining about our weaknesses on D for the next couple of years. If we can convince the Blues to part with Pietrangelo without subtracting from the current team, ok great. That's a game-changing trade for the next couple of years. Marleau or Nylander would have to be traded for next season to make that work though.
  5. CognitiveBias

    Hyman given 2 games

    I think I heard this on HNIC. Kipper. Hyman's hit was timed at 0.9 seconds.
  6. CognitiveBias

    Hyman given 2 games

    I don't think it was that dirty. It was a late hit according to NHL standards. Anything more than 0.6 seconds can result in a suspension. No clue why it's 2 instead of 1 though.
  7. CognitiveBias

    Reddit mod?

    ok. This is it.
  8. CognitiveBias

    If This Site Tanks

    You guys need a new thread showing on the announcement page. I like this site.
  9. Trouba would really look nice on our D right now.
  10. Wtf did I watch tonight! 3 fights? People getting run? Ejections?
  11. CognitiveBias

    Leafs and Sabres are both stacked

    Sabres are also only +3 in goal differential among teams that are 20+ right now. That says something.
  12. CognitiveBias

    Leafs and Sabres are both stacked

    Statistical regression. Ridiculous winning streaks tend to do that.
  13. Zaitsev really needs a game tonight. He's been invisible all season... I barely notice him anymore. That's both good and bad. He's not making too many boneheaded plays, but what the heck happened to that offensive flair he had when he first came into the league?