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  1. Nylander will only play well when a contract is at risk, just his father. Getting rid of Nylander for a RHD is something I preached during the Nylander hold out. Kadri is the bigger problem. The regular season means nothing if the players that help get us to the playoffs are not playing in the playoffs.
  2. Kadri has denied the leafs two years in a row with his stupid suspension causing penalties. We lose our third line which imo has been the difference maker in both series.
  3. You do realize that a goalie can only take so much punishment before they break. 40 SON all season long
  4. Anderson has been letting in weak goals lately
  5. Perhaps Babs knew it would be a shit show with the line changes plus rusty Nylander/Matthews and thus Sparks is in net.
  6. The leafs need to make an example of Kornwall, otherwise it will remain open season on Matthews until he is injured
  7. Sparks was the man when the Marlins won the cup. The guy can play just give him time. The major problem is the leafs allowing so many shots on goal per game. We will be lucky if Anderson doesn’t burn out by the All Star game.
  8. Babs should have known better especially after the sabres first goal
  9. Sabres played a tough game last night in Nash, then flew home. My prediction is the 3rd will be all Leafs.
  10. If they trade him they should do it after the deadline that way Nylander sits out the season and it makes a statement across the league!
  11. Tampa game should be interesting! It is not often Tampa loses two games in a row to the same team, unless it’s the playoffs. Lol
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