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  1. I been a fan double your time and I agree!
  2. Please don't mention Johnny Bowers name along side Ayers.Bower was a true warrior that won 4 cups with the Leafs.
  3. Fortunately for me, this shit show was blacked out in my area.
  4. I was fortunate enough to have played with Kelly, Shack, Mahovlich, and even Shack 3 fantasy camps in Lake Placid NY in the 80's. They were all gentleman. I had the great opportunity to meet my all time hero Johnny Bower. He and his wife Nancy became friends up until his death. He would visit us in Florida every year up until about 5 years ago. A finer man never lived!
  5. I'm an old guy here. Many of you would refer to me as a boomer. Sometimes in a bad way I guess and sometimes not. Anyway, I started following the Leafs in the 61-62 season. I'm originally from the Detroit area and a neighboring city To Windsor Ontario. The closeness to Windsor gave me the opportunity to receive CKLW channel 9 the CBC affiliate. I was able to watch the Blue and White win 4 Stanley cups in the 60's. I don't believe I'll see another. The Red Wings at that time, only showed the third period of their games on a delay at 11pm. I was only 12 at the time and that was too late for me. So, I started watching the Leafs and what a great team they were in the sixty's. They became my favorites. Now, to this day, people ask me why having grown up in the Detroit area I am not a Red Wings fan. My answer is, either I'm loyal or stupid. I haven't figured out which yet.
  6. You and I are in the same boat I have NHL Center Ice. No you can't get your money back.
  7. Okay, this one is done. It's time for me to say what I have been saying since 1967-68 season. There is always next year. Fuck this team!
  8. Showing my age, but Johnny Bower comes to mind.
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