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  1. Okay, this one is done. It's time for me to say what I have been saying since 1967-68 season. There is always next year. Fuck this team!
  2. Showing my age, but Johnny Bower comes to mind.
  3. Sorry guy's, it's done. Really hope I'm wrong.
  4. Hate to say this, but I remember the old days 60's-80's. They would have jumped this motherfucker and he would be in a Toronto hospital now! This is sissy hockey today. Thank you Mr. Betman.
  5. Gotta be better than watching it NBC like I'm stuck with. Tough being an American Leaf fan.
  6. I have to listen to the shit call of the game on NBC. If you have HINC consider yourself lucky.
  7. Everyone is talking about Boston. I'm not sure that we make the playoffs with the shit show we see every game. Glad I'll be out tonight and not be able to see the game. As in most cases with the Leafs lately, I don't expect them to win, but sure hope I'm wrong.
  8. Maybe that's what they are shooting for.
  9. Is there still a chance of them missing the playoffs?
  10. Does anyone think they will win another game this season?
  11. Sparks should be sent to the AHL never to return!
  12. Yes, I've been hearing that for 52 years and counting!
  13. To me this is all on boy wonder Dubus. Needed help at the deadline and he didn't do a fucking thing.
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