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  1. I know with the way that the leafs are playing right now, there are far greater concerns, but I am just wondering...does anyone despise our goal song ( you make my dreams come true, whoo hoo) as much as I do? I still cringe when I think back to last year’s playoff series against Boston, every time they scored, their song and the ensuing whooo, irritated me, and got under my skin, and I wasn’t even in the building much less on the ice. Here is a link to it: Our cutsie, pop song by Hall and Oats hardly has the same effect. Now, I really do get the message behind why this is the chosen song... It’s been so long since we have had a cup, and finally, finally, this team is making our dreams come true. In my opinion, we got the message wrong. We shouldn’t be focusing on how long it’s been, that is a negative spin, but instead screaming out how AWESOME, and TALENTED we are! Who chooses theses goal songs anyway? Could we let the fans decide on a song with a bit more grit! Or perhaps on a song that would get under our opponent’s skin like other team’s songs do. This is hockey after all!!
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