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  1. Well I have never been fortunate enough to be in Toronto to watch a live game . Being from the prairies hard to get a ticket that I could even afford . One day maybe. Anyway I see a lot of empty seats on TV at the beginning of the games so maybe the lack of a boisterous atmosphere has got something to do with it. I know here in Winnipeg the fans are into it before the puck even drops. Hate the Jets and loved it when the Leafs beat them twice in a row.
  2. Well I for one remember the dreaded Montreal Canadian team of the 70’s that seemed to be in attack mode the moment the opening game puck was dropped. I think they only lost 7 games one year doing it that way. With the Leafs they seem to ride the clutch until they figure out they are losing. If it wasn’t for Anderson they might not even be in a play off hunt. Been a fan for over 50 years but this relaxed late start approach won’t work in the play offs especially against Boston. Their must be a way to fix it.
  3. ☹️Why can’t the Leafs be ready to play from opening face off? Is this the players fault or the coaches? They have to fix this!
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