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  1. So in other words, you don't know if what you're proposing can be done in the "real world", but you're proposing it anyway. As Mr. Rourke would say, "Welcome to Fantasy Island".
  2. Why would he? What possible incentive does he have?
  3. They're not but The Best Coach in the World sure as shit should have got a lot more out of them.
  4. I agree with him in that I think we're taking a step back in the upcoming season (if we stay status quo) but in no way do I accept it. Trading Nylander for a RHD, getting rid of Brown, and firing Babcock would go a long way in improving this team next year. Getting rid of Marleau would be icing on the cake...but I don't think he's going anywhere unless he wants to.
  5. Babcock needs to be fired so the triage can begin. You need to figure out if this roster can be successful in the playoffs. Since you can't change the entire roster the coach has to go first. If these players perform similarly with a different coach then you gotta change the players. If that fails then the type of players the GM is getting has to be looked at and'or the GM needs to go. Personally, I think there's more than enough talent here to at least get past the first round and Babcock doesn't get the most out of them, partially because his systems suck and partially because I think many of the players have tuned him out.
  6. So to be sure, 100% certain, we're talking about Tavares, right?
  7. Speaking of adults, can one of you help me find my mommy?
  8. Because I don't know how to talk like an adult and might be functionally retarded and just not aware of it yet.
  9. Doesn't matter because we can't afford the seven million plus you underestimate Pesce.
  10. I think a certain someone already had this idea early in this thread.
  11. Dear Mr. Sandman, Try as I might, I cannot seem to read your posts as I find my eyes unconciously drifting to the left. Thank You.
  12. All of the arguments have been made. Why repeat them?
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