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  1. Laughable,,,,they are building,,,,, 21 year olds on mass don’t hoist a cup,,,shanny didn’t come hear and say in 4 years we will be in the finals.Babcock not only straightened out the leafs,, he also straightened out the marlies so it is a complimentary farm team.
  2. It’s like everyone listened to Shanahan when he gave his breakdown on how to build a winning franchise,,,, and having the stomach to do it,,,, and everyone gets a taste of early success,,, and decides its time to blow it up lol.
  3. You people are delusional,,, Marleau is a cap hit, yes,,,, and he will finish his contract. He is a leaf next season, period. Like it or not. He was brought in to teach the kids how to be pros and pot some goals. He is going nowhere,,, this was year 4 of a 7 year rebuild ,, you guys can fire the coach, gm, all day long,,,,, prob just a knee jerk reaction to early success.
  4. Go back on his word,,, pretty sure that went out the window with Willy’s performance. The team nose dived directly after room was made for him back in the line up. He was Yoko Ono this year, he sat in Sweden waiting,,, not conditioning,,,, hope he does go back on his word. Leafs were killing it till he came back,,,, end of the day,,, like Cherry said,,, that’s a lot of money for a 20 goal scorer.
  5. Marner and Marleau aren’t going anywhere,, and I doubt Naz is leaving, all else looking for more money or don’t have a no trade clause are prob being shopped, leafs are gonna dump 20 goal scorers and bring up Marlies to replace them, and just tough it out next year.
  6. First post here: Imo,,,, all the European wingers on the leafs share very similar skills and point total results,,, we are chalk full of wingers,, we are gonna dump the highest salary, to make cap space. I think if Marner gets 10 to 10.5,,, it’s gonna be a loooong term contract.
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