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  1. Your mom called,,, she said get a job!
  2. Meh, whatever, I at least have skin in the game,,, not a loser basement complainer
  3. As a parent who’s son plays AAA, it is funny you call me xenophobic , we parents pay full freight to keep our minor hockey system top notch, where these kids are able to come over and take full advantage of what was built by Ontario /Canadian parents, and they never contributed a nickel,,, so ya, I root for the local kid
  4. Fortunate enough to watch this young man play on a regular basis in London,,, but ya,, screw him,,,, let’s get draft picks and trade them for some Russian guy, who’s older and less talented,,, and hopefully we can recreate chemistry with our top centre. Brilliant! russians play with so much heart,,,, they aren’t here for a paycheque,,, nope all heart
  5. This clown is a leaf fan, from London Ontario, who cares about his team,,, some believe sending the home town kid away is an opportunity to improve,,, I believe this team has sold out all the home team kids for way to long,,,, your idea, is a Russian would be a better fit,,, what a joke!
  6. A Mitch hater would be enthusiastic,,, his 20 goals were,,, 20 goals, just like the Swedes , hopefully it’s 7 or 8 mil a year, Please bore us all some more with “metrics”,,
  7. A Mitch hater would be enthusiastic,,, his 20 goals were,,, 20 goals, just like the Swedes
  8. Lol,,, yes let’s get rid of marner and chase Panarin,,, awesome plan,, then we can cheer Russia in international hockey, fucking stupid
  9. He is not going anywhere, to think otherwise is foolish. Unproven draft picks over a proven commodity is foolish, packaging said draft picks for some other older 10mill a year player is about the stupidest thing I’ve read on here. It’s going to be a tougher year next with money if Marleau stays,, big deal, we lose a couple 20 goal scorers,, big deal,, that’s why we have a marlie team.
  10. I’m curious to know J.T.’s thoughts on this, pretty sure when he came to hog town, playing with Marner was pretty high on his list of reasons to sign.
  11. Laughable,,,,they are building,,,,, 21 year olds on mass don’t hoist a cup,,,shanny didn’t come hear and say in 4 years we will be in the finals.Babcock not only straightened out the leafs,, he also straightened out the marlies so it is a complimentary farm team.
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