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  1. loxcane

    Where is Nylander?

    Cause apparently neither side wants this deal to get done for 7.25... realistically though, if we sign the big three to 4 and 5 year deals, and we don’t win or at least come close to winning in that time span... it’s probably a good time to re-evaluate anyways. I’d sign all three of them to shorter term contracts at less money and see what happens. Maybe with Matthews being the exception, but that’s more on him than us.
  2. loxcane

    Where is Nylander?

    7 years, $4.75mil for Alex Tuch.... that’s not going to help matters. I get it that Vegas has money to burn, but god damn, he hasn’t even cracked the 40 point mark.
  3. This is clearly a goal right? I mean they’re not going to over turn it... but it’s clearly in
  4. Blatant too many men on that change, but who’s counting?
  5. Then guenztel goes down like he got shot out of a canon and gets up looking at the ref. Can you tell these guys are used to special treatment or what? For what they’ve got away with tonight you’d think they’d shut their mouth and say “yes sir” “no sir”
  6. Quality dude whoever that was throwing gloves punches at hyman win 10 stitches in his eye. Fucking douche
  7. Can a defenceman on this team hit the fucking net? Oh my god
  8. How does oleksiak just fill in hainsey in open ice with no call? I know it didn’t effect the play, but you can’t just lay guys out for no reason...