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  1. Luke Glendening

    That’s kind of what I was thinking too, but with a better prospect probably instead of that 4th. Thy can get a bit for green I think.
  2. Luke Glendening

    Green and glendening in one swift trade would be nice and convenient, but I still think we’re going after less than green for a Dman
  3. Boone Jenner

    Top 4 Dman for a bottom 6 forward seems like a dumb trade
  4. Boone Jenner

    The question is... what would it cost? Adam Henrique is a pretty comparable player, maybe with a bit more value... but the vantanen trade is tough to go off of because there was so many other pieces and Jenner is having another down season where Henrique was traded before that was apparent or not.
  5. Boone Jenner

    He's PK'ed more this year than in the past though it seems. And more last year than the year before... so it looks like a skill in development.
  6. Boone Jenner

    The Athletic reported last night that the jackets are softly seeing what they could get for Boone Jenner... being that he's had a down year and doesn't exactly make pennies, what do we think the cost would be to acquire him? I found it funny that the article notes that he's had a down year in terms of goal scoring when he hasn't really been much of a goal scorer throughout his career aside from his 30 goal season a couple years ago and his OA junior year in the OHL. He would bring some grit and physicality to the group that we kind of lack right now, and he kills penalties. He could slide in on the 4th line with Leo and kappy for now and then take bozaks spot in a more offensive role next season. thoughts?
  7. Soshnikov Traded

    I thought I read that they had 5 days after his conditioning stint to be added back to the roster. It was likely the best offer on the table and nothing else was close. It's not a huge loss, I hope he gets a chance and does well in St. Louis
  8. Soshnikov Traded

    Meh... the extra contract is worth more than the 4th
  9. Dmen Targets? And Johnny T?

    I just don't see the creativity. He kind of stick handles his way into a lot of turnovers. I'm not saying he isn't a good player or that he won't be a very good player in the future. I just don't see why should give up assets for him
  10. GDT: Leafs Vs Blueball Jackoffs

    Fuck you mother fucker
  11. Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Leo's off ice intangibles were a lot more valuable in prior years when then character of the team was questionable. That's no longer the case and there's nothing that can convince me that it makes it worth tolerating the disappearing act he pulls when 12 guys are on the ice
  12. Dmen Targets? And Johnny T?

    I don't even know that he offers more than kapanen. They seem to have a similar skill set, except that kapanens speed is elite and Dino's is somewhere just below that
  13. Your 2017/18 Toronto Maple Leafs

    As bad as that line looked offensively, I think that slump went a long way to building Naz's commitment to defence. He had a lot of huge shut down match ups in that stretch and he responded pretty good. I think it means a lot in terms of where his head is at when he knows that he can always contribute in a big way even when the puck isn't going in. That said, Leo komarov could get to fuck with his black hole offence.
  14. Dmen Targets? And Johnny T?

    I don't even just mean his numbers... just watching him play he doesn't seem as advertised to me. He doesn't appear to do anything at an elite level and he seems to lack the type of creativity that would put the tools he does have on another level.