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  1. loxcane

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    Marchmant at times looks like he could be an NHLer in the not too distant future too. He’s really embraced a two way checking game and he makes good decisions to jump up on offence too. He’s probably a little further away that the rest of those guys... but him and Trevor Moore could be good fourth liners for real cheap in the near future.
  2. loxcane

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    Yeah, I’ve been really skeptical about Sparks’ success, but he certainly doesn’t look like a guy benefiting from a strong team.
  3. loxcane

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    Also, johnsson is too good for this league. What a play.
  4. loxcane

    Toronto Marlies Thread

  5. loxcane

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    How in the fuck is this taking so long?
  6. loxcane

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    Goats looks good out there. He’s great on the faceoffs, he rarely uses a battle on the boards, he makes greater decisions with the puck in his own end... I just wish he’d show a little more patience in the offensive side
  7. loxcane

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    When he got called up to what last year? 🤔
  8. loxcane

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    My god, Lyon just made one of the best saves I’ve ever seen
  9. loxcane

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    Timyshev sure looks like a future NHLer. Good speed, strong on the puck, hungry in the corners, makes smart plays.
  10. loxcane

    FYI-Marlies Games on TSN

    They should have done this from the start. They’re already broadcasting on leafs tv, how expensive could it have been?
  11. loxcane

    Off-season Plan

    I’m still bummed my nick name for him never panned out. “Smokin’” Johnny Pohl. It’s catchy, right?
  12. loxcane

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    I would be pretty surprised if kapanen didn’t rejoin the team. Even if they limit his ice time and just use him on special teams
  13. loxcane

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Whether they’re blowing it out of proportion or not, Babcock flew to Arizona to meet with him a week after exit interviews... that’s not nothing
  14. loxcane

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    If Matthews/Babcock is going to become an issue... I think we need to go big and do it now. if we can do something like Brown, liljegren and the #24 for Karlsson and zack Smith... do the shit out of it. gards for a big forward that’s tough to play against... even if they’re a little overpaid(maybe we get the other team to eat money too.) would be beneficial to us in the long run. We really lacked a good a forechecker this year.
  15. loxcane

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    Gud man. Gud penalty killer. Gud hockey player.