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  1. loxcane

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    Rosen is doing to the AHL this year what Dermott did to it last year. He’s playing big minutes in all situations and getting in on things offencively. Haven’t been able to watch, but anecdotally he’s been tearing it up.
  2. loxcane

    Hyman given 2 games

    It’s worth mentioning that they changed the wording of this rule... it used to talk about initial contact being the head, but that’s not the case anymore. If you hit someone in the chest and then hit them in the head, it’s still a hit to the head. And I believe, though I don’t recall the exact case, that someone was suspended or fined at least for targeting the head without actually making significant contact. Im not happy about the Hyman suspension, but I get it. The fact that Wagner didn’t even get a hearing when anyone who’s ever seen a second of hockey knows what he was doing... I can’t get on board with that. But it doesn’t somehow make the Hyman hit okay.
  3. loxcane

    Trade Gardiner? Or keep him for playoffs?

    Yeah I wasn’t making a wish, I was talking about a rumour.
  4. loxcane

    Trade Gardiner? Or keep him for playoffs?

    And besides that, it says Zaitsev, picks and prospects. So maybe adding Zaitsev is just a contract dump. And it’s like Zaitsev, Liljegren and a first.
  5. loxcane

    Trade Gardiner? Or keep him for playoffs?

    Zaitsev wasn’t my idea. Didn’t I say that?
  6. loxcane

    Trade Gardiner? Or keep him for playoffs?

    If we bring in someone to move Hainsey down I think Gardiner becomes all that much more valuable. If the rumours of Zaitsev, picks and prospects for Pietrangelo comes true, you can move Hainsey down with Gardiner and shelter their minutes a lot better than we have been. Or you put Gards with Oz and Dermott with Hainsey and things get stretched out that much more. For having no defence, we’re still a top team in the league, I don’t think subtracting is the answer.
  7. But they don’t have a hearing for the head hit on rielly? Makes sense.
  8. Marleau skated with Kadri and Nylander this morning. Brown is on the 4th line and Goats is out
  9. Oh, agreed. I think Brian Burke and all the other nut sacks saying we’re not right there in terms of cup contenders, got issues
  10. I was reading that their save percentage over the last 10 or 12 games or something was like .850
  11. That sounds made up, or misinterpreted. Why a GM would set himself up for disaster like that makes no sense to me.
  12. loxcane

    Sparks appreciation thread.

    After the third goal I was like... didn’t someone try to compliment this piece of shit? I’m gonna go rain negativity on that.
  13. Faceoff violations aren’t penalties in OT, good to know. Fucking linesman. Ruining hockey.
  14. My god, what is with shots from the pointln Sparks? Teams are going to figure this out.