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  1. I have no problem with Hainsey. I DO have a problem with Hainsey on the first pairing.
  2. Lightning fans also want to win the cup. Should Cooper be fired? Capitals fans wanted a cup. Would have been easy to call for Ovi to be traded... he wasn’t a winner. It’s tough being at or near the top. Just look objectively. The Leafs are one of the best teams in the league. Are they good enough to win the cup yet? Probably not, but we’ll see. Neither were the Capitals for over a decade of Ovi. If the Lightning don’t win this year, what is the narrative on them? I get that it sucks seeing incomplete performances from the Leafs... but they’re doing something better than 80% of the teams in the league. Make a compelling argument why any single team in the league will win the cup and I’m sure there will be an argument against it. At least the Leafs are in the conversation.
  3. Refs tonight are probably a bunch of rucking rag-its... only explanation.
  4. If Rielly didn't say it, then it's not absolutely necessary to do this. However, since it has become a big story, it would be a good idea to go over their stance on this, even if he didn't say it. If Rielly did say it, I hope it was an error in judgement on his part. I know that people (especially in a macho sports setting) use words like this and "retarded" without really thinking about the meaning behind those words and someone who is not fundamentally a homophobe could say this. That still doesn't make it right, as it is insensitive and athletes being paid millions of dollars should be smarter/more disciplined than to use slurs like this. Having said that... there are a lot of people out there that use the word intending it with the exact literal meaning. Best way to avoid confusion between the two is to not use it at all. Kind of like McTavish with his "it was a retarded call" comment. Did he intend it to be a slur about people with a mental handicap? Probably not... but it was still an incredibly stupid thing to say.
  5. I’m surprised that this shit doesn’t happen more often, to be honest. Not to stereotype all athletes, but you’ve got a lot of jocks put in high pressure situations, trying to get under other jocks’ skin. I’m surprised we don’t hear more racial or homophobic slurs, or mysoginistic shit about mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends. I mean, a lot of these guys do stuff that they know is wrong (hitting from behind, dangerous slashes, head shots), so how would I be shocked if I found out that someone commented on race/sexual orientation? I guess it’s drilled into them by management that you can’t say those things, but I’m surprised that, for the most part, that works.
  6. All I know is that wealth simple and questrade commercials both make me want to throw my tv out the window!
  7. I just created a website using WordPress and when I cut and paste my site address somewhere (like into Facebook post), it appears like a clickable icon, but it doesn't have a photo. I have a photo on the header of my website, but not sure what I'm doing wrong that it doesn't display. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  8. But it’s kind of the same argument as the Leafs’ defence... sure it’s a weak point for them, but it’s good enough for them to be sitting 2nd in the league.
  9. This is not abnormal... people in Australia shit talk Sydney, people in England shit talk London, people in Ireland shit talk Dublin, people in Poland shit talk Warsaw... I’m sure the list goes on.
  10. canadaguy

    Boucher Fired

    Ha ha... took a stroll over to Sens HF board and they have a poll up with the question "Do you have confidence in Pierre Dorion as a General Manager?" Results are 7.2% yes and 92.8% no! Hard to believe that a team can be a bigger mess than the Oilers!
  11. The flip side, though, is that the later you push it back, the easier it is to make cap hits work.
  12. Still possible trades are done but haven’t finished being processed yet.
  13. Fuzzy Zoeller hacked his account!
  14. Okay, we're going to have to agree to disagree. You think that the best course of action is to eliminate using words like Chiefs, Braves, Seminoles etc... I think that it's fine to use them, but to not include racist mascots/logos. I also don't think that an arrowhead is racist. I don't think that's any more racist than showing a Spartan with a spear. I DO think that using redfaced cartoonish logos is racist. I'm not going to spend any more time arguing this though. I think I've made my thoughts clear and you've made yours clear.
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