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  1. El Camino... liked it, didn’t love it re-watch of Inception - some really great actors in it re-watch (for probably the 7th or 8th time) of Apocalypse Now. Still love it.
  2. Mindhunter... really enjoyed season 2.
  3. Just got done making some butternut squash pierogi, potato-zucchini pancakes and a spinach salad with goat cheese, beets, green onions, grape tomatoes and roasted squash seeds to take to my brother’s place for thanksgiving dinner... gonna be good!!!
  4. After a 2-15-3 start for the Oilers, Connor McDavid (who has been in on 110% of their goals this season) demands a trade. Ken Holland obliges him by trading him to Detroit for Darren Helm and a sixth round pick. Holland then steps down as Oilers GM and joins Yzerman’s staff in Detroit. The two complete the plan that they had put in motion during the offseason by hiring the recently fired Mike Babcock and winning the Stanley Cup. Edmonton, meanwhile, sets a new league record by getting the next six first overall picks in a row. Due to fan apathy and dwindling attendance, they move the team to Quebec City. Thanks to those six first overall picks, a new dynasty is born.
  5. It depends on a few things - what kind of player you are, if you are eager to initiate fights and the era you’re playing in. If you suck at fighting and want to jump in there with heavyweights, it’s a weakness, because you increase your chances of getting injured. For a player like Nylander, I can’t say it’s a weakness, because it’s just not something that’s going to come up. In the era when Schenn first came into the league and with how he wanted to style his game, I would agree it was a weakness.
  6. While trying to temper expectations, I have somewhat high hopes for Moore. I think he’s got enough speed and skill to be that workhorse guy on a skilled line that Babcock seems to like.
  7. It is if you try to do it! But you’re right, that part of the game is becoming more and more obsolete.
  8. I get what you're saying, but at the same time, each player is different and this team's a little different than the team Schenn joined. Sandin won't be expected to play top 4 and be "the saviour." If he looks ready, it might not be a bad thing to get him into NHL games on the 3rd pairing, just to give him a taste. If he struggles, he can be sent down. If he doesn't, great. Maybe he and Dermott could form a good 3rd pairing when Dermott gets back.
  9. I’m not down on Dubas. But there may come a time where they have to move one if the high priced forwards. We don’t know yet whether or not that will be the case and neither does Dubas. What I’m saying is if that does become the case, there would be takers for whomever they decide to move.
  10. Yeah, I get it. Would have been nice to get Marner at Rantanen’s number. But life goes on. The big thing will be when it’s time to re-sign Rielly. Someone may need to be moved.
  11. I’m not thrilled with the dollar amounts, but I am happy to have 4 very good forwards locked up long term. Hopefully the young guys make our team better by continuing to develop, but if cap space becomes too much of an issue, they are all tradeable.
  12. canadaguy

    NFL Thread

    Antonio Brown 🙄
  13. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, I just happen to vehemently disagree with yours here!
  14. Last two movies: Horrible Bosses - Absolutely hated it and found myself wanting to repeatedly punch Charlie Day in the throat. John Wick - Much better than I expected. Entertaining dumb action movie and precisely what I was in the mood for.
  15. Fans made it through the Ballard years, the JFJ years, the Burke/Nonis years.... if they don't win the cup in the next 5 years, there will be plenty of disappointed fans, but they will still be watching.
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