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  1. I can see where Danny’s coming from in adding some physicality to the 4th line. That said, I’d prefer not to add Kassian, I just wouldn’t be too upset if it was a cheap pick up to add some 4th line grit.
  2. Adjective. Desperate is an adjective. On topic, though, I live in Edmonton and hate Kassian’s stupid fucking face. I also hate his habit of taking stupid penalties when he loses his cool. Having said that, I do get where you’re coming from and if the price were super cheap, I could live with it.
  3. canadaguy

    Veganuary 2019

    To be honest, I’m not a fan of vegan products which are trying to imitate non-vegan things. There are so many tasty nuts, legumes, whole grains, fruit and vegetables out there. When I did a vegan month in August, I went to a vegan restaurant and had a side of potato salad. They made it creamy, like regular potato salad with some kind of cashew mayonnaise. It was disgusting. I thought to myself “why not just make a potato salad with a really good vinaigrette?”
  4. canadaguy

    Impaired driving and new laws

    After reading this, I’m left with the thought that one of two things is the case... 1. I’m completely missing something. 2. This Doroshenko fellow doesn’t understand this law. He says “maybe you weren’t planning to drive away.” I don’t think there’s any suggestion that the police could charge you for being drunk and planning to drive home. The issue is charging you for already having driven. I would also assume that it would be relatively simple to have the police check how many drinks you’ve been served at the restaurant. Let’s say that you’ve been served twi drinks and you blow slightly over. I’d assume that would be enough to get you off if you had to go to court. What I’m unclear on is, if there are two or more people who have access to your car, how can they prove that you were the driver?
  5. canadaguy


    In other news, Brandon Pirri’s 7 goals in 9 games definitively prove that he’s a better goal scorer than Patrick Laine.
  6. canadaguy

    Impaired driving and new laws

    Lots of shit I don’t understand in this: 1. What constitutes reasonable grounds that you were impaired while previously driving. Is a phone call with your licence plate number enough? 2. How can they prove it was you that was driving the car? If my wife was driving and I was sitting home watching football and drinking beer and we’re both in the house, how do they determine who was behind the wheel? 3. What if I just don’t answer my door? Do the police have the right to enter my home? In truth, I think that almost nobody will be affected by this law. Think about the precise circumstances that will have to occur. Someone calls the cops because you have appeared intoxicated while driving, you then get home and immediately hit the bottle, then the police show up after you went over the limit... not something I’ll be too worried about, but it still serms like a flawed law.
  7. canadaguy

    Leafs Prospects Thread

    Where d’yall see Bracco at? At 21-years-old, he’s a ppg player in the ahl, but not many goals. Honestly, I haven’t had a chance to watch many Marlies games. Is he a guy that could come in as a cheap replacement in the next couple years and put up decent numbers alongside some guys that can score?
  8. canadaguy

    LeBrun - CAR interested in Kapanen

    Only if you bring some grit!
  9. canadaguy

    Leafs Prospects Thread

    Why is this in the prospects thread?
  10. canadaguy

    Everyday things that piss you off

    https://www.tsn.ca/jay-and-dan/video/jay-and-dan-s-scissor-party~1579604 this
  11. canadaguy

    Veganuary 2019

    Nah... I’m a big fan of gluten!
  12. canadaguy

    Veganuary 2019

    Okay, I’m going to try it ine more time this way and if it doesn’t work out I’ll try wrapping it. It does feel like the gluten is overdeveloped though. I think after years of working in commercial kitchens, my 5 minutes of kneading might be more than your average home cook’s 5 minutes! thanks for the tips and I’ll keep you posted on the progress.
  13. canadaguy

    Veganuary 2019

    No, didn’t wrap it. The recipe I had said to put it straight into the broth to absorb flavour
  14. canadaguy

    Veganuary 2019

    I simmered mine for an hour in water with soy sauce, chillies, garlic, ginger and cilantro.
  15. canadaguy

    Veganuary 2019

    @Bojack I tried my first attempt at making seitan from vital wheat gluten. It wasn’t bad, but a little too chewy for my liking. My first thought is yhat I kneaded it too long (recipe said to knead for 5 minutes). do you have any other tips? thanks in advance!