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  1. People also would have said it was rigged if it had been Toronto, Edmonton or Pittsburgh. Whatever, at least the Rangers are still in their rebuild where they legitimately should be contending for this pick.
  2. True enough, but at this point of the rebuild, there is no way that they should be in contention for this pick. They've drafted high enough for a few years and won their "superstar" lottery. That Matthews pick is more significant than most 1st overall picks. Don't get me wrong, I won't complain if we win the lottery tonight, but it's a complete joke that this team is even in the running for it. But we deserve it more than Edmonton... fuck Edmonton! I live in Edmonton and if they get this pick, the fans here will be intolerable!
  3. I feel like two teams really don't deserve Lafreniere... Edmonton and Toronto. I understand that nobody wants Pittsburgh to get him either, but at least they don't fuck up their rebuilds and their last first overall was 15 years ago. Obviously I'll be cheering for the Leafs to get that pick tomorrow, but if there's any justice, it will be a team like Minnesota or Winnipeg who gets it.
  4. He doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, but at the same time, he hasn’t had a great deal of support in Toronto. Tonight was a great example. He just ccn’t let in that second goal... but where the fuck is the scoring from our “high powered” offence all series?
  5. I agree with most of that. But the truly disappointing thing is that our offence was so quiet yet again and that is supposed to be our strong suit. It wouldn’t be so concerning if this was our first time seeing this story, but it’s a recurring problem in the games where it matters. I’m not a Burke-esque thug mentality kind of guy, but I do fear that Dubas’s vision lacks some balance. I really want to like Dubas, as he seems like a bright guy who wants the best for everyone around him, but it seems he’s doubling down on his philosophy of a small, quick team. Every year we draft more small players whose draft position may have fallen due to their size. And I get that. You’d rather get a Debrincat than a borderline 4th line NHL player, but I also think that at some point you need a balance of size, strength, speed and skill in the line up. We’ve been shut down too many times by teams that maybe don’t physically dominate us, but just effectively keep our forwards from getting to where they need to be. I really hope Dubas understands this and tries to fix it, because his philosophy isn’t working as is. He has tried to add a physical element in some ways. Muzzin was a good addition. Clifford I have no problem with, but that 4th line going banging and crashing for 45 seconds and not scoring doesn’t fix much. It would be nice to see a forward or two with some size and willingness to use it that we could plug in to the top couple lines. I also don’t think Keefe can be blamed. I don’t know, maybe he is a good coach, maybe he isn’t, but I don’t think this season is a fair measuring stick for him.
  6. Don't worry, folks... everything under control. The Maple Leafs boxers I wore for game 2 are clamped firmly around my hairy old buttocks!
  7. To be fair, I’m not counting them out. I just really don’t know what to expect and I wish they had done something over the past couple years to instill a little more confidence. Plus, when it comes down to one game, even a good performance can be wasted by a couple bad bounces or a hot goalie.
  8. So, I guess they do have an MRI machine inside the bubble? Werenski had an MRI but he’s in for tonight’s game. Wouldn’t he be ineligible if he left the bubble? Or does the NHL just make up the rules as they go along?
  9. So Lafreniere stands a very good chance of having one of McDavid, Draisaitl, Crosby, Malkin, Barkov or Scheifele centering his line. Maybe add Matthews and Tavares to that list after tomorrow.
  10. Agreed. It’s good to be hopeful. The only thing I disagreed with earlier was that this feels different. But that’s just me and everyone feels things differently. To me, it really won’t feel different until they actually dominate a series or two. But they lived to fight another day with this win and that’s all we could have asked for at the start of the day. It’s far more than we could have dreamed of with five minutes left in the game! I am certainly nervous and unconvinced going into game 5, but there is some hope there as well.
  11. I really need to see a string of good games when it matters for me to feel that turning point. But just imagine IF they went on to win the cup this year... this game would be legendary. Kind of like the Red Sox coming back against the Yankees en route to breaking their long drought.
  12. I agree, it’s just particularily frustrating when the will to win seems to be lacking.
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