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  1. canadaguy

    Edmonton Oilers Thread

    Yep, they've got some pieces I'd like.... Nurse, Nuge, Bouchard, maybe one of Yamamoto or Pujujujuwhatever (as long as neither of those last two were the central piece). I'd take an unprotected 1st from them as well! Unfortunately swapping Nylander and Draisaitl creates the same problem for both teams.
  2. canadaguy

    Ottawa Thread

    Oh... I’d only seen the clip of them talking about the pk, where they didn’t swear at all. Were they at all aggressive? Seems like an uber driver would be used to the occasional profanity.
  3. canadaguy

    Ottawa Thread

    A few things that seem strange about this driver’s statements... 1. If your fears about your insurance covering your fare are such a big deal, either refuse the ride or call a second driver and explain that to your customers. Yes, it sucks to potentially lose a fare, but the driver has presented the insurance as a major issue, so I assume he would treat it as such. 2. He claims that he put the video on youtube to help show other drivers how high priced athletes can behave. Really? Does he have no clue what youtube is? If he legitimately wanted to help other drivers, he should have presented the information to Uber. 3. He claims to be shocked by the tone and language of his passengers. From the video I saw, there was not a single profanity, nor any even remotely aggressive behaviour. They were merely complainng about one of their coaches. Also, I’m fairly certain that an Uber driver has heard or even regularly hears some pretty offensive shit, so unless further video is released showing these players engaging in violent or offensive behaviour, I have a hard time taking this driver at his word.
  4. canadaguy

    GDT: Leafs vs Devils

    So I heard a story last week about how the Leafs can’t score at home.
  5. canadaguy

    Ottawa Thread

    For sure... I get that. I feel like this wouldn’t be nearly such a big deal if it wasn’t compounded on top of all the other shit that’s gone on the past year. I just feel like the players actually came across as pretty respectful. They weren’t really trashing the guy, but just discussing what seems to be a legit problem... just a shame that they didn’t leave the driver a better tip!
  6. canadaguy

    Ottawa Thread

    Plus... were they wrong? They have a shit penalty kill and it seems they were bringing up legitimate concerns. It's not like they were attacking his character or anything. If what they were saying is true, then they have reason to be frustrated and discussing it between themselves.
  7. canadaguy

    Last Movie

    Just saw Bohemian Rhapsody and pretty much agree with your assessment. I thought the storytelling and dialogue were pretty clunky and every scene was trying too hard to be overly dramatic. It didn’t really seem to flow very naturally... but they absolutely nailed anything musically/performance based. All in all, glad that I saw it, but not overly memorable.
  8. canadaguy

    Everyday things that piss you off

    Tablecloths... come on, this ain’t fucking 1978!
  9. canadaguy

    NFL Thread

    Fucking Mahomes is unreal! That Chiefs-Rams game in Mexico City is going to be great!
  10. canadaguy

    NFL Thread

    Yeah... I love seeing the browns lose (dad’s a browns fan), but that was pretty amazing. Still, it’s only the jets! Will be interesting to see him against a decent team.
  11. canadaguy

    Where is Nylander?

    Fair enough.... I’m not talking about a home town discount... I’m saying that if he is asking 8 and the leafs are offering 6.5... and if his agent realizes that it’s going to probably end closer to the leafs’ side, then it might be worth it to not play hardball and come to an agreement, especially if the Nylander wants to stay with the leafs.
  12. canadaguy

    Les Habitants, the Habs Thread.

    Well, he shouldn’t have worn that slutty dress, then played hard to get. He was clearly asking for it.
  13. canadaguy

    Where is Nylander?

    Depends on what the numbers are and how much confidence nylander has in the potential of this team to win a cup.
  14. canadaguy

    Where is Nylander?

    Sorry to stray off topic... I can't decide whether I hate Jay and Dan or Sid and Tim more. Can we have a steel cage tagteam death match???
  15. canadaguy

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Only in Toronto and Ottawa regions... fucking TSN!