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  1. canadaguy

    NFL Thread

    I’ve never seen fans as loyal to an ex-coach as Eagles’ fans. Nice to see.
  2. canadaguy

    NFL Thread

    Fuck me... Mahomes is a jedi! It’s the only explanation!
  3. Tavares Hyman Marner Johnsson Mikheyev Moore Muzzin Dermott Rielly all out for extended periods this year... it's a miracle we're even close to a playoff spot!
  4. canadaguy

    NFL Thread

    There are no words to appropriately describe this Chiefs-Texans game!
  5. Somewhere on the internet there’s a slew of “plan the parade” posts from Leaf haters. There’s likely an equal number of “OMG... Fire Dubas... Marincin sucks” posts. They are flip sides of the same coin.
  6. It is what it is. He' s a fringe NHL player who's being paid as such. He is an okay but not ideal option at the moment in case of injuries. No reason to make a big deal about this.
  7. canadaguy

    NFL Thread

    And evil has been vanquished for the year!
  8. Okay, I agree with that reasoning a lot more. I thought the main objection was that it was specifically against Ottawa. Your reasons are much more sound than that. Sorry.., I guess I kind of did miss the point. I’m stuck out in Edmonton and I’m busy, so I don’t keep up with Leafs’ news as much as a lot of people on the forum.
  9. Yeah, that sounds reasonable. The cheapest I found for a big Chang was about 3 bucks.
  10. Funny, I found the price of beer in general a bit expensive in Thailand. Not as much as Canada, but in the range of $3-7 for a 620 mL beer.
  11. $18 for a beer? Jesus... the 70 cents I just paid for one in Vietnam suddenly doesn’t seem so steep!
  12. To be honest, I never understood why it was such a big deal that Babcock chose not to play Spezza against Ottawa. I would understand if he had played his entire career in Ottawa and then came to Toronto, but the guy just spent the last five seasons in Dallas. Did he not get a chance to play in Ottawa at least once in those five years?
  13. That’s a deal that seemed somewhat minor at the time, but worked out well for us. Ol’ Greg McKegg currently sits at 27 career points.
  14. We should trade for Jordan Martinook... guy’s an absolute beast playing two positions at once! Lets see Nylander do that!
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