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  1. Agreed. Probably the best candidate out there. The one with the best track record anyways. He’ll have his challenges with their cap situation and management group, but he’s a real pro. I certainly understand why he’d take the job though. I don’t know what he got paid in Detroit, but 25 million dollars is nothing to sneeze at and what does he have to lose? His legacy is already cemented. If he does well in Edmonton, he achieves what nobody else could in a couple decades. If he fails there, nobody will view it as his fault. Edmonton really should make him president as well and let him gut the organization.
  2. Or he's won all his cups and just wants the reputed $5 mil per year salary. Holland is obviously a good GM, but he definitely benefited from some good fortune in Datsyuk and Zetterberg developing the way they did. I mean, he created an environment where players could thrive and employed a very good scouting department. Finding and developing diamonds in the rough is not all luck, but there is a degree of it involved.
  3. I feel like the writers really let their inner nerds out in season 2. Same thing that happened with the Matrix franchise.
  4. I’m in a “who kills Cersei” pool with my wife, brother and sister in-law. We each put in $20 and did a four round draft. I had third pick (Jaime and Tyrion were already gone). So my 4 picks are: Arya Sansa Nobody Cersei commits suicide
  5. I think people are reading too much into that. She killed all the Freys... surely some of them had green eyes. The “blue eyes” part was the big reveal.
  6. Edmonton has no cap room. There would need to be salary coming back.
  7. I don't think this was intent to injure, but it was Marchand clearly showing that he has no respect for his opponents or the department of player safety and knew that he wouldn't be punished. And the NHL just lets him continue to make them look like a bunch of fucking idiots. I like Mike Johnson's take on this. Should this be a suspendable offence? No. Should it be a suspendable offence for Marchand, with his history? Yes.
  8. Isn't this because in past battles everyone was using regular weapons but now they were all using either dragonglass or Valyrian steel?
  9. Yeah, I agree with that. The only criticism I have is that they put some of the characters in situations that they really shouldn’t have survived. No way that Sam should be alive. But A lot of the others still have significant parts to play in the South. And Theon and Jorah’s deaths were enough to satisfy me.
  10. I would also say that Draisaitl’s contract is very goid value for what he brings. I don’t expect to get Marner for that amount.
  11. You may be right on that. It’s debatable, but Marner certainly has the potential to reach another level. His defensive play is much better than Draisaitl’s as well.
  12. I live in Edmonton, so I see more Oilers games than most on this board. Draisaitl’s production this year was legit, both on and off of McDavid’s line. Also need to factor in that Edmonton has fuck all else besides those two and Nuge, so when they do play together, they always get the absolute toughest match ups, since other teams have no fear of the other 3 lines.
  13. And the way it was set up, the Night King pretty much had to die in that episode. No way the North falls with three full episodes remaining and no way they get out of it without killing him. I fully expected him to die and fully expected things to look completely lost just before he died. The only legit beef I think is that more main characters should have died. But that’s kind of a minor complaint.
  14. I’m going for the blues. Not because of the Canadians on the roster... couldn’t give less of a fuck about that. I just want to see the story play out of last place on January first to Stanley Cup champs. Also, would like to see Bozak get a cup. And the Stars kind of bug me. Not sure why... they just do!
  15. I figured Arya was going to throw that weapon and take down the night king’s dragon.
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