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  1. I wouldn’t hate it.... bring him back on the cheap for depth.
  2. I agree for the most part.... Andersen is good but doesn’t have my complete confidence. A goalie that can handle the puck really well would be a dream come true for me.
  3. I guess I’m just pointing out that we have not had a chance to see if Babs has a love affair with playing veterans over Dmen qualified to play over them yet.
  4. Also Steen cracked 60 points one season after leaving Toronto and the rest fluctuated between the 20’s to 50’s.
  5. Simply a case of giving up on a guy too early for a rough season or two. patience is a virtue not shared by all GM’s and or fans.
  6. Basically a wash. Complaining about it now is a waste of everyone’s time.
  7. Agreed he wasn’t bad or great, nothing to lose sleep over.
  8. Steen played 4 seasons with the Leafs and had way worse numbers than Nylander.
  9. This post proves you misinterpreted my posts on this subject. I assume intentional misinterpretation as it was very clear to anyone who can read.
  10. Just wondering what you are you basing it on?.... considering the lack of options in the recent past.
  11. Awesome seeing Bozak win it. hopefully Boston has a terrible hangover lasting all next season.
  12. Lol you make it sound like we had a strong deep D core with plenty of better options to choose from.
  13. I know... anything but admit the Bruins have a really good team with plenty of experience and the Leafs are just a couple seasons removed from bottoming out and gutting the team.
  14. Yup... just pointing out the Leafs are in the same boat as all the other teams the Bruins put out as far as the playoffs go.
  15. Sorry I’ll take your advice and leave him to his Bruins blowjob fantasy.
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