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  1. Lol.... do u even know how to discuss hockey without blowing a gasket?
  2. So watch it more like a coach and less like a fan.
  3. So far I have learned that The Goat still has a good chance to win a job over Spezza, I’m still nervous about our back up goalie position and we may have a couple of good Russian net front options. But it’s hard to take much from preseason when part of the team is just trying to warm up, part of the team is fighting for a job and another part of the team is just trying to leave an impression for next year.
  4. No I don’t really put much stock in preseason other than watching guys fighting for jobs. I say it cause we didn’t really add any defensive help or grit, and it was an issue last season. As it stands they will just have to do a better job at what they were trying to do last season.
  5. I still feel this team will not do well vs good teams when the opposition is able to apply pressure in our defensive zone. We still lack defensive defence men and we still lack grit. The break out pass plays will need to be executed a lot better than last season (which wasn’t terrible) if it’s going to work vs the better teams.
  6. Just a tip..... If you are going to misrepresent someones point, don't do it in a post you quoted them in lol
  7. maybe get your own material lol. original you are not.
  8. Yes the best jokes are always the ones you have to explain after... good job.
  9. Why did you change his words? it only makes him look right and you look petty.
  10. Honestly I didn’t see any pics or videos of him looking out of shape. Not saying it isn’t true, just that I didn’t see any. Is it true or just people perpetuating rumours to support a hatred of him holding out?
  11. I don’t think it’s out of the question to think that Marner wanted to stay in Toronto and he and his agent may have used training with the Lions and offer sheets as leverage to get paid.
  12. You should probably take that to the Marner thread.
  13. Yes.... I feel his comments are saying exactly that. I almost feel like his relatively poor last season was due to him sulking over having to earn a place on the top line.
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