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  1. I’m not baiting or trolling.... I’m making a point that you would rather duck and try to make personal rather than address.
  2. Don’t attack me.... attack my hockey comment. Nurse is a big defensive player with grit who hits and fights and plays a shutdown game. What makes him more valuable than Johnsson?
  3. I just read about 15 “baiting” posts. Go bully your dog or something.
  4. I’m in the “give Hutch more time” camp. For me a backup should be a vet. If the cost is Kapanen or Johnsson, I would want to be pretty sure he is a future starter.
  5. Ya.... 2-3 years Is the max I hope they are willing to go on him.
  6. Casey DeSmith from the Pens could be another backup option to look at.
  7. So bans for everyone who speaks up about the types of changes they might like but don’t have a list of available names ready. Sounds about right.
  8. Are you suggesting some grit and defensive D should help?
  9. Yes I would. Larsson would be a decent consolation in a smaller trade though
  10. I would certainly look to find a way to get Nurse. Top 4 for the stretch run could be.... Nurse Barrie Muzzin Holl
  11. Now here’s a great description of slow footed guy who can hit stuff that I want on the Leafs SCOUTING REPORT Owns a huge frame and plenty of nastiness to his rock-solid defensive game. Is naturally athletic and displays plenty of shutdown prowess. Is also a willing pugilist, if need be. Skates very well. Is improving in terms of point production, and will not hurt his team if used on the power play. At times, he can get caught out of position (especially when seeking out a massive body check). Long Range Potential:Talented, all-around defenseman with some upside. Darnell Nurse.
  12. At the very least he is RFA and the Leafs would still have control.
  13. Nurse would be a huge acquisition. Exactly what the Leafs need.
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