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Found 1 result

  1. I wanted to discuss this season in the context of what went right, what went wrong and what your view on the team is heading into the off-season. While the teams play is fresh in our minds its a good time to look to the future and assess what changes need to be made to get our team to the next level. We've proven that we can compete with the best teams in the league over an 82 game season and we are giving the Presidents Trophy winning team all they can handle in a 1st round playoff series. 3 games to 2 after 5 games, 5 one goal games, 4 of which went to overtime. You cant get any closer than that and nobody gave Toronto a chance to even make the playoffs in the first place. Id love to hear ideas on how we improve our team this summer as their are many different approaches to building a team. Who are locks to be with the team next year? Who should be let go? Where do we need to improve the team most urgantly? Where can we be patient and stay the course? Which prospects are ready to graduate to the NHL? Which vetrans could have their roster spot challenged by prospects or new additions? Could we see our play style evolve to incorperate new players? I have lots of ideas I want to discuss and would appreciate any feedback. I figure this is a good place to discuss all our ideas about this seasons success and how it informs our strategy going into the off-season. I think we know a large part of our team is very good and we just need a few key upgrades to solidify a place in the top 10 with the other contenders. Then we can make an attack on the very top of the table and start making deep runs in the playoffs. Id love to hear all your opinions as I really do think discussion enriches my perspective and helps us formulate better ideas and expectations.
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