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27 minutes ago, Raiden said:

The Rams are fucking garbage. The Saints roll the Patriots if this is how they play. 


Goff is garbage. All night. 

That’s so fucking stupid. It came down to one call in new orleans, where there was one bad call to put the rams in. If the saints were so far above what the rams are... in their home stadium against a garbage team, why did they put themselves in a position to be beaten by a garbage team by one bad late call? Then, hiw would they have gone on and roll the greatest team of all time?

I’m a Rams fan, so grain of salt, but your comments just don’t hold water. Are the chiefs and chargers also garbage? 

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Just to add to my previous post... no teams with 10+ wins are garbage!

Rams had Gurley injured and Kupp out tonight... faced the best coach of all time and got beaten by 10 points. As much as I hate the Patriots, it is what it is.

Would the Saints have beaten the Patriots? Who knows... offence certainly would have done better, but could the defence have held them under 20 points?

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The Rams played their SuperBowl against the Saints. 


Why Goff couldn't hit, or even see, the open receivers all game. 

Why the receivers dropped 2 touchdown passes like assholes and why the defense, when it mattered, could not stop the run when they knew the run was coming. Garbage display, both Pat's and Rams. 

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